New Ron Paul Ad: Etch A Sketch

  • Your a complete troll, ever heard of Voter fraud? I mean, you spend all your time trolling Ron Paul. GET A LIFE.


  • Fuck ROn Paul. HE aint winning! lmao!

  • Go back to the nursing home granny. You aren’t fooling anybody.

  • Ron Paul RAPED in LOUISIANA!! LMFAO!!! I can’t wait till he gets destroyed in his home state of Texas. Man Ron Paul is a complete joke.


  • lol you’re dumb

  • They have “DUMBED” down the ads, because the majority of people that are voting for Santorum or Romney haven’t listened to a word that the guys are saying. They simply vote to vote, because they’ve always voted for the “safe” Republican candidate. So we need to throw some stupid, easy-to-read, movie-esque crap in their face to try and sway a few votes. However, Romney will win the GOP nomination, and Obama will win the next four years of presidency. Then, the U.S. will fall. Period. – PROPHECY

  • fuck ron paul racist ass

  • This video is …eh. I’m a Ron Paul supporter… but we have to step up our game here.
    The Money Bomb is not growing like back in January of this year. Why??- Because Ron Paul supporters have lost faith. Lost faith not in Dr. Paul, but the whole rigged GOP platform!
    So its inevitable he will lose- of course. He needs to separate himself from the GOP SOB’s since they are crappin on him and could care less Dr. Paul fell off a cliff and died. JUST RUN THIRD PARTY & TAKE VOTES FROM BOTH PARTIES!

  • TimmyTruth


    Is it that your country has already dropped to its knees for the zionists, or is it the truth that these people are stating which you can’t spin or debunk? which one?

  • Folks this is an EPIC ADD!However,We must donate to the Ron Paul Money Bomb this weekend or they cant afford to air it!DR.Paul has asked us for our support “MONEY” so we must step up and give what ever you can!Thanks.
    ROLL RON ROLL-2012!

  • I’m sick of the bullshit rigged votes. This is ridiculous — Ron Paul HAS to win, or this country is entirely screwed.

  • French Canadian

    To Robin and other sincere Ron Paul supporters:

    I will not blog on this site anymore. I have come to hate this site with all the American people who come to this site only to discredit Ron Paul or to push hate propaganda or to usurp other people pseudos.

    I know they are probably a minority in your country (at least, I hope), but they have become the majority on this site. I do not want to be part of this evil.

    If this site is cleaned up one day, I will return with pleasure. But for now this site has become an anti Ron Paul site… the stupidities that are said and done here will damage Ron Paul’s reputation by making his supporters look like extremist haters. You can take this to the bank.

    Robin, don’t waste your time telling these kids to present there point of view differently so they can be heard. That is NOT their goal. There GOAL is to ruin this site. I see them!

    I wish you luck and hope that Ron Paul will become your President.

    • French “SHILL” Canadian

      Get out of here shill. While your at it, go out in the middle of the woods and climb the highest tree you can find, then jump down.

      Oh, that’s right there are no woods in the desert.

      Do something constructive, Go ask a Palestinian for forgiveness.

    • French “SHILL” Canadian

      Once again, calling people “kids” is only a reflection of your own maturity. Nice job.

    • Batman

      French you don’t even present facts, all you do is blah, blah, RACIST !, blah, blah…

      If there where an ignore button on this board you would be the first on my list.

      – Batman

      • Roths Children = Satan’s Children

        Do I like because he’s leaving or do I dislike because he posted more bull?

    • SUM 41 Year Old

      I voted like because you sound like one of the people who pull the same smear and censorship campaigns against Dr. Paul. See Ya !

  • robin

    As far as Ron Paul, he is not my hero, but a man I have grown to respect. He has his faults like all of us do, and I don’t agree with him on everything as I said, but he is the best choice we have. I can only assume many of you who are on the attack aren’t voting. Am I wrong? You believe that it doesn’t matter and this is the only course of action.

    • Lt. Dan

      People like ju88ff and a couple of the pervs aren’t, thats a worthless eater in my book

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  • Watch this video
    This is why Ron Paul is right. Please thumbs up this comment so more people see it!

