Ron Paul 2012: America Must Be Free Again

  • Yeah, you got that all wrong and you need to ask more questions. What is this talk of no military? Ron Paul would like the military to be where it’s supposed to be…at home, defending your borders. Not in multiple unconstitutional wars, trampling on ever body else’s rights. You can be forgiven if your news source is Fox or MSN or CNN!


  • i wish i could give you a million thumbs up 😛

  • Support the only candidate for positive change.
    The Ron Paul Map = ronpaulitic. com

  • Enlisting does not mean you give up all your civil rights and freedoms. How can you think that?

  • Enlisting does not mean you give up all your civil rights and freedoms. How can you think that?

  • Money bomb for Ron Paul is today, please donate!

  • Money bomb for Ron Paul is today, please donate!

  • I like videos like this. Well made.

    RON PAUL 2012

  • We had a constitution.. dont look like it anymore the way things are going..
    If Ron Paul does not get elected and things keep going the way they are… remember that you have been warned..

  • Great video whoever made it. Well done.

  • 0:28 “this world its fucked up”

  • This inspired me. Revolt. Evolve!

  • Ron Paul has said repeatedly that he wants the Military to defend America and not engage in Empire building. The U.S. Military is spread so thinly around the world and is financed by foreign loans to the extent that it’s capacity to defend the Republic is compromised. Dr. Paul recieves more campaign donations from active Military personel than “The Obama” or Romney. Bombing the Middle East does not make Americans more secure it creates enemies.

  • Where are all the movie stars and musical artists?

    Where are you to support change?

    Cowards rule our tv programmes

  • Investigate Diebold voting machines!!

  • People should be judged based on their actions, not words; Ron Paul has always voted Constitutional, you can look up Congressional records & verify yourself, do it right now!

    The problem is people focus too much rhetoric, not so much on actions & voting-records & don’t care to research & be informed, that’s why they get fooled; if people researched the candidates properly then they’ll be able to make better choices

  • hes an air force veteran dipshit.

  • That is exactly what Ron Paul wants to do is give us security. He wants to bring our troops home and instead of using our money for foreign aid and in all these foreign wars he wants to put it military defense. Protecting our borders and protecting Americans. Sending our troops in all these other countries is only making it more dangerous for us not safer.

  • Yeah, too bad most of the population here is supposedly in favor of Mit Romney… :[

  • I’m just saying, were gonna be fooled again. its a cycle. even if we had voted for the other guy, they’d all do the same stuff…i’m just tired of being told their different. like i’m a gullible idiot….i know its all rigged, like Santa…. ,,v,(o.0)