Ron Paul: I’ll Unite Republicans & Democrats to Cut Spending

  • robin

    By the way, someone has assumed my name on here since I have been the only Robin. So, I did not write the previous message, and beware who is speaking for me. You are so funny whoever you are. Again, playing games isn’t going to open the minds of people, but it’s obvious people are doing this for ATTENTION! We have relatives in Syria and they are very worried right now. They also are very aware of the New World Order….Fear works in mysterious ways….

    • Agent Lynch

      If you had relatives in Syria then your eyes wouldn’t be wide shut. Yes, I have been watching your comments here for quite some time now.

      • robin

        Interesting that you are following me. Not sure why…We just have different perspectives about how things are put out there. Sorry to disappoint you but I do have relatives in the Middle East who know about the New World Order, yet they don’t deal with it in the way some people do here. They have more reason to then you do. We will never see eye=to-eye on this. This is what will be the downfall of our civilization is the need to be right and to force everyone to think and act like we do. Think back to when you were in school…How did your teacher open your mind to something that went against your belief systems, or make you curious to find out about a new idea? Hit you over the head with a baseball bat, or by teaching you to think creatively and critically. That takes time and patience, which it appears many simply don’t have. So, think what you will because that is a right we all have in this country, but know that you won’t open up very many people using the methods many are using.

  • Turn The Lights Down Low and Fall Asleep

    Hey Zionists sucks when the truth gets out don’t it?

    To kill a snake you must cut off the head… Who’s the big player?

    Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 speech

    Mr. Freedman is a former Jew, and I mean a FORMER Jew. He has fought the Communist world conspiracy tooth and nail, and stands today as a leading American patriot. We now take you to the speaker’s platform to present Benjamin Freedman.


    Beginning Quote: “Here in the United States, the Zionists and their co-religionists have complete control of our government. For many reasons, too many and too complex to go into here at this time, the Zionists and their co-religionists rule these United States as though they were the absolute monarchs of this country. Now you may say that is a very broad statement, but let me show you what happened while we were all asleep”

    “Thunder only happens when it’s raining, players only love you when they’re playing”

  • Bailey

    Wow, Where did all the habarats come from?
    Ignore the jews and their BS.
    Their time is almost up.

  • Phyllis B.

    Here is a great way to “Support the Troops”

    I ordered a bunch of “star of david” patches. You know – the ones with the blue star – just like on the flag of Israel.

    I started distributing them to soldiers and thanking them for their service.

    To be truly “jewish” about it – you need to walk up to a US soldier in uniform and ask him if he wants to “buy” a one to commemorate his service.

    Only $20.



  • Scott R

    Folks, we have to stay focused on what is important here. The economy. If we allow our government ie Obama to continue to buy votes with entitlements, and play class warfare the US government will fail. The path Obama has us on IS NOT sustainable. Our debt to GDP ratio is over 100%!!! All the printing HAS to stop before gas hits $8 / gal. We can not afford to keep bailing out everyone everywhere. It is the same as stealing right out of the hands of our seniors on fixed incomes / the poor. It is interesting that the poor support the entitlements for the most part so they are locked into this path of self destruction. Job growth is the answer which can be achieved by allowing the free market to determine which good / services are in demand. Let us spend our own money and leave us alone!

    The Middle East is a MESS…. and a serious money pit. We need to put those dollars into the defense of the US borders, and Navy to keep us safe from attack. We can not and should not be doing the nation building around the world.

    • MimiRosenblat

      So your just going to stand by and watch Iran commit anothe r holocaust and watch then destroy Israel? You make me sick. Maybe one day the Jewish people will be stronger than you and remember all youve done to us maybe then you wont be so quick to turn tail. Your peoples time is approaching. I cant imagine you being around much longer after all youve done enough already so laugh it up and live it up animals. Israel will not fall and you will face the tip of the sword of justice.

      • Harold Cohen

        We The Jewish People will NEVER AGAIN allow you to perpetrate another holocaust upon us.

        You are dangerous vermin.

        That is why we control you.

  • John from Phoenix

    We will, in fact, defeat you.

    The awakening is happening all around you.

    And like a forest fire – you will be consumed in a holocaust.

    A real one this time, Moshe.