  • robin

    From Ben Swann=Reality check…Another test of our democracy…

    A Major Victory for those on the side of fairness and transparency.
    St. Charles Missouri WILL hold a new caucus! It will be Saturday, April 10 at 7:00 PM.
    Recording devices WILL be allowed.
    GOP State Chairman David Cole will serve as temporary chairman instead of Eugene Dokes. Cole will take multiple nominations from the floor to elect the caucus chairman. State GOP says they made …

  • TimmyTruth

    Germans have been deceived about WW2, just like Americans and 911. The same exact type of hoax. Tell a real big one, and lots of people will believe it.
    Similarly, the white man in the US has been made to feel guilty about the slave trade but guess who ran the slave trade lock, stock and barrel? Go ahead guess?

    • robin

      I agree with everything you have just said Timmy Truth based on the real history that most people don’t know about. The Transfer Agreement is very important, but I haven’t heard anyone mention it…

      • Robin’s Egg

        You were all deceived about World War 1 too. That’s two…

        • Robin’s Egg

          Or, maybe that would all have been considered the SAME war. For the SAME reasons.

          • BIG TEX

            I’m almost surprised there are any germans left ! That’s germans for you they dont stop fighting !

        • robin

          Yes, Robin’s Egg we were just talking about the fact that WW1 was just another war that was created to further the agenda. It did not have to happen. In fact, the two parties involved were ready to sign a peace treaty, but Zionist organizations wanted a defeat and made sure to get the US to enter the war. The Balfour Agreement entitled the Zionists to land in Palestine in exchange for getting the US to enter the war and help the British who were doing poorly. Secret deals behind closed doors…War is paramount to create necessary changes to move us to a one world government.

  • robin

    Now it helps me understand you better since you have revealed you are either German or have German heritage. I spent time in Germany and so I saw how people kept apologizing for the black mark in history. I didn’t understand then, what I do now and what they meant. Why they felt defined by this time and it continues to haunt them. That’s one of the reasons we have been doing research on this time in history because of how it has changed the world and our perceptions. Just like someone I know whose husband is a Christian from Lebanon and blames all those evil Arabs and sees Israel as their emancipator. Our personal experience and our social contacts all shape our attitudes and beliefs. Much of what we believe is based on emotion. I’ve been accused of this, but I would say that most of the people on here are being motivated by emotion. You see there are two perspectives here. Who is RIGHT?

    • Robin’s Egg

      And who is wrong?

    • Robin’s Egg

      It’s emotional to watch your people die and see some wish for death. You may have no racial identity, cultural, traditional, maybe it’s been replaced by a religious or liberal one, but some of us love the people who share the same blood and heritage as us. It’s like watching your family, past, current and future be disrespected and let die. If we don’t wake people up soon then this is our future as a folk.

      Just because you love your people and feel more comfortable and closer with them doesn’t mean you are racist or wish for all others to be killed or believe your people should rule over them. Only the real racists tell people this is so.

      • Robin’s Egg

        Also, just because you expose those behind this hateful agenda does not mean you are a racist for showing that it is they who actually are and who are doing the most damage with their programs, influence and lies that are all part of their Supremacist religion and set of beliefs.

      • robin

        I can listen to you when you put things in a way I can hear. Thank you… I know we will address this agenda using a different strategy because we have different perceptions of what is needed now, but I have a better understanding of why you feel the need to put it out there in the way you do. We live in a free country so we are all entitled to our opinions, but unless we figure a way to communicate with one another, we will be no more…I care a lot about this country, otherwise I would not be involved at all, want a future for my children, or take the time to educate them so they can think independently and critically. To teach them the importance of being involved. Something my parents didn’t do for me. Who is right or wrong? It’s all about our perceptions and that’s why it is hard to come to a consensus about even insignificant things. That takes time, patience, and reevaluating our approach when it does not yield the results we want…

        • Robin’s Egg

          God Bless

  • TimmyTruth

    The Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) loves Mr. Paul very much!