Ron Paul 2012: America Must Be Free Again

  • THANK YOU! Idk why this stupid comment has recieved so much! Alex Jones is a nut job!

  • Alex Jones is a wack job.. do not support him.. when the swine flu came about, he said there was gonna be mass graves and that the government purposely realeased a virus to kill a bunch of us off… Don’t follow this wack jobbbbb… Ron Paul Common Sense 2012 no craziness


  • “Countless people will hate the New World Order and will die protesting against it.”
    —H.G. Wells, The New World Order (1939)


  • nice video well done.

  • hell yeah

  • I really feel sorry for all Ron Paul supporters in the US because your nation is full of Fucked up Christian right wing war mongering SHEEPLE! Controlled by Israel to clean up their dirty work and plunging into a black vortex which will drag the rest of the free world into another uncalled for war! The NWO win again!

  • What?? American’s don’t believe in freedom anymore. Hold on, I just died in angrybirds.

  • Majority of Americans are brainwashed by the stooge networks (CNN, CBS, ABC, Fox, NBC, CNBC, & MSNBC). Most don’t know the truth about the FED, the negative effects of the wars & bailouts have on the economy, the entitlements, the war on drugs, illegal immigration, etc.. Most are simply concerned about DWTS, American Idol, America’s Got Talent. X-Factor, Justin Beiber, Twilight Trilogy, Harry Potter, and other material drivel. Wonderful life for them.

  • isis will vote for Ron if you vote for me:)

  • I Think that Dr. Paul needs to combat the idea of a Strong Military with simply stateing that IF America wants a Strong Military it will require evey 18-40 year old to be sent all over the world to protect the Interest of a few Corporatate/ Political Elite. Maybe then Americans will rethink our failed foreign / oil policy.

  • We The People support Liberty and Freedom to choose what is best by voting and studying those who we vote for… Party means not as much as the person’s belief and their actions most of all

  • Too bad you knobheads arnt voting for him

  • brilliant video!

  • BOSS!!!! RON PAUL 2012!!! No second option… No more Obama No more crap. We need to control our govrment or the world is doom!!!!

  • Are your comments satire? Ron Paul who is better?

  • its already here in PNG

  • i love ron paul, but this video is so corny and poorly produced

  • NIce video Dude!

  • I am going to assume the public school system failed you – big time. Ron Paul 2012. Do some research dude. And I don’t mean watching CNN.