    • Robin

      I’m not agreeing with your post but let me provide a topic for discussion:

      Someone once put to me this way:

      Stalin Killed over 20 Million people, maybe more. Supposedly Hitler killed 6 Million total, then they say 6 Million Jews, but then they say there were gays and gypsies and others too. Where’s the new total? All I hear is 6 Million Jews. Or are the others just not as important? Also I find it interesting that the first claims were 20 Million and it’s gone down to 6 Million as the age of information progressed. Who knows, it might even go down further, I’m not an absolutist…

      Can you name one Soviet Gulag ? How many Concentration Camps can you name ?

      • I have read the Gulag Archipelago.

        It is a 2,000 page indictment for crimes against humanity. Chief among the accused is of course Stalin who, if justice exists, is currently serving 60 million consecutive life sentences in Hell. But as Solzhenitsyn abundantly documents, the Gulag death-camps were part of Lenin’s vision from the very beginning. (In January 1918, he stated his ambition of “purging the land of all kinds of harmful insects”, in which group he included “workers malingering at their work”.) But it is not only the architects of Bolshevism who stand accused. It is also all the collaborators with oppression, from the camp guards who summarily executed prisoners too exhausted to stand to the people who informed on their neighbors. Complicit even are the passive victims of the Terror who, as Solzhenitsyn says, “didn’t love freedom enough” to fight for it from the beginning.

        Needless to say, “The Gulag Archipelago” is not beach reading. (Although Solzhenitsyn’s searingly sarcastic style makes it anything but a dry collection of facts.) The evil that it obsessively documents is so dark that even reading about it is often difficult to bear. But anyone with pretentions of understanding the world we live in needs to go through it from first page to last.

        That book documents a real holocaust. Not a fake one with lampshades and shrunken heads. As someone said – DNA analysis has proven all that false.

        The jews are lying.

        It’s all about control, extortion, swindles and getting you to fight their wars for them.

        • Agent Lynch

          Can you imagine if we had been duped about the Holocaust this whole time? Would we be the evil empire?

          Zionists tell truth about holocaust

          • BlutfahneInNeuschwabenland

            Agent Lynch

            The answer to your comment is : Yes, you are.


        • pkk

          The question is who put Lenin in power? The same bankers and people who control USA now. Some body who’s been prosecuted for 2000 years from different couvermants can not be innocent.

      • robin

        Robin(the one that is posing as me)…Funny, because I do agree with you here. It’s something I have addressed as a teacher and why students do not learn about the Harvest of Despair and the mass murder of millions in Russia, and so many acts of genocide throughout history. Russian lives are worth less as are Arab lives, etc. etc…My husband’s family endured all of that during the reign of terror by Stalin. We have read Russian literature, and know the history, and you are absolutely correct, but remember the Cold War and the myth that was perpetuated that ALL Russians are evil? That’s no different than saying ALL JEWS are part of this agenda. That’s why I have tried to work on the ground floor=the education of our children and so they learn to think and are seekers of the truth no matter what it may be.

        • Agent Lynch

          You said that dear, no one else is.

        • pkk

          The Zionists sacrificed there own people, so they can build the most powerful empire they aver had. After this empire fall they have to go to the moon or they will be extinguished from the earth.

    • MimiRosenblat

      You’ll be boiling in semen for eternity for that you stupid goy, just try it and we’ll slaughter you all like livestock you mutant.

      • John from Phoenix

        You’ll make a nice lampshake Mimi


      • Mike

        Call daddy a Nazi!

        Now lick that brown stuff off the tip

  • Moshe

    Go ahead and cling to your hopes of a Ron Paul Presidency.

    We jews will simply rip that cuddly safety blanket away from you – as we always do.

    The next US President will obey us. Just as the present one is. Just as the one before that did.

    Kennedy got out of line. Poor him.


  • Moshe

    The “white race” is without hope. We Jews control the educational system, the economy, the banks, the Pentagon, the courts and the government. How can a sorry bunch of under-achievers such as yourselves, with an excuse for every failure in your lives, hope to defeat such a powerful enemy? Look in the mirror stupid.

    • pkk

      Nothing is forever.

