Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy Makes America Safer

  • Fellow Ron Paul supporters: It is not enough to vote for Ron Paul. He had yet won a state (except for the U.S Virgin Islands) because I believe this is voter fraud. The mainstream media is trying to censor Ron Paul and the Libertarian Party.

    Throughout YouTube, I see many Ron Paul 2012 than Barack Obama 2012 and the other “GOP that I will not name 2012”. He receives more money from the military than the other candidates combined.

    I think a revolution will take place soon in Washington D.C.

  • I’ve been watching the main stream media lately just to see what lies they were talking about. It wasn’t much about news at all.
    “Sharks having too much sex”, “Cherry Blossoms in D.C.”
    Maybe they were trying to avoid politics because of the Impeachment Proceeding of Obama.
    Dr. Ron Paul 2012.


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  • John
  • Don’t judge a paulbot by their When I first saw her I thought..she looks like a stripper from Texas (not a bad thing trust me) 😀 Then she spoke and now I’m wondering if she’s running for office. One thing that I honestly love about RP supporters is that while they are logical, well-spoken, people, they are the most smartass, stubborn people I’ve ever seen. It’s because they have seen everything for what it truly is and are shocked that other people haven’t. It’s frustrating…
    RP ’12

    • Pat

      Get on your knees and grovel to IsraHell.

      Benji SatanYahoo said so.

  • where the hell are the hot, intelligent, libertarian girls like this in my town?????

    • AdamGmoney

      Lol, ya know?

  • hat41us

    governments could create their own interest-free money and remove instantly the need to pay fantastic sums in interest to private banks.President Kennedy and President Lincoln began to issue interest-free money. What else do these men have in common? The men who control this system business, and it would take a serious uprising to take it down.

  • robin

    What needs to happen from here on out is, Ron Paul supporters need to organize to be at their precinct auditing the vote and get everyone to get a receipt how they voted. Explain to people as they go into vote, and have a box to drop off their receipts. Keep a tally of those who don’t want to participate to compare with the official count. Have an after election rally with the results and compare it to the official count. Why aren’t we doing this? Is this being discouraged? This is where each of us who has not had their primaries yet should be putting their energy and those that have, to put this out to the Ron Paul community. When I listened to the young lady on RT, she just went over the same ground. This could have been an opportunity to point out the obvious discrepancies since Iowa=go down the list, and why it arouses suspicions for Ron Paul supporters regarding election fraud. Again, no one is taking the opportunity to go there and that is a BIG MISTAKE. Ron Paul does not have the money to run as a third party candidate if he does not win the GOP nomination. There are so many Ron Paul supporters and this is where you have to put your energy. We should have done this from the very beginning, but it’s not too late if we organize. Where is the best place to suggest this to the Ron Paul campaign managers?

    • robin

      Same with the media blackout=needs to be much more specific-go down the list. Also, how they are announcing the vote with 1% or less in many of the primaries(using the exit polls) and how they are all using the same exit poll information, but making it seem like they are doing their own projections. Should we be announcing winners with only 1% of the vote? It makes it appear fixed, which we know it i, but no one is bringing this up. That’s why we changed the rules about not announcing the winners until all the polls close ont he West Coast where I live. We have to do the same with the % of votes counted. They should never be allowed to project the winner unless a substantial amount of votes have been counted-at least 75%. There’s so much that could be said that is not being said=just point out the facts and incidents during this campaign and then let people decide if something is amiss here. We continue to sidestep the issue. Also, that the media is saying that young people like herself support Ron Paul by going to these rallies in mass, but don’t vote. They just want to party. Someone needs to address this. As a young person, I would be furious. I am an older person, and it makes me furious. As long as that lie is allowed to be put out there, then that is what people will believe.

    • Pat

      jews “print” the money. How are you going to compete with that? In what “non-violent” way are you going to compete with jews who print the money and funnel it to their candidates?


      Let’s hear the plan.

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  • Ron “David Koresh” Paul 2012

  • Only the TRUE conservative Ron Paul can beat Obama. Forget the pathetic neocons posing as our saviors. Help save America before it’s too late- support Paul however you can!

    • Pat

      How is Paul going to beat voter fraud?

      Get on your knees and grovel to IsraHell.

      Benji SatanYahoo said so.

  • Vermin Supreme 2012!

  • Libertarian scumbag

    • Mell

      you are scumbag. Paul is right. Back all these troops home in USA. Ron Paul is really the best candidate and he is really the best presidential hopeful. He has good economical proposals, he has good proposals of foreign policy. He will be really the best president. Honest, not corrupt, faithful, proamerican.

    • Pat

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  • Whenever I see this clip of Mary Willison, I find myself humming to the 1987 song of MARY’S PRAYER. She’s definitely a LIGHT in my eye.. 😉

  • Vote Ron Paul!

  • 1.07 ron paul has got the biggest… son?!

  • Illinois for RonPaul, I’ll be voting got him this coming Tuesday..
    Ron Paul 2012
    Fuck the other scums running…

    • AdamGmoney

      CT fo Ron Paul – we’re Out Here! The ONLY Signs & Bumperstickers are for RON PAUL, & there are Tons of them.

      Not 1 Single Romney Bumpersticker or Sign or Anything out here in CT!

      • Pat

        Romney + Orit Gadiesh (the one who signs Rush Limbaugh the traitors check)

        Ex #3 Mossad Officer. Father was an Israeli General. Helped Romney on his Mass Gov campaign.

        Now helping to fuk AMERICA.

  • M. Martin

    Paul, has some good points in ref. to the Constitution and powers that limit goverment’s “say So” over the individual citizen. Also it is agreed that declarations of war should be put before both houses for approval … how ever in this moderen day of split second electronic commuication and command actions immediate response is an absoulte. I believe however once the conutry is secure from danager the full congress should address it for any contenuence. Futher, it is absoulutely neccessary that we limit terms of office. This nation has built with individuals serving in goverment and then going home to their businesses … NOT MAKING A CAREER OUT OF HANGING OUT IN D.C., PICKING UP HOCKERS, OR INSOME CASES LIKEBARNEY FRANKS SCRWING THE LITTLE BOY ENTERNS … OH BETWEEN GETTING CASH OR FAVORS FOR VOTEING THE RIGHT WAY FOR SOMEONE. THAT’S A THOUGHT MAYBE LIKE LIKE THE WHORES BECAUSE THEY ARE ONE. Sorry I guess you might have picked up my opion of most “law makers ???” … Go forth and vote with God’s Blessing remmbering this is a Judao-Christian Nation and always will be. God Bless American, the land that we love. MM

    • AdamGmoney

      Jews for Ron Paul

      • Pat

        Get on your knees and grovel to IsraHell.

        Benji SatanYahoo said so – right jew?


        Right jew?

    • Pat

      No. Christianity isn’t “judeo”.

      That is total bs.

      Check your history. Check you “bought” influence in the church.

      Check who prints your money now.