Ron Paul: How I Define Conservatism

  • The stock market is over 13k! Thanks to Obama spendings!!! Obama 2012 and fuck the rest!


  • He also said he would never sign NDAA which he did, he said Sopa was somthing he could get behind if it were tweaked Id say he approved of the idea however its true I should have taken the time to put that in.
    Yes so far he has been anti war with Iran up intil he pledged military support two or so weeks ago.
    I never said he was as bad as Santorum in particular hes not far off but Santorum has absolutly no chance lol
    Obama at this moment supports much of the Neo conservative adenda

  • Ron Paul speaks the truth.. and i’m a Swede.

  • Because you seem intent on being selective in how you answer my posts, I’ll pose the question as follows: If, as you say, he voted for joint resolution S.J. Res.23 in order to go after Bin Laden, can you point out to me where in the said resolution does it specify Bin Laden or any terrorist organization in particular? If you can’t, then it follows that he didn’t vote for it in order to go after him.

  • How many Kenyans does it take to change a lightbulb?
    A Kenyan won’t. He’ll lie and say the lightbulb will be fine if you just give it 4 more years.

  • The first person making sense in US politics for ages! But the billion dollar question is! Are there going to be any change if RP was in the seat? Because the same advisors still hang in the corridors of power in DC, can he get ridd of them? Well you have to give him a try! If he can’t we are in big shit that’s for sure. The R-elit has hijacked US by the control of federal reserve and S&P. They can at will bring US down if they tell S&P to rate U.S BBB.
    VOTE ON RON PAUL he might save you and me!

  • Indeed. He is probably the same person as “RonPaulHatesBlacks”, who has been doing this for years. What a loser.

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  • Racist Paul is a fake.

  • Because he’s a shit candidate.

  • How on earth is he losing? Doesn’t make any sense.

  • I will ask this again… How does it feel to have been fooled by an establishment fraud??? :))

  • Whether or not Ron Paul is elected as president should bear no weight for or against his message – he is a true American PATRIOT and deserves widespread recognition!

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  • We need Ron Paul. I don’t understand how anyone wouldn’t want him to be the next president. He just makes perfect sense! It’s time for a freaking revolution! WAKE UP! RONPAUL2012!!!!

  • He didn’t support PIPA and SOPA, he said that if it gets passed he will veto the bill, and so far he’s been stopping Israel from attacking Iran. One of Iran’s sheiks even praised him for that.
    People like Santorum are fucking legit crazy. I hate Obama, but I’d rather have him than someone as crazy as Santorum. Santorum’s the type of person who would bomb the fuck out of iran. I have no idea how you in your right mind could think that Obama is as bad as someone like Santorum. Jeez.

  • I support him, and will vote for him when NY has their primary in April. Anyone that has half a brain in their heads will vote for him as well. Otherwise, we can all enjoy living in the police state. Pretty soon, in NYC, we will have drones monitoring us under the pretense of “safety and security” But the powers that be, won’t let him get the nomination. The GOP has engaged in election fraud against this man. The Zionist media controlls the sheeple. The war propoganda in Iran/Syria. We’re done.