Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy Makes America Safer

  • I thought about it and you know what? That shirt is way inappropriate. I still like Ron Paul, but if only some of his supporters had half his good sense!


  • Careful RT they just might turn off your show too

  • Mary u rock! Ron Paul 2012!

  • IF you support the troops
    IF you support freedom
    Then PROVE IT- vote for Ron Paul

  • Ron Paul 2012!!!

  • If Ron Paul doesn’t win the GOP. I will write him in!!! Ron Paul!!!

  • hahah i love that t get one too but i think its more for a girl to wear 😀 perfect

  • She’s been on TV before, but its cute how nervous she gets

    Don’t you get it? Do it the zionist way, KILL EVERYONE who isn’t like you.

  • great t-shirt!

  • If Ron Paul don’t get the nomination, Well Welcome to the Home of the cowards and land of the Slaves.

  • ahhhhhhhhh Lisa Wahl beautiful as always and all the RT ladies

    Ron Paul 2012

  • I have no idea why someone would pick anyone but RP. There is no other option.

  • Mitt Romney: What’s happening on the ground is AFU! We need RP2012! Never give up!

  • Freedom is attractive 🙂

  • do you want more corruption from the repubs? Is that what you want? The repubs just tried to sneak in a Jobs Bill that gave corporations a 20% tax credit. If that’s what you want then vote for Mitt Romney, Vote for Ron Paul. None of them are addressing the corruption in Congress. Only Obama has been fighting these corrupt repubs. I’m a middle class Caucasian watching these corrupt repubs rip us apart. I don’t give a fuck if Obama is Black, his supporting the people not corporations

  • RT should hire Mary Wilson as an interviewer. She has the poise, is very bright, and she’s a knockout.

  • islam is still shit

  • Y’know, y’know, y’know,y’know,you’know y’know, y’know,y’know,you’know y’know, y’know,y’know,you’know y’know, y’know,y’know,you’know y’know, y’know,y’know,you’know….but the content of her statement is right and true. GO RON PAUL!!!!!!

  • mmmmmary 🙂