Ron Paul: Brokered Convention Is Very Likely

  • Throw your vote in the trash…vote for this old man! Romney’s worse!

  • Hahaha, write your Paul vote on two large pieces of toilet paper and then……..(same diff.)

  • I couldn’t agree more.

  • I would call it a red,white and blue dildo in the ass of America but same thing

  • I would call it a red,white and blue dildo in the ass of America but same thing

  • they constantly say Ron Paul never won a state. Now we know that’s a load of crap


  • The media today is just a show. I look forward to the day when people stop listening to them. Journalism is a profession and the public should demand the same high performance from journalists that they do from doctors, lawyers and engineers. A lot of the stuff on TV today is not proper journalism and hence, should be ignored and dismissed.

  • Cool, i thought so. I mean it seems Paul supporters are a lot more pro-active and committed than Romney supporters.

  • Lucas

    One of the biggest points of the National Convention (after the nomination) is the unification of the party. After months spent debating each other, this is time for the other candidates who lost to (hopefully) endorse the presidential nominee and rally support from their party to galvanize them into action.

  • OMG what a dumb question you stupid bitch “Are you (ron paul) cutting into the credibility of the republican party” HE IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE THAT HAS ANY FUCKING CREDIBILITY TO BEGIN WITH!!!….FOR FUCK SAKE THROW YOUR TV IN THE TRASH… I HAVE.

  • no, most of those counts are guesses. In actuality, he has hundreds. In fact, some delegates are that are “sleeper” delegates that have infiltrated the Romney campaign. It’s going to be hilarious this August.