Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy Makes America Safer

  • Paul Sweany

    What a great T-Shirt. I think that kind of youthful enthusiasm is so refreshing. I can see it now…A few of the volunteers went out to the T Shop having heard of the upcoming interviews….they went back to the campaign office and tendered their dare to the girls. After some laughs and crimson faces those girls went for it and gave their interviews “stone cold” “dead pan”. I hope that when I am 76 years old, that beautiful young women still recognize my youthfulness to the extent of being willing to publicize double entendres involving my manhood.

  • her shirt i thought said ron paul has the biggest dick


  • love the shirt RP 2012

  • love the shirt RP 2012


  • I don’t support phony, liberal candidates.
    That’s why I support Ron Paul.

  • This Marry Willis girl is such a cutie: I love when she says blow…back 😛

  • robin

    Ben Swann on Reality Check did something on Syria and impeachment proceedings. Just remember these are things to keep people distracted from the even bigger issues right now and to further polarize people. We know that both parties want the president to have more power. It’s just to distract us and you see how well it works.

  • robin

    Here’s another one we just watched. He brings up many salient points. He is a brother in a monastery.

    Surfisher=thank you for the video recommendation. It will take getting these videos of election fraud to as many people as possible, although after watching all the obstacles put before these men in Arizona who are trying to expose the fraud, it is an uphill battle and one that takes so much time. Most people don’t have the time or the money to fight the system. I’ll be watching what happens there.

    • Surfisher

      Robin —

      That GA delegate FRAUD was blatant and ugly! One hears a few “Aye’s” and then many “Division” calls — but the chair ignores the calls and incredulously states: “The Aye’s have it.”

      Amounted to a 30 second political “rape” ……..

  • i love the fact that the word bar is just blocking the word caucus leaves stuff for the imagination also register to vote if you haven’t yet or we are doomed XD

  • You can tell a Ron Paul supporter from an establishment goon supporter by the simple fact that a supporter of any other candidate will have to struggle for things to say, unless they’re trained liars; a supporter of Dr. Paul has to struggle to hold back.

  • mmm…she’s perrrrty…and politically active…and smart…where can i get one? 🙂

  • i like her shirt, “Ron Paul has got the biggest CAUCUS” lol

  • Ron Paul’s ideas fly in the face of everything I know:
    Bullets turn our enemies into friends.
    Bombs spread democracy.
    Invasion instills love for America.
    Domestic security depends on constantly attacking Arab countries around the globe.
    Groping my genitals somehow prevents terrorism.
    Taxing me heavily makes me more prosperous.
    The only way to change the status quo is by more of the exact same.
    Only a nut-job could argue with all this indisputable logic and truth.

  • robin

    This is what we are up against in terms of election fraud. Please watch the case in Arizona because it will have national implications. The attorney general didn’t want to deal with it, the first judge said it wasn’t in his jurisdiction, and now it is in the appeals process. I commend this attorney and those that are continuing to seek justice for the voters in their area. It is also the most definitive video we have seen on election fraud and how easy it is to commit. Educate yourself..Also, watch the video by Bev Harris….

  • That blond bitch was fucking annoying.

  • Ron Paul needs to push for southern state secession and reformation of the Confederation. If he did so, I think he’d have tremendous support from people of the South.

  • please just vote for him he would solve so many problems


  • I’m confused…. We’ve already killed hundreds of thousands (or millions?) and all of a sudden we’re “sorry” for killing 14?