Ron Paul 2012: America Must Be Free Again

  • dont lie….who else got the chills near the end of the video?

  • Gave me chills…but you should really re-think the title…clean it up a bit!

  • That was the soldiers/veterans march on DC. It is def not goose-stepping.

  • nice try

  • “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Abraham Lincoln

    RON PAUL 2012!


  • 4:09 = EPIC!

  • i get sick to my stomach watching obama take the oath of office =/

  • mossad not muslimsa did 9/11/01

  • I’m so glad that Ron is starting to get pissed. He sounds better this time around than in 08. People who are not conscious need to be shook a little. Because once you awake, it’s so obvious who should be our Pres. It shouldn’t even be a debate. Listening to the others and than listening to Paul is so night and day.

  • it took til today to stand upright… this past weekend’s EO shocked me… so blatant the undocumented man’s tyranny… today i stand & will thank him for his arrogance because NOW the world’s offering US their sympathy & pledges of protection… we have respect & unity… is all of Love and soon there shall be Peace ~ PLUR

  • its too late for these ads we should have been spreading and making these videos viral 2 months ago

  • Goose-stepping does not make me want to vote for Ron Paul. 4:28

  • people lets take action and send this video to everybody so they can be informed right now!

  • This brings the great a hope to keep on going and never give up.

  • AmericansElect(dot)org go here NOW and thumbs up so people can see

  • Only one thing – the US Federal flag that they insist you call the “American flag” and is hated evreywhere in the world, has never stood for freedom. It stands for invasion, control, tyranny, war, bloodshed. and OWG. For the USA they need to use the Revolutionary War flag with the stars up in the corner and three wide strips where the 13 Masonic stripes are. THAT was the flag that stood for freedom for the USA. Not the US DC Federal flag that is used. Ron Paul is the only hope America has.

  • Yeah let them play with thier funny money…GTF off Of Our Backs Parasites!!

  • Spread The Word Let Us Take The Black Devil Out To The Lynching Fields!

  • i think Ron Paul can restore his country of Zionist which gonna destroy Us to save groub of gangs occupoed another land called Israhell