Why Ron Paul Wants to Be President: Not to Gain Power but to Save America

  • Fucking ugly whore. Look at long disgusting face. She’s like Sarah Jessica Parkers ugly sister. And that’s saying something.

  • Cowboy

    Just another cheap shot at Ron Paul! I can see right through her transparency indeed!


  • If this was a fair race, Ron Paul would have sky rocketing votes

  • well said!

  • lol there is nothing more Unattractive then a beautiful anchorwoman who pushes the status quo. I wonder what kind of values she installs in her children? I bet she pimps them out like she does herself. Ron Paul 2012 baby!!!!

  • lol Ron Paul “doesn’t hit the pillow every night picturing himself measuring the drapes in the oval office”

    Ron Paul probably hits the pillow every night picturing himself kicking Bernanke’s ass and karate chopping the establishment, one by one..

  • this reporter is a major bitch, fuck her and the mainstream media.

  • she was fucking relentless tryin to keep shit opposite of positive

  • It’s so obvious she’s a puppet. She’s bias to keep her job unlike judge Napotilano who spoke the truth and lost his.
    RustyTrombone ,what do you want to stop the Muslims from doing ?
    Bombing Missouri like Santorum says trying to scare people to get a vote ?
    Santorum doesn’t belong in politics let alone running for president. He’s a fear monger trying to get elected kissing up to the Zionists.
    Ron Paul can shred Obama in a debate. The Republicans should embrace that. The others have no chance.

  • Ron Paul-The President for American People!

  • Jack

    Santorum’s supporters should watch this very brief clip, it shows how big of a douche Rick Santorum is, especially the comment about Ron Paul.


  • Rick Santorum 2012! We need to stop these Muslims!

  • I can’t see Ron Paul in the Oval Office, either. I could see him in a straight jacket, though.

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  • Ron is on a mission from God!

  • Honestly the American people need to wake the fuck up, these media companies have to be the first target. Fuck the law, people are the law.

  • Dr.Paul… the Rx for AMERICA!!!!!!!!

  • After watching this bullshit interview, I would seriously pay big bucks for someone to punch her square in the face. Props to Jesse.

  • French Canadian
    • Jack

      I agree 100%, you see a massive attendance at Ron Paul’s rallies and he gets very few votes, something is not right, however, I also agree with Ron Paul not saying too much since he cannot really prove it, I have to admit that he is a gentleman, but I think he will have to be more vocal about it, stir the pot a little and bring this to the public’s attention.

      Regardless of who gets the nomination, Ron Paul has my unconditional vote.


      • robin

        I said the very same thing today after I heard his comment. He has to seize any opportunity to get this out by just pointing out the obvious. He is given so little media coverage that he has to leave people wondering are the results being rigged? Nice guys finish last. That does not mean he has to compromise his integrity. The media is making it seem like his young support base has given up on him and what he stands for. He has to set the record straight, otherwise the media circus has won. He can’t depend on the delegate count because if they don’t want him to win, they will make it so now or later. We have to find a way to get the information from credible data analysts who are collecting and analyzing it and get it go viral. That’s what it is going to take. To take this country back because the media certainly isn’t interested in our interests. Those that still believe in honest journalism are too scared about the future of their careers to deviate from the agenda. Look how many people saw the Kony tape once it went viral. That’s what it will take as most people are on their computers.

  • “I know this quote was taken out of context, that said, since he said he can’t see himself in the oval office” WTF BITCH!? It’s like talking to a brick wall.