New Ron Paul Ad: Etch A Sketch

  • Are you guys real? All this ads and serial of cartoons are big joke.Lets I see Romney face 0.0001 sec. in who knows what role.How is looking? It is getting you a sense that we are in bed with :Romney who just get Bush endorsment and with GOP establishment.And are we running against imperial democrat with neo-liberal and neo-progresive agenda or not?And why people vote for Newt and Rick?Because they become oposition to established.
    Can you see what I see?

  • I bet they dont even know how to use those etchy sketchy things loool nice ad President Paul

  • right!

  • Denmark for Dr. Ron Paul. may the best of luck come to him


  • from Brazil with love if the American did not WAKE up they never will see sun light!…..remember your national anthem say “LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE” is only land of the free because of the brave….WAKE THE F UP!!!!!! Brazil love you all…..but is time to smell the coffee…

  • ok im tired of hearing all the hype im an undecided voter and it just dont look like hes got a snowball chance in hell of winning the precedency if he does a massive prophetical event by his team must occur like some kind of housing bubble popping thing but bigger this time and man hes pretty damn old and thats a factor i fear like the last 20 yrs of elections since reagan they are all rigged and are not real so Unite America Dont Vote for an igotistal worm that feeds off man for his benifit.

  • how do ads like this not bring the drooling masses of sheeple over to our side ? i just dont get it !

  • there needs to be a (LOVE) button for this

  • LOVE IT!!!!!

  • AHHH! That should be March 23, not 26…TODAY!!

  • Those that play part in the voting fraud will pay dearly when chaos from the collapse reaches their home. May God have mercy on their souls.

  • This would have more meaning if Ron Paul was actually winning. Good luck getting this Ad out LOL.

  • Czech Republic For Ron Paul

  • yes, and remember the votes from 8 precincts in Iowa where Dr. Paul campaigned and gained support conveniently went missing too. The leader of the GOP there stepped down right after that. The fraud is so obvious. He was projected to be the winner or a strong second, and right away the media decided Iowa wasn’t a big deal, that if Ron Paul won there it wouldn’t mean anything…A lot of people didn’t realize how many supporters he has and didn’t take him seriously.

  • It is indeed a wondrous thing. Its too bad he is being cheated out of his victories, this is his time.

  • Liked, favorited, and voting 🙂

  • hope he wins would be insane

  • I’m Ron Paul. And I approve this message.

  • That Rocks!

  • Ron Paul doesn’t need secret service because his supporters would take a bullet for him any day. Politics, you’re doing it right.