  • Zionists are antisemitic and racist

    Zionists are like the character of Eric Cartman from South Park. They constantly plot and do terrible things but when confronted they act as innocent simpletons and try to blend in with their people IE use them as cover, then they go on and cry how they are being persecuted because of their race. They look down on everyone who isn’t like them and believe everyone not like them is dumber than they. They lie like hell and believe it’s ok because of they’re beliefs that they are superior and can never be punished by god. They believe they are deserving of everything and they’re greed has no bounds, they even believe they are entitled to your property. Zionists are just like the character of Eric Cartman from South Park.

    • Pat

      I am a racist.

      I oppose crime and illegal immigration.

      That makes me a de-facto racist.

      I choose to live in a “White” area.

      I choose specifically NOT to live in Detoilet.

      All the “racists” have left Detoilet.

      Only the non-racists are left there.

      Enjoy Detoilet!

  • Pat


    The simple problem of 9/11 centers on the heat at ground zero.

    What caused the heat?

    There was enough heat to melt concrete – which melts at a higher temperature than steel does.

    And a LOT of concrete was melted as evidenced by the “9/11 meteorite”.

    Substances do not melt when they are only “flash exposed” to heat sources above their melting point. The substance itself must reach its melting point. That means that very high temperatures must be applied for a period of time.

    There is a pesky anti-semitic law called the Second Law of Thermodynamics that explains how this heat transfer thing works.

    The excessive heat that was proven to exist at ground zero does not square at all with the jewish version of 9/11.

    How sure are we about that?

    100 % sure.

    Whose fault is it that they might not be aware of the the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics?

    Whose fault is it that they don’t know what the melting point of concrete is?

    Whose fault is it that they don’t know the maximum heat attainable from a jet fuel fire – or combustion from ANY SOURCE barring exotic incendiary materials or nuclear fission?

    I don’t know whose fault that is. But what I do know is that the jewish version of 9/11 is a complete fabrication.


    Israelis in vans full of explosives.

    Why were they “released” and allowed to flee back to Israel?

    Why did the Isreali citizen Michael Chertoff decline to prosecute his fellow Israeli citizens?


    Is it just a cohen-cidence?

    Where do the fantastic profits from the unconstitutional money printing scam go?

    Why is this money printing scam in the hands of private jews?

    Why do the jews have so much influence over out government?

    Why are the jews trying to censor the internet?

  • Pat

    Just like “ignorance of the law is no excuse” – “ignorance of the truth is no excuse” either.

    We live in the information age. Info is accessible.

    We can determine what is truthful and what is a lie.

    A lie cannot withstand close, detailed scrutiny.

    The truth can stand any amount of scrutiny.

    We have cognitive tools available to distinguish truth from lies. Inductive and Deductive Reasoning – the Scientific Method -Occams Razor.

    These tools reveal.

    If someone is not aware of them – whose fault is that?

    If someone does not know how to use them – whose fault is that?

  • ZION

    You will bow before the Star of David.

  • ZION

    We own the “MSM” you idiot!

    And you can’t do a damn thing about it.

    Just wring your hands and vote…lol

  • ZION

    You are all fools.

    We rule you and you squabble among yourselves.


    You don’t deserve your own government. You cannot float one nor can you support one.

    We have taken it over. And you let us do it.

    You deserve what happens.

    You are merely cattle.


  • Jack

    Looks like slowly Ron Paul’s message is starting to get understood by the MSM.

    Let’s hope he keeps getting more air time.

  • Pat

    As for Bales – and even whether or not this whole thing was what the Military says it was…it really doesn’t matter.

    The undisputed story involves the fact that there was an ambush and some of our guys got f****d up.

    Our guys were pissed about that. Wanted revenge.

    What happened here is no different than if – say an Afghani kill team infiltrated into the US through the very open Mexican/US border – identified and located the family home of several of the soldiers who are currently “fighting” in Afghanistan…….and kicked the door in during the middle of the night. Then shot the kids and the women – and piled them up and set them on fire.
    That’s the equivalent of what happened in the Bales incident.

    How would “THAT” make our soldiers feel? hm.

    The people who join the Armed Services join for various reasons. Many of them join because of financial hardship and/or poor job prospects. Even considering that we don’t have a draft (yet) and the economic picture in the US is poor, the Military has chosen to pad its numbers with “Green Card Soldiers” who are recruited mainly from South American countries with promises of citizenship, career, healthcare, unfair affirmative action promotion, etc. They usually are among the first to walk into minefields, etc. lol

    So you have a guy who just got out of high school and joined the Marines – because he wants to be something. And he gets a paycheck. He is ordered into a “situation”. He is deployed with his buddies. Once there – it’s all about staying alive and protecting your unit. That’s all. There is no moralizing. There is no geo-political thinking.

