Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy Makes America Safer

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    Good Gracious… will it ever end? This is a MUST see video. It is also included in my last posting:

    Blatant Election Fraud Against Ron Paul at Clay County Caucus 3-17-12!


  • Why is this the top article on Ron Paul’s site, when what should be is the recent passage of “Executive Order — National Defense Resources Preparedness” by the white house. Read, learn, pass the news word of mouth, text, or talk. Make a video, put up a sign. And expect no mention of it by the media other than here on YouTube and the Internet, and by you to anyone you come across.

  • French Canadian
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    Obama signed another bill March 16th making it legal for peacetime martial law. Check it out because it has widespread implications.
    Obama Declares updates Martial Law Implementation Executive Order Explained. Asking Ben Swann to do a Reality Check on this.

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  • Oh man it’s dumb bitches like this that ruin his rep…

  • Think Water Not War would be a better use of the funding. Hydro converters are already available that can cut you fuel consumption around 50% for a few hundred bucks and no permanent damage if you want to move it to another car later. Thailand, you can get your car converted cheap and drive on water! Why is America so far behind? We invented it about 100 years ago! Why do we invent and allow others to use and we keep with the oil for war – not really for oil but prove it, THINK WATER NOT WAR!

  • ***Irrefutable proof of voter fraud in Georgia, /watch?&v=g60TsnC9-u8***


  • if all the wars arent for the national security, then what is it for and why are people still senselessly supporting them?


      It’s like the movie : “Nineteen Eighty Four”

      Safeguarding our Future.

      Victory to INGSOC !

      War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength!

  • So many are blaming censoring and blocking but they are laughing at you all in the corp of google because they know you are doing all the work for them now. They just set the profanity filters and sit back and watch all the channels against BS Obama blocked!

    Think before you hit send, if your rights take someone else rights away, it is wrong and not your right at all. This is not your basement but the public and most forget that. One day they will use the public laws to put many up here!

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  • The voting machine are rigged with 1000 votes in favor of Gingrich please call CNN and post on twitter the companies are owned by N.wo. Paul won Iowa NH and SC .. take a look at companies who run thelandesreport com/VotingMachineCompanies.htm call CNN 404-827-1500

    Please vote up and repost

  • Who would have thought that we would have to rely on Russian media for alternative information. Ironic, ain’t it? 🙂

  • Just signed the petition. Everyone else do It!!!!!!

  • Pat


    Hey Jew, you’ve got us had
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    • Thaddeus Kosciuszko

      The is One Behind Every Tree

      He was clearly astonished that I did not share his presumption that saving the world from Jewish conspiracies, was trophy worthy of sacrificing all sanities. His puzzled expression held as he assured me—that every effort would be made to minimize threats to humanity.

      He then proceeded to consume the last of his freedom-fries and as he was getting up from the table, he said, “Son, one of these days you will appreciate what we have enabled.”

      After lighting his cigar, he smiled, and then, the senior policy adviser was off to a previously scheduled engagement, on Hannity’s antithetical to a “Great American” phenomenon of enragement.

      We hold these truths to be self-evident: Blind Sheep are sometimes Black Sheep too.

      T Kosciuszko

      Do not swat a hornet’s nest, and then endeavor to introduce hornets, to the ideas of Mr. Jefferson.

      • Playing the Game

        Nice rhetoric… your full of wind.

        • Thaddeus Kosciuszko

          The enormity of your depth is a wonder to behold. One can only wonder vis-à-vis the pointless take of the barren space, flanked by Playing the Game and wind.

          There it is again—Whoosh—the resonance of moving, albeit not quite like wind—the hollow and empty thoughts of irrationality.

          I believe you are discomforted by the departure from the field of Playing the Game, of joy, pleasure and fun; and the loss of meaning of the game itself.

          I understand.

          T Kosciuszko

          Upon noticing an open barn door, I do not give much consideration to the possibility of being able to catch up with Secretariat. My first consideration is closing the door, so no more.

          • tipofthedik

            Your annoying, go away.

          • Nazi Hitler Man

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  • robin

    Aldous Huxley was correct that his book would be the way that the New World Agenda would be administered. Now Big Pharma is looking into a drug called Propranolol that can cure racism…What is next…We are the age of “Soma”. Drugs to pick you up and drugs to calm you down and make you more compliant. TV and computers-the ultimate in brainwashing for many. I am a believer in natural remedies and that is what we use in our family for good reason. I’m very thankful our water does not contain fluoride. The myth that continues to be perpetuated in dentistry that fluoride prevents cavities is a lie. You have to do your homework. It does the opposite. I go to the only biological dentist in our state who deals with your teeth holistically. I have been educating myself through the years. As long as dentists and physicians buy into what the ADA or the AMA says is correct, they will continue to harm their patients. I’m hoping there will be more holistic practitioners in medicine and in dentistry, but the lobbyists are a very powerful force-Big Pharma, National Cancer Institute, FDA, Monsanto, etc. I try to tell my friends and family about the alternatives. That’s what it will take for people to see their health is being jeopardized by practitioners who are ill-informed and brainwashed and by corporations who are about making money anyway they can. Of course, there is the social engineering piece and why I will never agree to flu shots, etc. The Supreme Court said we don’t even own our own DNA. Just imagine how it can be used. My neighbor, who is a Chiropractor is very concerned and so are we. People are still asleep when it comes to their health because we rely on others for information and expertise.

    If you have time. look into Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, a cancer researcher and physician and what the National Cancer Institute(all corrupt), FDA and the Texas Board of Examiners have tried to do to him. He has discovered after 40 years of research why people get cancer and has been helping to cure every type of cancer=the most difficult brain cancers, etc. I’m telling everyone to help support this man as he has endured so much, but has not given up. He cares about his patients. Keeping people sick is big business. They don’t want to find a cure, but force people to do the drug route. Any research that comes out that is promising is buried, just as technologies so we continue to be dependent on gas and oil, etc.

    Watch this documentary=Cancer is Serious Business about what they put him through during the past 20 years. They stole his patent and have continued to try and revoke his license because he is curing people of cancers who were told they would die. Fortunately, he still has his clinic in Texas, but they continue to try and find ways to get rid of him. He is another hero in my book because if he wanted to he could have left and gone to Europe, but chose to stay and fight the system.

  • French Canadian


    YES, Bev Harris is so great! Here is a fantastic interview with her:

    Bev Harris on The Alex Jones Show – Thu 11.04.2010 part-14