Ron Paul 2012: America Must Be Free Again

  • The tired old racist Ron Paul is done, he couldn’t defeat Romney in a single primary or debate.


  • Lindsey Graham is a man!?

  • Damn, I hope and pray Ron Paul is able to debate Hussein Obama. That should be a pay per view smackdown event.

  • Were in deep shit people , are WE ready to say Liberty or Death . If RP doesn’t make it , we better contemplate it .

  • lol santorum is a joke

  • NWO is closing in. Careful now.

  • the nwo will do their best to stop him. Notice how little press he is getting in the msm. The whole election is rigged anyway. Romney is going to get in

  • 3:18 – 3:52 gave me goosebumps. This man has to win. Wake up, America.

  • No, just how the Republican party does things. It’s how we’ve been getting the delegates and if the people really wanted Romney so bad then they would be stepping up to the plate as delegates. However, across the country it’s Ron Paul supporters who are stepping up and filling those positions. In my district there are 200 something delegate slots and often only 30-40 ever show up. It’s not dishonest or devious is just politics. You want a candidate elected you have to work for it. Ron Paul 2012!

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  • That’s even worst if you mislead the electorate by misrepresenting and lying them. If the people of AZ counted on you as a Romney-supporter during the primaries, it’s probably because they didn’t want Paul anyways. That just seems dishonest and devious.

  • Ron Paul should have a theme song made by Skrillex!

  • Mad and jelly now 🙂

  • such a shame 2/3 of the US population are voting for SLAVERY – America is DOOOOMED to self destruction,, Roman Empire take II

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  • Few politicians give me shiver in every word spoken… Tears comes to my eyes every time Ron Paul does not win a primary 🙁 Ron Paul 2012! Cause I will not give up hope.

  • Are you people INSANE all third partys do is gett REPUBLICONS elected! ran paul use to be A REPUBLICON…I agee with much he says ..But Ralph nader got bush elected..this is A 2 party system ,reform the democratic party ,make it more progressive.The world can not take another REPUBLI CON president,and thats all RP does..good intentions or not…

  • Just looked up the delegates for Ron Paul in Housing districts all threw out my city. Ron Paul holds 23% Romney holds 21% Santorum holds 11% and Gingrich holds 2%; Of the pledged delegates. This was in CO where Santorum held highest in the Straw polls at over 30%. And we are trying to get our guy over to Florida. 🙂

  • Don’t worry we got a the delegates so far. I’m one of them. We’re bound to vote for Romney here in AZ, but we’ll be waiting for a brokered convention. Then we strike. As it looks right now, we hold the majority of delegates in the district I’m in, in AZ.