New Ron Paul Ad: Etch A Sketch

  • TimmyTruth

    If you really want the truth people, it does not matter what faith, religion, or race you think you are. The truth is the truth and pigs are pigs even if you put lipstick on them. Old Ronny boy knows this all too well.

    I think Robin is being nice and she want’s to put vaseline on the truth, and try to save as many tribe members as possible that “truly” are not involved. The Ugly Truth at wordpress will open their eyes with a water mist, not a water fall.


    Hey Israel, and the Zionist NWO, this ones for you! 😀

    “Tell, me lies tell me sweet little lies, tell me lies, tell me tell me lies, all in all no you can’t disguise, you can’t disguise, no you can’t disguise”

    One day the truth will be unavoidable, you can’t hide forever !


  • robin

    We haven’t had TV for 12 years for the sake of our children. We use the internet to do research and we READ and are involved in our community! Can’t use this as the reason that I don’t agree with you. Didn’t you ever take any psychology in school, or haven’t you just learned from personal experience how the process works for people to accept a Truth that goes against their belief systems? They hold onto it for self=preservation. It defines who they are…Why do you think “intellectuals” like Noam Chomsky are leading the left successfully by using cognitive dissonance? It is very effective with people who consider themselves to be very intellectual and “educated”. I’ve been through the educational system at the secondary level and the higher you go, the more indoctrinated you become. This is just one small example. Start with one thing and have a dialogue instead of going all over the map. If someone doesn’t agree with you, use better judgment what you say and don’t say unless you don’t care if anyone listens. Once you get people to understand who the New World is, then go to the next step. Just think about it in terms of how we learn. If we are overwhelmed with information, how much do we process? Look at how children learn. They learn from experience, from inquiry and discussion and step=by-step-small increments. When a teacher stands up and lectures, how effective is that? I can tell you not at all. Most of what they learn goes in one ear and out the other. That is the experience I draw from. There are people that come here who are not Ron Paul supporters but who might be interested in his message. Do you think they stick around when they see many of these posts? It goes back to the need to RIGHT….We could debate for an eternity which approach works and which doesn’t…Can you prove your method gets you results with people like me and those that don’t know anything about the agenda? So, I’ll continue to take the high road and you can take the low road, and we’ll see who gets there first. As far as posing as other people on here, or the cute names to mock others, it just goes back to emotion and not reason. A
    loss of credibility….This is not game, but some people certainly have turned it into one.


      Your right this not a game, we mock agitators and many of people here seem to think you and your French Canadian along with a few others are.

      Demoralization is a way to get rid of agitators. You should know this. Maybe if some one haden’t gone on a RACIST ! ANTISEMITE ! HOLOCAUST ! 6 ZILLION JEWS ! Rant then people would have posted their message and left, instead people like French left them fighting tooth and nail, at first to defend their message which he didn’t allow, then the mission was just to sabotage his AGENT Provocateur credibility.

      As, they say, what is the definition of insanity? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

      Not everyone who posts here is educated I’m afraid. I’m sure you can tell the more educated posts from the less educated ones but they are brothers none the less and they are as passionate about spreading the truth as the rest are. You need to grow up, you don’t speak for everyone Robin. There have been more thumbs up to the posts we have promoted than yours and there have been more thumbs down to yours French Shill Canadians have than ours.

      Who’s doing the better job here? Not everyone reads the word “Jew” “Zionist” or “AntiSemite” and immediately begins convulsing uncontrollably in a fit of guilt.

      Do not take a stance simply because it is popular, but make your decisions after careful observations and deliberation. Most of you here seem somewhat of freethinkers, but it’s obvious your still plagued and highly influenced by current trends.

  • I’m not denying that it is hard to gain recognition or traction when they keep on screwing with the results and promoting their preferred choice candidate.

