New Ron Paul Ad: Etch A Sketch

  • lmaoo. you paulies always crack me up. just accept defeat.

    • HUGEFAG6969

      Keep our dick in your pants, faggy.

  • Really? i didn’t know weve had the federal reserve and been in war that long lol sarcasm aside please explain how anything he’s ever said would set us back 100 years


  • To say he wont win is one thing partly thanks to mainstream media blackouts and bias, along with voting fraud but your truly ignorant if you believe hes a fool. Do your research

  • To say he wont win is one thing partly thanks to mainstream media blackouts and bias, along with voting fraud but your truly ignorant if you believe hes a fool. Do your research

  • I disliked thumbs down RP you are a radical that’s trying to set the US back 100 years.

    • Hick Hillbilly Honkey Cracker White Boy

      You are a retard.

  • Thumbs down

  • Why?

  • I can’t wait till Ron Paul gets annihilated in Texas, oh man I’ll be jumping for joy!

  • Ron Paul is the biggest piece of racist trailer park trash this god given Earth has ever seen. That’s why he got destroyed in Louisiana last night, thumbs up!

    • Hick Hillbilly Honkey Cracker White Boy

      Someone track this guys ip and get rid of him.

  • lol nobody likes ron paul r u kidding? u must be hanging around some scary freedom hating people.

  • Yes I have to say theft is completely acceptable by two sets of standards.
    1.) We sure as hell “stole” a an entire continent form Native Americans and I’m sure you are in no rush to give that back.
    2.) You seeming would perfur to “steal” the services of military continental protection( along with all other public services provided by statewide/nationally) by not paying any taxes at all.
    And as far as being dramatic with the gun comment, no I would just tell you to leave b/f I put a gun on you.

    • European Man

      Who’s we? The oldest remains ever found in USA were of Caucasians. Get a grip, don’t like it? Your the racist. Shit happens and the stronger exploit the weak, this has happened everywhere, look at Israel and Palestine, Africa and the Middle East, Mexico, Europe, Asia.

      Get over it, stronger countries, bands of people, tribes have done that same thing over and over again through history.

      You come and tell me it’s Whiteys fault for slavery, Native Americans and I’d break your Jaw. No Joke, Pal. Pucker up and go kiss a racist Mexicans ass IE – Spaniard/Yaqui/ Aztec Mix

  • Say no to big brother, say yes to liberty, the answer to 1984 = RON PAUL 2012

  • Fuck Ron Paul. He ain’t winning! lmao!

  • too bad he isn’t gonna win. racist bastard

  • thats why he was hanging out with a KKK member right? smh

    • European Man

      Shut up you anti-white racist liberal genetic loser. Go suck a jews dick faggot.

  • The most important thing here is that he is the only one that will go after the War on Drugs. If you look at the numbers, 14% of those who use drugs are African American, yet 36% of those arrested are African American, and 63% of those who finally end up in prison are African Americans! No other candidate will touch this issue with a ten foot pole. This isn’t including the many other issues in which minorities are unfairly punished, such as the wars overseas. Ron Paul is not racist.

    • European Man

      Ron Paul might not be a racist but I like him and I am a Racialist/Realist. Too bad they won’t let him win though. Everyone likes freedom, maybe not some of the trolls here though.

  • Go and look it up yourself if you don’t trust me i have no reason to lie.

    Its funny how he won Maine and they all voted but they counted them as zero votes there are much more examples if wanted i can name them all

  • Ron Paul isn’t racist. I don’t care if he is racist, (even though he isn’t because he wishes to end the war on drugs, because Minorities are being punished unfairly) if he is RACIST, may God damn that aspect of his life. However, I like his ideas: Smaller government, non interventionism, Libertarianism, constitutionalism, that stuff. If you don’t like that, go vote for Obama to be taken to a FEMA camp.

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