Ron Paul 2012: America Must Be Free Again

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  • commander and chief watches the country. protects the country. stop distorting the role of our leader.

  • Ron Paul supporters know its not going to be a switch flip over night. The presidency is a position of influence, not of decisive action.

    We’re not trying to say that we have the Easy button and you just have to press it. We’re saying the influence that’s in the presidency and that’s skewing congress right now is the wrong influence. We want to replace it with the right influence, so we can slowly start stepping back towards the America that *enter your favorite buzz term for positivity here*.


  • and so you vote for him, then as if it was a dream…nothing changes again…..

  • Ehhh… form one trap into another, people will never learn -.-

  • libertarian philosophy is the pinnacle of all political philosophies and will trample socialism in the long run…..

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  • this vid is dope as fuck good job

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  • because he’s supernatural

  • Wow, this sounds so typical. I’m not saying that it wasn’t horrible, or that it was justified. But we practically ASKED for 9/11 to happen. NOBODY SEEMS TO UNDERSTAND BLOWBACK. We’ve spent YEARS on undeclared wars, putting our soldiers in harms way for what? Some fucking oil? Yes, Osama needed to be brought to justice… but americans’ hatred for him became completely misused after a period of time. We’re wasting lives and money kicking down doors and policing the world. Fuck pointless wars.

  • Last Hope for America.

  • ron paul is an alien from another world…..-_-

  • Yet, we have terrorist crossing the Mexican border while our military is spread around the world and can’t defend us. They passed the Patriot Act, NDAA, Enemy Expatriation Act, ACTA, Drone bill for 30,000 UAVs over the U.S, Trespass Bill HR 347, NDRP, and they are working on CISPA. Ron Paul wants to bring home ALL troops around the world to defend our border which will make us safer. Quit listening to Obama, Romney, and the media. They have no clue

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  • 53 people vote for and support facism

  • 2012 vote for peace, prosperity and freedom – Ron Paul 2012.

  • Hes not saying he will NEVER go to war….

  • Awesome video. Ron Paul 2012