Ron Paul: How I Define Conservatism

  • see, he “completely agrees with” the good doctor.

  • I bet you want an old man and some young kids to touch you >.>


  • Woah!!! Watch out we have a badass over here!

  • Actually Jewish is also a race. Judaism is the religion

  • I hate Rick Santorum with a passion.

  • Not jewish people. Jew is not a race. Its a religion.
    Zionists are like the KKK of the jews sorta. Would be a more simple way to explain it.

  • does it really matter? who cares what u call him he is the only one that wants freedom and peace.

  • Actually,the GOP has always been a big government party continuing in the tradition of its intellectual forebears the Federalist and Whig Parties. Jefferson’s party,the Democrats were, pre20th century,the party of small,constitutional government,but neither party have been in favor of limited government in more than a century.

  • Life’s not fair. Ron Paul will change that.


  • Ron Paul fights for your freedom too, anyway.

  • what as in the jewish?

  • You get major dibs for being able to beat up an old man 😉

  • I get to meet Dr. Paul tomarrow. Can’t wait. I’ve met him once before, but tomarrow I actually get to sit down and eat lunch with him.

  • This man is our last hope!!! If he is not voted our next president, we (the real people) will rise up. And there will a force to be reckoned with. Either we leave this country to burn, or we rise up and burn out the so called elites!!! Ron Paul Power!!! 2012 or death….

  • Look out we got a bad ass over here…

  • sure

  • You forgot Muslims.

  • I bet I can beat you and Ron Paul in a good old fashion fist fight.

  • Ron, HIT ROMNEY.