    If I were a terrorist I’d be praying the US votes in another status quo sabatuer Obama, Gingrich, Romney or Santorum … they are all the same. Hell bent on breaking the great country so it has to go cap in hand to the the IMF and /or UN.

    Vote status quo! …. by the time you realise you were conned, your tears will be too late.

  • ok dude i understand about virginia island. they fucked him over he def won that. obvi people are fucking with the votes. but look at the big picture. that was over only 2 delegates. and ron paul needs like all the rest of the delegates if he wants to win.

  • C.C.C.P.=C.R.A.P.

    Why when I type in Ron Paul on Google Mitt Romneys campaign site is the first result ?!


  • I find it so hard to believe that young voter turnout and overall voter turnout is lower than it has been in years. The people involved in those huge rallies -that anyone can see videos of- ALL around the country, seem pretty damn motivated to participate in caucuses. Why is this not being reflected in vote results?
    When we cry voter fraud, they call us lunatics. That is their tactic, to discredit us, to depict us as wild cultists in the MSM.
    This fight’s not over- it’s only just beginning.

  • Well it works for the other candidates….so why not






  • Do the math (by that you mean arithmetic) — OK;

    Votes for Romney = real 212 – counted 512
    Votes for Gingrich = real 194 – counted 417
    Santorum = real 206 – counted 501

    Ron Paul – real 609 – counted 29

    There are very strange things happening in these counts and the way they are being conducted – everyone knows it … you should be ashamed. They used to do this is in the USSR to diss the popular vote. You must vote for state ‘approved’ candidate comrade!

  • 19 people are Romney supporters

  • I love Ron Paul’s epic ads, it’s just a shame that republicans won’t nominate him.

  • Yes, taking into account vote rigging and the massive omissions your right he’s won 0 states … just like Saddam Hussein got 99.7% of the vote in his last ‘election’ … Wise words buddy, keep on believing that crud they serve you is apple pie! wink!

  • Statistically you can vote for a few more mediocre years then bankruptcy … the funny thing is that everyone who is voting through these status quo sabateurs thinks they are doing the right thing because they are being told it from every vested interest in the land!

    A vote for RP is a bid for freedom, balancing the books and the beginning of fairness for all .. the other votes are turkeys voting for christmas. Classic mistake is to listen to what they say an not look at what they do!! LOOK !

  • You probably not heard that they announce the winner a day early, A DAY EARLY, before all the vote have been counted yet.

    Here the video about your state of announce the winner even though the vote wasn’t all counted.


  • /watch?v=Pj1pHCgE81c

  • Rasputin

    Zionist controlled media never even mentions the absurdity that USA’s most powerful lobby is for a FOREIGN NATION ! AIPAC = ( American Israel Public Affairs Committee )

    Biggest American Political Financiers are Zionists ! Biggest SuperPacs also belong to the same tribe !

    Obama boasts about supporting Israel no matter what Evil it does !

    Obama says despite our economy he will continue to send Israel MORE money every year !



    This video exposed the hypocrisy of Obama’s concern at AIPAC for the “demographic shift” of Israel and his efforts to preserve Israel as a “Jewish State” at the same time he and the media work for demographic shift of America Europe and the entire Western World.

    This video exposes 1) That Obama is a hypocrite 2) That Israel is not a Democratic State (as it always claims) and 3) That Israel is the most RACIST nation on Earth.

    “Loving you Is it the right thing to do? How can I ever change things That I feel?
    If I could Baby I’d give you my world How can I When you won’t take it from me
    You can go your own way Go your own way You can call it Another lonely day You can go your own way Go your own way
    Tell me why Everything turned around Packing up Shacking up’s all you wanna do
    If I could Baby I’d give you my world Open up Everything’s waiting for you
    You can go your own way Go your own way You can call it Another lonely day You can go your own way go your own way
    You can go your own way Go your own way You can call it Another lonely day You can go your own way go your own way You can call it Another lonely day
    You can go your own way… Call it another lonely day… you can go your own way..”

