Ron Paul on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

  • i love the ron paul boxing and karate skits


  • Jay Leno sort of sounds like Murray Rothbard… lol

  • nevadasmith

    In an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal, published yesterday on March 20, Congressman Paul Ryan finally lets “the cat out of the bag”; On January 15, 2013, just before our next President is Inaugurated, The Day of destiny for the Budget and Deficit will be upon us all. Knowing Politicians the way we all know them, invariably The American Budget and Deficit crisis will again be a “can kicked down the road”.The Budget and Deficit Armageddon will be faced at the beginning of the next Presidential Term, should not The Man,The Statesman who has spent his whole life preparing for this moment be the One to lead us?Is it not The Duty of every Republican, no everyone who cares to call themselves an American to now Rally around The One Man who almost his whole Public Service Career has been a Cassandra to This pressing Fiscal crisis.Back in The day, before the richest man in the world Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim owned a controlling interest in the New York Times, I would have expected The Times-“All The News That’s Fit To Print”-to be one of Ron Paul’s Staunchest advocates. I would have expected to see every day when a new MIT Sloan School of Management Professor who used to be on The Federal Reserve or IMF, or Billion dollar Fund manager, or Improbable Trader bestseller book writer, or another member of Congress or Senator, that comes out in support of a Paulian Economic Policy without saying Ron Paul,That The NYT’s to gently guide its readership, The American People to the obvious conclusion. The Day of Fiscal Reckoning is Coming so Vote For The Man Who Reckoned It Was Coming. I don’t think I can count on Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal or Bloomberg’s News. Or any other New Media Outlet that depends on a pretty face or five second news blip to survive, to give full exploration to the serious dilemma of our time.I am an Optimist and a sentimentalist: I still think that all will come out all right; this fight will be won on November 6, 2012. And I will have been part of something so special; to paraphrase Winston Churchill: If America “lasts a thousand years men will still say this was their finest hour”

  • Those are all Republican-originated policies that EVERY sane person is against. 99.9% of liberals are against them, not just Ron Paul. But he wants to throw baby out with bath water – leading to catastrophe.

  • Ron Paul is PRO US. Constitution, He gives a shit about your freedom and your liberty more than you do!! He wants to bring back the troops and stop war which is causing inflation, job loss and making bankers and corporate slum richer! If you vote for anyone else I will guarantee you an economic collapse, the introduction of a new “Amero Currency” a North American Union and the end of the US Constitution. Vote for whats right people!


  • NDAA
    Patriot act
    Anti Protect Act
    Reauthorization Act

    Look them buddy

    oh btw Peace around the World



  • Which part of it? Ron Paul wants to shit on the Article 1 Section 8 (the KEY part of the US constitiution) as well as the 16th Amendment, which is simply a clarification of the first part of that, so I don’t know what you are talking about. Be specific.

  • You are alright Leno.

  • The government is fucking with the vote counts. This government is corrupt.

  • Ron paul is the best answer for usa! he ha snever flip floped and always stood for what he believed in and he stand for good things. I agree with 99 % of all he sais, infact i think there is only maybe 1 or 2 things that i dont agree with but they are thing i am willing to put aside to make our country better. Please all of you register republican so you can vote for him to be the last one left against obama and then vote paul for 2012. If you want a better usa vote ron paul for 2012

  • Thumbs Up for Peace around the World


  • his solutions is just lets stop shitting on the Constitution

  • Paulites are like the undecided voters in Family Guy
    Lois: 9/11
    Crowd: YYEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! *crowd goes apeshit*

  • Ron’s Paul’s “solutions” won’t work. There’ll be terrible injustice and then who can people turn to? Government must maximize justice also, and its decisions must be guided by a truly representative legislature, not a bought one.

  • they don’t want a nut case for president

  • Which “stupid conspiracy theory ideas” are you talking about exactly?

  • UK for Ron Paul!

  • For real?