Ron Paul: Brokered Convention Is Very Likely

  • Richard Jones

    At one point you could hear (while RP was talking) her private conversation when her mic picked it up.

    They are fighting hard to keep maintain Obama for some future tacticle manuver. There must be yet some significant manuver in the wings because we already know the election system is fraud as the criminal cabal has taken it over.

    Maybe it’s just pure fear of our revolution.

    It is amazing to me that no one talks about the current proceedures going on now to have Obama impeached.

    A congressman Jones has started the process.


  • The thing you want to look at is how she frames the questions. She is completely framing questions to attempt to undermine his authority and credibility. This is the way news shapes opinion. Do not allow yourself to be fooled here. Ask yourself what YOU would ask Ron Paul and then ask if the news is even on the same planet. They’re not.


  • robin

    We are thinking of going to the convention. So very disappointed that we won’t be able to go as delegates because in our county you have to be registered with the GOP 180 days before the primary, but we are still considering driving across country to support Ron Paul at the convention. We were hoping that if we went to our local caucus and they did not have enough delegates, we could be a write=in, but not here. How many of you are going to be in Tampa this summer?

  • robin

    French Canadian,
    At last a new topic. Just wanted to tell you I agree with your assessment of what this blog has become. I used to appreciate some of the discussions I’ve had with people, but it just seems to have become a bashing of Jews. It is extremely offensive and not the way to open up the minds of people with a different worldview or belief system. The people in my life that have changed the way I think do it in a way that you can hear. Sharing why they came to think they way they do, backing it up with facts and sources of information and not attacking someone with profanity,etc. when they don’t agree with you. I can’t stand that, and why I agree with you that I’m not sure what some people on here are trying to do, but it is not working. It also isn’t the way Ron Paul deals with issues and differences. They are not only wasting their energy, but defeating their purpose because it’s not through any form of real education or exchange of ideas. I will agree that some of the people that do this are not Ron Paul supporters and are here to trash what he believes in and his supporters, to cause havoc and to spread hate and intolerance. I have agreed with many of you, but not your approach or your way of communicating it. It goes to deaf ears and if that is what you want, that is what you will get. So, I ask you what is the point of being on this forum unless it is to turn people off and just piss them off. Is that your hidden agenda? If you don’t have patience and understanding, then you will not open people’s hearts or minds to a different way of thinking. Are you on here because you believe in what Ron Paul stands for because that’s why I am?

    • mayeeden

      If there is Jew bashing, it is from outside trouble makers. I do not know of a single Ron Paul supporter that would speak against our Jewish brothers and sisters. I support Dr. Pul; and I support Yisrael and her people living there and abroad. Long Live Yisrael.

      • AdamGmoney

        Jewish Zionist & HardCore Ron Paul Supporter Here!

        Jews for Ron Paul!

        CT for Ron Paul!

        • COINTELPRO

          Your a liar and tool. You might be fooling some but you know your not fooling all of us.

      • לזיין מקל

        [email protected] them [email protected] THE ANTISEMITIC TO [email protected] OFF THEMSELFS WE KILL THEMSELFS

  • Check out 1:35, then check out 3:01

    If you can watch this, and not seriously see how imbecilic it is, you have a hardcore learning disability.

  • I am beginning to think that just about the best thing that Dr. Ron Paul can do for America now is to run as an independent.. and for his supporters to write-in his name on the ballot in order to overcome the greatest obstacle to him being elected POTUS i.e. the crooked Diebold voting machines.

  • they are afraid of him, she is an obnoxious bobble head….

  • If he’s losing by such a significant margin as they say, why are they worried about him continuing his insignificant role? What she is saying is a contradiction in itself. Would you consider compromising your values, selling out to the establishment, and supporting a bunch of power hungry crooks? That is the dumbest question I’ve ever seen. What ever happened to real journalism? Where is John Stossel when you need him?

  • 3:22 – She says ‘enough of this back and forth, he said, she said etc’. Well its HER interview? She was the one asking him about it for 3 minutes. Twit.

  • watch?v=hdGJaGbLj5E voter fraud in illonois it is your right to know and make it go viral XD

  • shes got some serious dsl’s going on

  • The only “credibility” Ron Paul and his supporters are cutting into is Maria Bartiromo’s..

    “Bow out.” What a Fascist clown.

  • Maria Bartiromo = CFR member = Fascist propagandist

    A brokered convention with an army of Ron Paul delegates pouring out their hearts is bad news for the Romney and Santorum campaigns. We may not look the way they thought we would look, or sound the way they thought we would sound, but our Kung Fu is STRONG. Send us to the front lines.

    (Maria Bartiroma’s fear and desperation is a good sign of things to come.)

  • what did that dumb bitch just say?

  • cant they come up with new fucking questions….fucking bitch came out of a hole somewhere??

  • What a stupid Bitch!

  • she said cutting in and destroying the creditability of the party??? How is he doing that?? Republican party doesnt have creditability they destroyed it themselves by ignoring Ron Paul. Ron Paul is what makes the republican credible lol. He aint destroying shit by staying in the race. RON PAUL 2012

  • Every time people vote for the same clowns America gets another knife inserted into it. Ron Paul 2012!!!

  • Read Human Action by Mises and you to will likely become an anarchist libertarian.

  • First!

    Ron Paul 2012! They cant steal the election!