Ron Paul: How I Define Conservatism

  • Yes more government red tape….that will solve the problems!

  • Ron Paul 2012! Wake on up folks! They probably wont give him a chance, and cheat him out of a chance to be President.. but i am sick of seeing this country like this.


  • your a saint

  • so no regulation is the answer?

    How about strong, good, enforced regulations?

  • so no regulation is the answer?

    How about strong, good, enforced regulations?

  • Wrong again. RP wants to allow people to opt out of social security. If people opt out you have less people paying in and it will wither and rot. The key word in social security is “Security.” It’s primary purpose was to pull senior citizens out of being the poorest group by age and it worked. Also, all of Social Security goes back into the economy. It is a progressive tax and it works.

  • Wrong. De-regulations are passed by the regulated. The banking industry wanted certain regulations done away with. Now there are no small banks left. The corporate media wanted deregulation. Now almost all of media, including print, is owned by a handful of companies. A small group of large corporations wanted trade protections done away with. Now almost nothing is made in this country. It goes on and on.

  • Ron Paul has been sucking it off the public payroll for over twenty years. He is a liar and a hypocrite.

  • Where’s my evidence? Look at the United States. In the sixties and seventies this country was the economic powerhouse of the world. Then look at what happened after deregulation began with Reagan. And then the so-called “Free Trade” nonsense. If you don’t regulate business you end up with monopolies.. All this crap about unfettered markets working out to everyone’s good is a dream. It’s not real. It’s Uptopian thinking at its most foolish.

  • didn’t realize i said twitter twice, meant myspace for one of those twitters haha

  • All of us needa support paul more.. start now. post more things on facebook, twitter, google +, twitter, youtube etc..

    Do whatever you can to get ron paul out there. Ron Pauls main issue is getting screwed over by votes, publicity and promotion in my opinion. The majority of america would side with ron paul if they heard his speeches. Due to his good morals and his focus on the REAL issues with the country.

    We MUST get his name out there more. Let’s be his campaign.

    Ron Paul 2012!

  • Why do news anchors have the most obnoxious voices?

  • So where is your evidence it will all go to hell since it never has happened in history? Government does have a role and it is very small, use of force only when force is first used, and any action allowed by the Constitution. In this way a free market would work, as no special interests would arise since the government can’t force any law against one corporation rather then another, or any kind of coercion. Competition will rule and everyone gets what they deserve, no handouts to anyone

  • Good catch.

  • That anchor is a dumbass. “What’s your beef?” and “DOA”?!! LOL
    We need serious reporting, not whatever he is doing

  • google “The Federal Reserve Cartel” by Dean Henderson. Also includes a proposed solution.

  • if texans don’t vote for ron paul not only have they betrayed their own state but their COUNTRY!!!

  • Ron should start campaining in texas, whose primary is april 3. don’t let santorum steal that. theres 155 delegates to be won there.

  • Modified democrat. LOL

  • Ron Paul is RIGHT as usual..!!