Ron Paul 2012: America Must Be Free Again

  • We’re ready, bring them on! 😀 *cheer*

  • Too bad Paul is losing to robo-corp Romney and opus dei Santorum right now 🙁 I guess that’s what happens when your political system is broken by unlimited private donations and when the party you campaign in has lost every ounce of conservatism to trade it for corporatism and religious fondamentalism.

    GOP ain’t the same as 1980’s Republicans. No compromise. No logic. No principles. Big dollars. Big State. In modern days, Reagan would probably called a socialist and Jesus a communist hippie.

  • Romney-Fail… Santorum-Fail… Gingrich-Faill…

  • WTF is this ‘Homeland’ Shit Gov. Lindsay? What is this ‘Homeland’ shit America? I’ll tell you what it is. Its fluff. Its propaganda. Its bull shit. No one in my entire life here in this nation has ever referred to America as the ‘Homeland’. That’s just a bunch of post 911 garbage used to justify illegal wars and domestic spying. Why don’t we call it ‘Fatherland’ or ‘Motherland’? Because it would be a bad PR move sounds too much like the USSR. So now we eat ‘freedom fries’ in the ‘homeland’. PUKE

  • That comment made me so happy for some reason :’D

  • “When they say I want my lawyer, you tell them shut up.” Wow that guy should be jailed for that comment alone.

  • Working on it.

  • yea i think most americas are aware.. or i hope so !

    but even still, they can’t stop a landslide without civil uproar !

    and a landslide is what well have in a ron paul vs barrack obama

    i STILL believe in america !


  • 200 million american adults.. at the end of 2010 at least 45% of american owned guns, and this past december we set a record for number of guns sold in one month, 1.5 million gun background checks, with the majority buying 2 or more

    when asked why americans are buying so many guns, top answers were “i don’t trust the government” and “preparing for economic collapse

    i like our chances ! ;D

    idk if you heard about a rag tag bunch of men who in 1776 defeated the world superpower of that time?

  • amen brother !
    we will have a revolution !

    ron paul 2012 !
    ballots or bullets !

  • You are wrong, you are biased and you don’t spell things correctly.

    There is no corruption anywhere near Ron Paul. I have searched for 6 years and he is the best candidate we have.

  • I think it if Obama didn’t run for president last time, then it would of been either Ron Paul or Hilary Clinton that would of became president. But I don’t remember that far back to know who came the closest to beating Obama in the 2008 Democratic primary.

  • well my mom works for the government as a screener at the airport and she does her job properly. and trust me even if you get private security in there they will do the exact same thing as what my mom does just there will be more sloppy work and the workers will be paid less than what my does and she doesn’t get paid a whole lot. trust me TSA should stay its certainly a lot better than the alternative. i will not vote for ron paul he’s and isdiot and is just a corrupt as obama and those before.

  • WTF?
    Is this edited with WLMM? O_o

  • homeland security just purchased 450,000,000 rounds of hollow point ammunition just last week, so idk if thats a good idea, but thanks

  • When the Power of Love overcomes
    the Love of Power, the World will know peace.

  • Run libertarian because they are not playing fare!

  • It is foolish to think that only the media is rigged and not the elections themselves as well. Especially after the Florida Bush debacle in 2000 and in Ohio in 2004, I can’t believe that anyone still believes that the elections aren’t rigged. The push to electronic voting machines happened because they are so much easier to defraud without a paper trail being left behind as evidence. Look up Diebold voting machine fraud and educate yourself.

  • Wish this was a commercial for everyone to view who does not use the internet!

  • Dashiki1217 That is our wonderful Nat’l News Stations for ya! They are blacking him out, because they know he is winning and they want people to think he is loosing! But quite the opposite is happening all over the U.S.!! He is bringing back the America we once knew and loved!! Go RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!