    Nobody is thinking “gee – this is really wrong…we should all just die”.

    So this guy is issued orders – and he follows orders. Why? Because he will be prosecuted if he refuses.

    The problem is not with this guy. The problem lies with those who are calling the shots from above. The people that set “Policy”.

    Lot’s of people don’t join the Military these days specifically because they totally disagree with the jewish manipulation of “Policy”. But if those numbers grow enough to pose a “numbers problem” for the Military…….the jews will simply implement the draft again.

    If and when they do that – the kid fresh out of High School simply won’t even have a choice. He will be FORCED TO GO. And once he’s in – he has to follow orders. And once he’s in enemy territory – it ceases to matter “Why” he’s there. Once the bullet start flying, it starts to get very “real” in the sense that survival trumps vague thoughts about whether or not “we” should be invading that country.

    Trying to appeal to active duty troops as a method of changing “Policy” is a losing proposition. Troops don’t make policy. They carry out Policy. The Policy-makers are the problem.

    We have to unseat the Policy-makers.

    Criticism of the Soldier on the ground who is place in harms way is useful to appeal to the emotions of a fence-sitter…….maybe. But it’s not going to affect the soldier – except to piss him off. And it will piss off his family as well. Why? Because there’s nothing they can do about it. They are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    There is a reason why the jews haven’t sought to pad the Military with “jewish soldiers”. They don’t have to. All they have to do is control “Policy” and our soldiers get forced to do the bidding of the jew.

    The people who control your debt and interest based money system control policy. How? They buy it. With your money. Lol

    Who are they? Well, they all have jewish names. Does that give you a clue, detective?

    Bottom line: All of this shit plays right into the hands of the jew.

    1) Our guys get force to invade Afghanistan because that’s what the jews want.

    2) The Afghanis fight back because that’s what anyone would do.

    3) The jew sits and laughs because in addition to gaining control of the opium trade (again) he has sparked some real, tangible animosity between Muslims and White people.

    4) All the while, the jew ensures a massive influx of Muslims into White counties.

    5) The imported Muslims start doing violent things in those White countries (like France).

    6) The jews LOVE IT because this all leads to the bombing of Iran….

    We really have to unseat the jew. If we don’t there literally we be no end to this shit – unless it ends only due to our destruction.

  • Surfisher

    Ron Paul hits a home run on Jay Leno show!!!
    This Video clip has gone VIRAL in a short time! Pass it on!!!

    Over 716,000 views as of now! Make sure you share it!

  • MadPepperJack

    Think about this: we demonize North Korea for having a fascist dictatorship that neglects its people and spends everything on military.

    When you look at the US… as our freedoms shrink; as the cost of healthcare, insurance, and just about everything skyrockets; as our jobs flee overseas; as the welfare checks we got people addicted to buy less and less…

    You’ll find that the main difference between our countries is that while they seem to have sat around in defense and had a bunch of parades, we’ve been bombing civilians and other non-military sites that affect the livelihoods of innocents while toppling governments and plundering their resources. We’ve staged rebellion one after another against all the leaders we propped up directly or indirectly, and our own insurgents have been running around bombing things and causing havoc. Yes, this “al qaeda” was and probably still IS a secretive CIA operation.

    In a nutshell, most of the US military action has been spent on aggressive acts, while the S.Korean military seems to have been mostly defensive. If the dollar collapses (and it probably will if Paul is not elected), our people will be worse off than South Korea’s.

  • French Canadian

    “Warning” Not all Jews are Zionists, so are many Zionist Christians!

    Zionist Sex Slave Trade

    Chinese in Zion fooled & failed over visas & salary

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    Former CIA Officer Zionists Control U.S. Government & Media

    Hillary Clinton accidentally admits that the CFR – Zionists run this nation. Wow.

    Zionist Official says “Antisemitism is a trick we Zionists always use it”

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    Great rebuttal by CNN anchor against a Zionist Spokeswomen

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  • French Canadian

    Ron Paul is such a brilliant man!
    Only fools would disagree with him.

    • OBAMA 2008-2016

      Queer !