Ron Paul on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

  • the bad people are the ones that control the government!

  • Nope, strong well-guided (by wide&deep scrutiny) government is THE solution. There’s bad people and injustice out there, and it has to be dealt with.

  • Peace Doctor Ron Paul: the “Conscience” vote!



  • Listen to my song

    “I Think We Need A Revolution”

  • Listen to my song

    “I Think We Need A Revolution”

  • Listen to my song

    “I Think We Need A Revolution”

  • Hey Jay Leno invites him on the show and lets him talk

  • Stop telling people to sign petitions for 60 minutes.

    They don’t give a crap about any truth. They’re presstitutes who get paid monopoly money to call people racists, steer public opinion, and manufacture consent.

    They don’t deserve to know your email address or anything about you. If you hand your email address over to the enemy, they’ll use it against Ron Paul and his campaign. The only thing you’ll get out of signing that kind of BS petition is an email saying; ‘give up’.

  • I love the fact that Jay is more neutral and not ultra liberal like so many other TV personalities.

  • Leno makes a good point at 5:47
    Mitt Romney understands the importance of free makrets, but also realises that most Americans are not ready for a Libertarian utopia. Especially the people in his state.
    I support Ron Paul’s ideas but the sad reality is that without compromise by Republicans, the US would be looking at a good 20 years of unrestrained Democrat rule.

  • President Paul! President Paul!

  • I love RP.


    lol when will people learn bye im done after that retarded comment

  • Obama is insane because he’s a pushover. US needs strong governmenal action for justice, decided by a truly representative legislature, not a bought one, not less governmental action.

  • IF Ron Fails, them the american people must stand up and end the crap.

  • for all i care*

  • then Obama must be INsane for signing those bills yea thats right Obama can veto any law that congress passes but he sign them all

    “throw baby out with bath water”
    what does that even mean lol stop blaming republican Obama is the one that signs the bills into law

    Btw im not republican they can go 69 with with Democratic for all i can i vote on the person not the party

  • What if Ron Paul could be the 3rd anti christ and Obama puts everything into place for Ron paul like the ndaa and other unconstitutional bills Obama passed? Just saying…. I like Ron Paul i feel moved to vote for him but i keep my mind open about things so yeah anythings possible and people can be deceived easily by other people that acts friendly and nice and seems like people can looks like sheep on the outside but imside they ae hungry dangerous wolves

  • Ron Paul looks like he could be Bushes dad lol