Ron Paul 2012: America Must Be Free Again

  • And just what exactly has Obummer done to fix this mess? He said he’d bring our military home- failed, we’re in a much worse situation now. He said he’d get Americans working- failed, he extended unemployment benefits, which only breeds laziness. I supported Obummer in 08, but only because I knew nothing of Ron Paul. Had I known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have even thought about backing Obummer. What a colossal failure he’s been.


  • If Romney gets into office, Which is unlikely because he is unelectable. He will continue this bullshit. No matter what People say, Ron Paul is our only option

  • When did this video even mention operation Gun Runner? By the way, it started as Operation Fast and Furious, which was an (ATF operation) that started under the Bush Administration. Also, George Bush and his Secretary of the Treasure (Hank Paulson) bailed out the Banks! You can’t even get the basic facts right!
    Your Fantasies aside, again, all the (actual laws),except for one, cited in this video were signed into Law by the Bush Administration.

  • 12 years? Obama has only been President for Three and a half years; (That Statistic doesn’t lie)! So, I’d say that Bush had more to do with your (so called stumble) that Obama!

  • YES RON!!!

  • the people are aware of what the government is trying to do all they have done is awaken a sleeping giant once again!!!!!!!!

  • the people are aware of what the government is trying to do all they have done is awaken a sleeping giant once again!!!!!!!!

  • What is a little frightening is that morons like that are going to vote. What is even more frightening is that many of the non-moron population won’t get off their butts, read up on the policies and facts and then go vote. It isn’t good enough for them to just vote because unless they have learned and thought, they are just adding random error to the choices that elections make. People have just done their taxes. I’d bet many don’t even know whether they went up or down vs 4 years ago.

  • Obama and Bush are behind America’s 12 year stumble. The statistics don’t lie.(unless they come from FOX, CNN, or MSNBC)

  • Obama extended the Patriot Act. Obama signed the NDAA(his signing statement doesn’t mean shit because HE STILL SIGNED IT;meaning he AGREES with it.If he didn’t he would’ve REFUSED to sign it) Obama is behind Operation Gunrunner-but he tries to use Janet Napalitano and the DHS as scapegoats WHILE ensuring they are protected from judicial ramifications.He fully supports the TSA-who REGULARLY watch child porn, rape people, and harass everyone.(look it all up).Obama’s bailout went PRIMARILY TO BANKS

  • Obama? All but one of the (Actual Laws) that are cited in this video were passed into Law by George W. Bush.

  • No, your just a moron.

  • GTFO troll and get a brain. Stop making Ron Paul supporters look bad.

    Ron Paul 2012

  • When you see a police car behind you you are in more danger than a soldier in combat withoiut a gun. He’s either give you a traffic ticket, beat you, rape you or murder you. Most of them are pedophiles that’s why you see a lot of 16-year-olds pulled over. They have a choice sex or ticket. The police department only hired psychopaths because they will do what they are told. To control & hurt people. Through-out histury & the world Police are the common enemy of the people.

  • I Barrack Hussein Obama, will to the best of my ability, to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help me God!! He wasn’t lying. Only thing is, The best of his ability isn’t even close enough to run a country. So get out! And the longer he is in office the more he is proving that his God is not THE GOD!



  • What’s almost as bad as the NDAA bill , or even worse than Obama , is this silly idea that someone (even as great as Ron Paul is) can still be elected in a corrupted electorial process in a country that has placed all of it’s confidence in a pile of shreded paper, once called the constitution !
    When Americans realize that it has ALWAYS been a lie – that all along they have been farm stock – it will be too late , and all that will remain, will be the stampede into the FEMA coral!

  • Everybody PLEASE spread the NEWS of the truth which Ron Paul speaks of. He is a Man and a Great Leader.I am from New zealand and he watch a lot of these videos and cant believe this is not in media headlines around the world. governments are falling because of there wicked ways to the people they have sworn to protect. I will continue to pray for a follower of Jesus Christ who has built his life on the principles and values of God and shows The nature and character of Jesus throughout the earth.

  • Your words – your screaming lack of intelligence in capital words , are an example of the perfectly stupid American in a sheep suit shitting all over himself !