Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy Makes America Safer

  • 99 to 1 – an occupy anthem song for our times. Occupy our heart, then the mind, then we can get on with occupying everything else from our hearts and minds. If we don’t do this, then at best, we will occupy the past.

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  • Why not let each society and culture prosper?be free to explore and experience the world we are born into?(we have airplanes!!)..why not set an example?the world would want to do the same for themselves then we would positively compete to create a better world for ourselves.”Ill find the cure for that, ill make this into that”u kno, evolutionary shit!Geniuses are not made they are born. im human n i was born to earth n if your reading this then your like me,A HUMAN a born genius RON PAUL 2012!

  • Ron Paul has got the biggest Caucus! LOL
    Love it!

  • U will learn in just one game of Risk the dangers of spreading your military too thin. It’s too bad our retarded government can’t grasp that concept.

  • Shout out to mary! I will never change my vote to another candidate if they say they change their minds on the wars because they will still invade iran and police the world, they only say these things to take Ron Paul’s vote’s but Ron Paul supporters are not stupid sheep, unlike Romney’s supporters but I will welcome them to wakeup and step over to our side.

  • am sorry americans.. i would gladly see u ppl get nuke just to make u realize what America has become.

  • this girl is awesome. the first time i saw her on RT she was almost shaking from stage fright and trucked through the interview with brass balls. here she’s a little more comfortable but you can see she’s still fighting it. i want to be president of her fan club.

  • I agree Stay out of other people Business and Build enough Anti Air weapon systems on our coasts! And Keep the Money at home not taking it from poor people here and sending it to rich fucks out there!. Go Ron Paul!

  • Israel,-A.I.P.A.C. and the rest of the israel firsters will fight iran-china and russia all the down to the last american if need be…

    Those same people will not let ron lead this nation

  • like a boss

  • You almost got me convinced blondie, how bout a round of skull for me and my buddys and that should seal it.

  • We need to start campaigning hard in California … it’s a closed primary you need to be registered Republican to vote! Common Independents don’t be lazy …

  • I wish the Paul campaign would stop lying and saying that Iran doesn’t have an air force.

  • Ron Paul’s foreign policy makes the WORLD safer.

  • Has anyone seen the debate between Scott Ritter and Christopher Hitchen on the occupation of Iraq? Its pretty damn good.. Here is the link.


  • Oh now we want to speed up pulling out of a country that doesnt want us there no that would be a terrible idea but we can look at whats happening on the ground people getting killed there everyday and Americans away from their families and homes but that makes it ok to be over there that totally changes everything now we have every right to be in somebodys else country other than our own did i miss something or is that what they really want to do

  • Ron Paul has the biggest caucus!

  • Ron can win! Let´s pull for Ron then we all win!