Ron Paul: How I Define Conservatism

  • Its soo sad that the entire country pays absolutley no attention to Ron Paul (or anything else in politics). Americans will get what they asked for. Another lousy 4 years of puppetry, spending, welfare moochers, more war in more countries, increased taxes, less services, more poor people, and jobs that will CONTINUE leaving the country…RON PAUL 2012


  • This is an epic interview for Dr. Paul. The last 2-3 minutes could be extracted to make the best campaign Ad done from an off-the-cuff interview. He NAILED IT.
    “TAXES ARE A RESULT OF THE SPENDING” = you will not get honesty from any other candidate like this.

  • Has anyone seen how he wants to disband the EPA? Or his stance on abortion? Or how he wants to return to the Gold Standard? I do think Ron Paul is a good candidate but he isn’t the perfect candidate.

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    “he did not vote for the iraq war and he advocated for leaving afghanistan”

    I know he did, which is why I call him a hypocrite. Because, as I’ve been saying, he voted for a bill that granted the president the authority to attack organizations, nations or individuals he deemed to be involved. Which means that when the president used that reason as a pre-text for any attack, he was doing what Ron Paul gave him the power to do. This means Ron is not actually anti-war or in favor of small govt.

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    You continue to ignore the content of my posts and just focus on repeating your nonsense. I know the Iraq war was a separate resolution, but the justification Bush used was based on the resolution we’ve been discussing, i.e.” they were involved”.
    I’m not distorting anything, you just ignore reality because it doesn’t align with your a-historical delusions.

    “you don’t seem to stand up for national defense…”

    This is a straw man. Stop using logical fallacies, it makes you look worse.

  • OMFG. what did they do after the sj res? did they declare war on the entire free world? they went to afghanistan and that is what happened. you are so ignorant of facts.

  • and troops have been prosecuted. the point is he voted to go to afghanistan to get bin laden, he did not vote for the iraq war, and he advocated for leaving afghanistan and iraq. the rest of the politicians are friggin scared of losing face. those are the main points that you keep ignoring.

  • once again, war in iraq was a separate resolution. you’re distorting information. you don’t seem to stand up for national defense. so you would’ve just wanted us to sit there and do nothing when japan attacked pearl harbor. ron paul wanted to get out of afghanistan later when he found out what was happening based on the afghan war powers resolution debate in march 2011. and once again, ron paul didn’t WANT those war crimes to happen. any war is most likely going to have war crimes.

  • Also, HbarMagnus, I couldn’t help but to laugh when you wrote this:

    “they probably just said they were going to do this in their meeting but were too rushed to write it down.” [sic]

    This is a joke, right? You can’t possibly be so naive as to actually hold this thought in your brain. They were going write, “Guys, we’re only chasing after Bin here”, but they were too rushed…and forgot. Lord have mercy.

  • Don’t you know your history? They didn’t, “just go to Afghanistan”. The repercussions of this include targeted assassinations of people with marginal connections, attacks on innocent civilians all over Afghanistan especially in Waziristan and the rest of the Durand line, war in Iraq, kidnappings into Bagram and Guantanamo, etc. You’re being naive if you think they “just went into Afghanistan”. Your candidate voted for something that resulted in what he know claims to have always been against.

  • RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Hhbar magnus is right…stop nit picking…ron Paul overall is leaps ahead of everyone on the hill in integrity …

  • after they voted on S.J. Res.23, did they declare war on the entire free world or do anything stupid or irrational? no they went to afghanistan to look for bin laden. they probably just said they were going to do this in their meeting but were too rushed to write it down. but the point is that thats what they did, thats what happened. you can’t change anything.

  • this is not a sea of lies. this is one insignificant detail that doesn’t matter because they went to afghanistan to look for bin laden. they didnt go to mongolia to look for donald trump. how out of touch with reality are you?

  • you’re the one who’s not in touch with reality. because the reality is that after 9/11, they went to afghanistan to look for bin laden. what happened is what happened. they discussed this in congress. the bill was in context of the meeting. you are just trying to find the smallest insignificant detail to bitch about ron paul. you never look at him on a big picture basis. im resorting to insults because you keep regurgitating your same wrong argument thats causing my blood pressure to go up.

  • Obama had nothing to do with osama being caught.. He simply said “Do it”… that was his role in the whole operation.. Any politician would have done the same thing…

  • Remember.. the people of an elected government always get exactly what they deserve. If the people are stupid, they get more of the same. If the People are smart, they will get REAL change.. People, PLEASE don’t elect some asshole with the same Ideas again. Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”.. ARE YOU SANE? (o.0)

  • I see you couldn’t find any specification of Bin Laden (BL) or his organization on the bill. I’m not twisting your words, what’s happening is that you’re trying to argue against reality. The fact that you’re resorting to insults is only the latest display of the fact that you’re desperately trying to stay afloat amidst the sea of lies you and your candidate swim in.
    Ron approved of giving the president a disgusting amount of power (lol small government) to attack anyone (lol anti-war). Enjoy.

  • you are ignorant and narrow-minded. they had a meeting on this in congress. THE COUNTRY THEY SOLELY WENT TO WAS AFGHANISTAN to find bin laden. they didnt go to russia or new zealand or something like that after 9/11. nobody was thinking on those outrageous terms. then iraq came up later via the resolution. even when i lay the facts there, you twist my words and put me on the brink of an aneurysm. he voted against the iraq war period. you already lost this argument.