  • hey man, play the game or go home a loser

  • Rasputin

    “Warning” Not all Jews are Zionists, so are many Zionist Christians!

    Zionist Sex Slave Trade

    Chinese in Zion fooled & failed over visas & salary

    Zion admits illegal organ harvesting

    44 Zionist Rabbis & Govt Officials arrested for trafficking child organs

    Zionist Rabbi Explains “Why Baby Pen1s Is To Be Sucked ” Yes you heard that right. 🙁

    Former CIA Officer Zionists Control U.S. Government & Media

    Hillary Clinton accidentally admits that the CFR – Zionists run this nation. Wow.

    Zionist Official says “Antisemitism is a trick we Zionists always use it”

    Zionists tell truth about holocaust

    Zionist grandmother says we are crooks

    Zionist Gene Simmons “Thats What Gentiles are For”

    Zionists chanting butcher the arabs

    Zionists we killed Jesus we’re proud

    How do Zionists treat christians in Zion?

    Zionist terrorism against america Lavon Affair Uss Liberty ect.

    Zionist Communists killed millions in soviet union

    Zionist racist quotes about YOU

    What famous men say about the Zionists 1 of 2 Historical

    Rabbi telling Zionists not to mix with Goyim

    Zion ads warn against marrying non-Zionists

    Zionists promoting assimilation and multiculturalism in Europa and not in Zion

    Harvard Professor Zionist wants to annihilate the White Race

    Zionist activist Anetta Kahane wants to destroy Europe via non-European immigration

    Tim Wise (Zionist) open letter to whites


    Zionist final solution to exterminate Germans and other gentiles

    Talmudic Zionists and Satanism – Oprah and other segments

    The synagogue of satan for beginners 1 of3

    JIDF Zionists working to change internet content

    Zionist girl caught painting swastikas on her dorm room door

    Another Zionist holohoax exposed

    Zionists enjoy massacre

    Zion promised land of organized crime

    Zionist Netanyahu boasting about Manipulating America and derailing Oslo peace process [better subtitles[

    CONTROLLED MEDIA Email Of ZIonist Lobby Manipulation Of BBC, Sky News, FT For Pro-Zionist Propaganda

    RT Declassified: Massive Zionist manipulation of US media exposed

    Great rebuttal by CNN anchor against a Zionist Spokeswomen

    Zionists against Ron Paul ad in South Carolina The most hated video on YT

    Zionists has made a Super PAC that attacks Ron Paul,Ban Lobbyist political money

    Republican Zionist Coalition Bars Ron Paul from GOP Debate

    Zionists Mock Christianity on Israeli Television

    The bloody Zionists sojourn in Gaza’

    How Zionists treat christians in USA?

    How To Kill Goyim And Influence People — Torat Ha’melech Zionist Rabbis meeting over new book

    Zionist Terrorists train in the US woods

    Why Germans were afraid of the Zionists?

    The speech that got JFK killed

    Real Jfk murder vid, second shot blows part of head off/ warning

    Zionist plan to Holocaust 70 million Germans Morganthau plan

    Zionist Eisenhowers death camps

    “If I could turn the page
    The time that I’d be arranged
    Is today to
    ~Close my, close my, close my eyes~
    But I couldn’t find a way
    So I’ll settle for one day
    To believe in you
    ~Tell me, tell me, tell me lies~

    Tell Me Lies, tell me sweet little lies
    ~Tell Me Lies, Tell me tell me lies~
    Oh no no, you can’t disguise
    ~You can’t disguise, no you can’t disguise~
    Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

    And though I’m not making plans
    I hope that you understand
    There’s a reason why
    ~Close your, close your eyes~
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    ~Tell me, tell me lies~

    If I could turn the page
    The time that I’d be arranged
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    ~Close my, close my, close my eyes~
    But I couldn’t find a way
    So I’ll settle for one day
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    ~Tell me, tell me, tell me lies~ “