Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy Makes America Safer

  • Ron paul’s foreign policy WOULD make america safe” Not to be nit picky or anything 😛


  • ronpaul

  • I think im in love.

  • voting*

  • if that chick is voing for ron paul i will too derp

    • AdamGmoney


  • Ron Paul all the way

  • Mary Willison you are a gorgeous blond.

  • Lychee7000 is probably a punkass white boy who sits at his television terrified of women, muslims, blacks, chinese, homosexuals, and anything else he could blame for his lot in life. White women have more balls than white men!!

  • That fucking Ron Paul shit…oh no

    He is for homosexuals, for legalizing drugs, for islamization, against attacking Iran…what not? He is a terrorist!

  • Sorry.. But wearing a T Shirt like that on TV, makes us Ron Paul supporters look stupid and they’ll never take us seriously…

  • The media has been going far and beyond in preventing Dr. Paul’s message from spreading across , that girl was really nice to look at and had a lot of good things to say but I really can’t see how people can take Ron Paul and us his supporters seriously wearing that T-Shirt?? Come on guys, we’re doing a lot of harm to that good man and his message by doing stupid shit like that…

  • this lady got great arguments.

  • yo let me tell you guys something about Ron Paul

    I’m a delegate 🙂

    WA state in the house!

  • I just don’t understand why the majority of americans don’t see that ron paul is the only genuine candidate that brings common sense to the table who is serious about correcting america’s problems.

  • Ron Paul’s policy makes the entire world safe.

  • keep going Ron , your time is coming , go after the bastards, and well done to this girl for staying focused to get the message rammed into the medias throat,make em squirm go Ron Paul for 2012

  • Good job mary.. you took control of the interview and made sure you got in the points you wanted to within the amount of time you had, well done. Oh’ and what an awesome T-shirt! LOL

  • The suggestive T-shirt is pissing me off! Will somebody please answer me what is with all the fucking likes for what seems like a way inappropriate shirt? WTF is wrong with you people?

  • 4:37 Hipicrat it

  • She got more time than Ron Paul usually does!