Ron Paul on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

  • Dr. Paul must not have checked the price of silver lately. When silver was near $50 FRN an ounce, a gallon did cost about a dime (a real silver one). A gallon of gasoline now costs about 20 cents. (Gas is up, silver down.) That is still less than the historical price of around 25 to 30 cents. So I would rather expect that either the price of silver will fall a bit more, or gasoline will soon cost more in Federal Reserve notes – probably the latter.


  • What a great crowd they were representing all of us.

  • Ron Paul’s tie is EPIC!

  • You can tell the applause is canned because not once does the camera focus on the audience; wake up Paulbots you’re being taken for a ride. LOL

  • Gold and silver have no counterparty risk. You cant print gold. When dollars are printed out of thin air, they dilute the paper everyone holds making the dollar worth less. This is a reason gas is climbing. More dollars chasing fewer goods.

  • Ron Paul’s win is purer than gold.

  • 4 people are paid to dislike this

  • Ron Paul don’t make any sense. He says that the value of silver goes up and down and the value of money goes up and down. But he says your best bet is to put your money in silver even though the price goes up and down like money. The dollar could be worth more than silver tomorrow therefore oil will be cheaper if bought with the dollar and more expensive if bought with silver! This is the reason why Ron Paul has not won a single thing. He’s an idiot not being rude just stating a FACT

  • Love Jay Leno…Ron Paul is the ONLY American politician with any integrity.
    The GOP is defrauding him-Ron Paul supporters stand up and be heard…the Constitution is what made the U.S.A. a great nation.

  • Surely there is a period when an abortion becomes unethical. eg Ron Paul talks about 8 months a woman being able to abort. I think that is unreasonable the mother should be made to carry the baby until it is born then it is given up for adoption. But if it is in the first few weeks of a pregancy where there is no head, heart, limbs, basically its just yolk and egg white then an abortion should be allowed. Which is how the law is at present in the US isn’t it?

  • now let the most educated win! and he is correct money is the problem and free markets everything else is only shiftable to a degree good show 😉

  • what a rock star!

  • The will of the people that Jay refers to was never supposed to be allowed to infringe upon the individual rights to life, liberty and property of others – not even by majority vote of the people. That is what the oath to protect the rights and constitution was supposed to be about… if elected officials actually understood and respected that oath, we’d not be in this confusing mess. Gotta patiently work towards a better understanding of individual rights –

  • Kung Fu Paul, awesome!

  • This crowd gives me such hope 🙂 Good times everyone!

  • Damn it, we are all paying $50,000 a day for Santorum to have SS.

  • This all makes… way too much sense…

  • My hope comes from the Lord…..but man ‘o man…RP is def a close second for me:D God Bless and be with you RP and I hope the foreign press covers you so the world knows the truth about what real Americans want which is YOU!

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    the news analysis for march 20 is good for

    news analysis of March 20 mentiones Ron Paul being the best

  • Another good addition to public TV. I’m glad he chose to be on the Tonight Show. It’s a very smart move. Doing this will expose his self to the sheeple.