Ron Paul Is the Only Candidate I Trust – Nassem Taleb, Author of “Black Swan”

  • Ron Paul is the ONLY one worth voting for!


  • The guy takes 5-10 seconds to pick his words, he know his jobs and life are on the line here.
    Even after that, we can recognize a patriot coming out of the closet.

  • You would think that the Republicans would do something out of nature and follow all of the very insightful intelligent people who support Ron Paul and stop taking their cues from the media. Then and only then good things could happen.

  • awesome taleb!

  • awesome taleb!

  • well said, older dude with a big brain

  • I watched the movie it’s a masterpiece . will probably see it again this week .

  • “I don’t know what world war three will be fought with but world war four will be fought with sticks and stones.”

    Why Mr. Einstein?

    “Have you seen the deficit? There won’t be enough money for guns and at the rate of inflation there won’t be enough money for sticks and stones either.”

  • I’m surprised they didn’t silence him! RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • Nice..

    This is the time folks. We stand up or get put Down!

    Vote Ron Paul.

  • yeahhhhh ron paul 2012

  • Stop killing innocent people in the middle east, president obama.

  • who is black swan?

  • They’ll probably invite him back only if he agrees to not continue telling the truth about Ron Paul, so don’t expect to see him again.

  • good.. we can scream our heads off at the mainstream media all we want.. but they will not be swayed unless we get the intellectuals to explain to the media that the only man fit for the job

    is Ron Paul 2012

  • do 500000 people even live in mississipi??? im sick of them faking numbers on ron paul he got 12k votes i doubt no more than 20k people even voted… gop so rigged “spelled wrong probably”

  • Makes you wonder how much the MSM much truly hate the American people to silence ROn Paul the way they do. They must really, truly hate us.

  • This fuels the average conservatives argument against Ron Paul. Hes supported by a guy with a muslim name! he wants Iran to get a nuke! lol

  • HOLY SHIT i love these guys