Ron Paul 2012: America Must Be Free Again

  • Ron Paul – we won’t back down!


  • I don’t think so because then he would be made a martyr.If the internet would of been around JFK’s time he too would of become a martyr but sadly it was not and we had to endure until now.Ron Paul 2012.

  • Ron Paul knows he can be assassinated and he is not scared…
    he keeps fighting for American people..

  • Ron Paul a real true American!!!!!

  • Make Ron Paul famous, someone make a VIDEO!

  • good video. the first half i felt despair, but when it got to the veterans marching, i felt like dancing 🙂

  • I’m scared this man may be assassinated

  • the commander and chief of the resistance to tyranny!

  • Vote for Ron Paul nomatter what,… Vote your Conscience! Ron Paul 2012! Hope that is Real!

  • “bob to you know that uh… the delinking about the western news later”

  • Bad Ass

  • Definition of EPIC: 4:10

  • ~C~H~I~L~L-S~ 3:52

  • ron paul is the great great great great grandson of spartucus free the sheep fight the rich BEAST

  • Rick Santorum is FUCKING NUTS! That motherfucker is more fit for a straight jacket than the oval office…

  • there is a poll on dick morris’s website. RP is in a close second to Romney with over 25% I think it important to make a good showing on these things but I have limited resources, technological ability and not much of a voice. Can you please help direct people to this neocon, warmonger’s poll. They can’t ignore us all forever. Thanks in advance and thanks for all you efforts!

  • everyone put this on your facebook!!!! this isnt gonna be on cnn but We can do this! INFOWARS.COM


      infowars is a sick joke and a distraction for all the dumb goy who started to wake up but never finished. It’s a decoy, they know none of you will do anything but if you do it’s going to be directed at the wrong people and you schizophrenic nutcases – that you’ve been made to be thanks to “infowars and the likes” will never actually believe or figure out the real shadow man behind it all… so no harm done right?

      Soviet Era Propaganda works well in this century, you’ve been indoctrinated, bred to be dumb PERIOD. Some of us see it and when we see you some of us are laughing and crying at the same time.

  • go ron go!

  • if you’re referring to the guy in the black, pumping his fist…YES! i couldn’t stop laughing