Ron Paul: How I Define Conservatism

  • In 1790, Jewish International Banker Mayer Amschel Rothschild states.
    This Jew, who was originally called Mayer Amschel Bauer & had a red-hexagram (numerically & geometrically signifying 666) at the entrance to his counting house door, changed his name from Bauer to Rothschild (“Rot” = Red in German, “Schild” is German for Shield)
    On Rothschild instruction the satanic hexagram was later put on the flag of Israel.


  • If Santorum wins the Republican nomination then Obama will serve another term…is this what America really wants?

  • “Fake” conservative Santorum whooped your ass in Louisiana, hahahahaha!

  • What??? Another loss for old Ron??? I guess the people of this country are smarter that the Paultards thought… It’s almost time for old Ron to endorse his buddy Romney and hand all his delegates over to him… How does it feel to have been supporting and voting for Romney this whole time Paultards????

  • GOOGLE “ron paul 60 minutes” and sign the petition to get Ron Paul on CBS to spread his message!


  • ron paul or you all screw america.. from canada

  • Notice how this jerk keeps trying to trap RP.

    “Do you think he should drop out?”
    -If RP says yes to that one they can turn around and use his own answer to justify saying HE shold drop out, too.

    “Might as well re-elect Obama. Some are saying that they (Rick’ & Mitt) are going at it & it’s not doing any good for anybody. You’re ok with that?”
    -C’mon dude…..

    Ron Paul handled it in stride though! Look at our next president! Ron Paul 2012

  • Steve

    actually it would be great to opt out social security because as long as we have that every man women and child is owned by the IMF (of the UN), Which also owns the IRS. simply as collateral for debt created by the Federal Reserve

  • It’s not real? Ahh but dreams can become a reality when following the laws of nature, of which men need to be free in order to think. The only true way to be happy. The United Stated was a powerhouse in the 1800’s, when there was the least regulation in a newborn society which was the most Capitalistic it has ever been. But the Socialism that has always been present since the beginning became stronger, more regulation came into play and then government created special interest thru bribes.

  • ron paul = no bullshit. love it! i don’t know why you are last, you should be the frontrunner! YOU are the only one who makes sense in this race.

    Dont let the revolution slow down! donate to Ron Pauls moneybomb that started yesterday on his campaign website, so far it has raised over $684,000 USD, which seems like a lot, but it takes a load of money to keep a presidential campaign going.
    Do you really expect Ron Paul to fight the revolution by himself? Time to put your money where your mouth is and actually do something to help him, even if its just 5$
    5$ Subway footlong? or 5$ for liberty and prosperity?

  • Just hearing the Mass Media Propaganda Machine BS, that just kind of goes along with the Capitol Hill Cartel Business as Usual Routine, makes me truly believe that the American People will never wake up to this Republican Democratic line. There is almost no difference between these 2 party’s they are both for big government and doing away with everybody’s rights, never ending of laws for their friends and Banksters. Mitt or Obama, it’s just a different suit, look at these peoples voting record.

  • Research is good advice.

    Ron Paul 2012

  • The talking points of a progressive parrot aimed at a conservative parrot, are completely lost on those of us who consider the system corrupt, and on the brink of collapse.
    Ron Paul is our best chance!

    Ron Paul 2012

  • There are some aspects of his argument that I agree with, but some of his oppinions are not “good” in my oppinion. On another subject it seems as though he hasnt done as much research on politics as he should, as he made a refrence that to my knowledge is not correct. I am not saying other people should not vote for him, yet there are other options that people should look into before voting, in case anybody wanted to know what I think.

  • B.S.

    Ron Paul is the most honest and humble politician that ever latched on corrupt bankers ass.

  • Wrong! and right. Good regulations are being squashed, while bad ones are being created by the greedy elite corrupt scum that owns our government.

    Time to take it back…Ron Paul 2012

  • a smart man with respect even for his competitors. but this is peoples lives. we need him in office. ron paulitics 2012!

  • A very well thought out and researched point!

  • ” all of Social Security goes back into the economy”
    Even the money the government “borrowed” from SS?