Ron Paul’s Fight to the Finish

  • its the hook for you to folloe

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    Richard L Richardson
    5030 Old Lexington Rd, Athens, GA 30605

    Chairman: Matt Brewster

    Vice Chair: Karen Schwind

    2nd Vice Chair: Tim Wright

    Athens-Clarke county GOP Contact Information
    (706) 546-4280

  • What does a person do when people don’t listen…they repeat themselves. It’s time to wake the fuck up! Obama needs to give up the peace price and hand it to Ron Paul-if you don’t agree then your an idiot…LOL!


  • 5:08 DEJA VU

  • Seriously fuck the media, they always have “technical difficulties” whenever Paul is on, it’s just bullshit tactics to try to manipulate peoples perception of him……complete BS

  • Surfisher

    2012 GOP Election RIGGED – This is going Viral (SHARE)

  • Tyranny is never “legalized”, it’s merely imposed by weak and evil men. False guilt is the only real option when trying to loot a free people. False guilt is the only way to get them to lay down their guns. I don’t respond to false guilt, and nobody else should either.

    “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”

  • He sounds drunk in this one.
    Guess it’s hard to keep saying the same things, over and over again, for years, to make a point, while not sounding tired.

  • He sounds drunk in this one.
    Guess it’s hard to keep saying the same things, over and over again, for years, to make a point, while not sounding tired.

  • trumpsahead

    Yes, to add to my previous comment —
    We need to address this fraudulent ballots problem as well as the upcoming Convention and nominations where fraud will be king.
    The Illinois Primaries will be rigged for sure just as all the primaries were. When Dr Paul gets 4,000 people in attendance at his meetings prior to a primary and Sanatorium gets 150 then goes on to beat Ron Paul just seems ludicrous; it’s rigged I tell ya.

    Ron Paul people must spend some money and time planting bugs; high tech listening devices, Spyware audio/video type should be planted at this Tuesday’s Illinois Primary. Some spyware should be planted in the building or auditorium, and other spyware should be carried on some supporters. Some listening devices are extremely powerful and will record through walls.
    Let’s get with the program.

    We must do this. If Ron Paul does not win the Presidency, he will be the next Revolution’s President shortly thereafter.

  • trumpsahead

    What I’ve been wondering for quite some time now:
    How do we stop the upcoming fraudulent Nominations? Even with many delegates, my guess is they will brazenly ignore Ron Paul’s numbers, or disqualify him because he did not win enough popular votes (because of fraud also), or cut the microphones like they did in 2008 (from what I read), or simply write a different number than what is read to the secretary.

    What will we do to combat fraud I ask? Is there a plan?
    I propose we get into the Convention Halls in the dead of night and plant high tech audio and video Spyware focusing this equipment on the stage and areas where nominations are usually addressed and recorded. There should be enough redundancy to allow for a few captured bugs. We must fight fire with fire. If we record on audio and/or video we should immediately exploit it to media and right there at the Nominations.

    It is dispicable how Ron Paul is being treated by the media. Dr Paul is the only candidate who does not have an entourage of reporters. Alan Keyes is 100% right when he said the media has no business deciding who can be in a debate; and I say media is in cahoots with some unsavory politicians to rig the primaries and will rig the Nominations also.

    We must stop this from happening.

  • Citizen

    ITS TIME….
    Ron Paul needs to bolt from the GOP!

    America needs to Vote Libertarian, Ron Paul for President.

    The establishment GOP is hell bent on the Warfare Statist Quo…
    It’s hopeless for American with either the DNC or GNC


  • 2:59 – very important statement.

  • this man speaks the truth!!

  • We NeedChangeNow

    If the Republican Party wants to loose the election once again, they are going at it the right way. The ONLY chance they have is RON PAUL.
    I am not alone when I say….” I will not vote for any other Republican candidate”