New Ron Paul Ad: Etch A Sketch

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    I just watched a video by the BBC before it became a corrupt entity and propaganda machine that exposed Israels Secret Illegal Nuclear Arsenal. It was made about 20 years ago, so one can only imagine what kinds of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons they have now. It follows what they did to a nuclear scientist who blew the whistle on what they were doing. It showed that people who did not agree with the direction their country was going in were threatened and silenced. You would expect that from countries like Russia, North Korea, China, but not Israel. ISRAEL IS NOT A DEMOCRACY. AIPAC-very powerful Israeli lobbyists are controlling our foreign policy and many Zionists are being used as a tool to take us into a one world government. The same is true for Christian Zionists who continue to be used as a tool to fulfill a world government. Don’t buy into the lies you are being told about what is happening in Syria and Iran. We need to be concerned about what we are not told about Israel because the media is controlled by people that support their interests. This documentary shows that Israel is not democratic and never has been. They are the ONLY nation that we don’t condemn for practicing apartheid. They are one of the most racist nations. I can’t believe how many Americans have bought into a myth about what they stand for and what they have done to Palestinians, Christians and Arabs since becoming a nation. Time to break off the umbilical cord and let them stand on their own. Educate yourselves what really goes on in Israel and the Middle East because we are being deceived everyday we believe the propaganda machine. You won’t find any truth from the mainstream media who continues to deceive and manipulate the American people. The Holocaust has been used to justify crimes against humanity and make Israel an innocent victim. Guilt is a powerful weapon to follow blindly.

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    We have to keep our morale up because the media, the GOP and others will work even harder to divide us and silence our message. We have to stay strong and continue the fight for our democratic rights. We need to support Ron Paul in whatever way we can by sharing his message with as many as we can. One person at a time. We need to remember the struggles of other nations and people who have had to fight tirelessly for freedoms that we often take for granted. We are like salmon swimming upstream to maintain our way of life and remain a sovereign nation.


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    French Canadian,
    I understand that after being considered some kind of an agitator(especially because you are not an American) and being attacked as working to fulfill the Zionist agenda, you have chosen to not participate anymore on this blog. What I have learned is that politics is dirty business, and that one has to maintain their personal integrity when confronted with people who have a different worldview, or believe that times are so desperate that they have to take desperate measures. It’s why we have come to respect Ron Paul. Even though I don’t agree with some of these tactics, I’m glad I took time to have greater wisdom here. I also feel like you became the scapegoat for their frustrations, and they saw some of us as a threat to share their point=of-view and exercise free speech. We are voting for Ron Paul because of his message. but he would also say that although he might not agree with all his supporters, he believes in each person’s right to free speech. It’s why he draws the most diverse group of people. I do understand this now, so my time has not been wasted. Thank you for your support and encouragement. Emotions run high now, so just keep in mind how easy it is to turn on each other and because you aren’t an American and are asking for some kind of civility, you are the enemy. It feels like Jesus is being crucified all over again. I will continue to share with others who don’t know anything about The New World Order, 9/11 and the undo influence of the Israeli lobbyists and Zionists in our country and around the world. I will continue to educate myself. We are a diverse nation and unless we can come together this one world government agenda will be fulfilled. Keep us in your prayers. Peace….

  • Damn straight.

  • I see you’re back to your usual antics, MrKingjohnrocks. How about replying to our private conversation before displaying such over-confidence on your candidate?

  • ron paul doesn’t want to bring back the gold standard.Going off the gold standard has been what made us 15 trillion in debt. SO we need to lock down on the fed being able to print money and other issues getting rid of the gold standard caused.
    However he isn’t going to make our currency based on gold again, even he says that impossible for a 4 year president. it’s just his opinion the old system was better, and the new fiat currency cause the problems we are in.
    it’s called doing research

  • ron paul doesn’t want to bring back the gold standard.Going off the gold standard has been what made us 15 trillion in debt. SO we need to lock down on the fed being able to print money and other issues getting rid of the gold standard caused.

    However he isn’t going to make our currency based on gold again, even he says that impossible for a 4 year president. it’s just his opinion the old system was better, and the new fiat currency cause the problems we are in.

    it’s called doing research

  • The gold standard only prolonged the great depression SAY NO TO RON PAUL EVERYONE DRAFT BERNIE SANDERS!!!!

  • Americans were hoarding gold and that this action was harming the economic recovery during the Great Depression. And in order to improve the economy and put people back to work Americans had to turn over their gold.

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    RON PAUL 2012 to GOP WISE UP
    It’s not what you thought, when you first began it.
    You got what you want, now you can hardly stand it ,
    Though, but now you know.
    It’s not going to stop, it’s not going to stop, it’s not going to stop,
    Til you Wise Up.
    Your sure there’s a cure and you have finally found it.
    You think one drink, shrink it till your underground and living down.
    But, it’s not going to stop, it’s not going to stop, it’s not going to stop,
    Til you Wise Up.
    Prepare a list for what you need before you sign away the deed.
    Cause it’s not going to stop ,it’s not going to stop, it’s not going to stop ,
    Till you Wise Up.
    No, it’s not going to stop, till you Wise Up, No, it’s not going to stop
    So Just Give Up.
    Aimee Mann “WISE UP”

  • Why exactly would the government seize gold again? They did that in 1933 to ensure the success of the federal reserve and to ensure there be no one who argued the backing of gold as currency if their federal reserve note went to shit (kind of like what’s happening now).


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      No thanks white boy we have enough jews in power as it is, and you want to just hand them over it all. You can keep your bernie sanders.

  • US treasury are the ones that print money.

  • He’s a democratic socialist. He pwned Rand Paul on the healthcare debate there’s a video on youtube if your interested. We don’t need liberal fanatics as our president. He is all about Austrian economics. He is about as capitalist as it gets.


      Fuck Socialism, the only good Communist is a dead one, yes I am aiming that at you.


      F*ck Socialism, the only good Communist is a dead one, yes I am aiming that at you.

  • Also, Mr Sanders ain’t running, he’s a Socialist. America is not READY for Socialism, Capitalism nor Socialism not communism will work. Libertarianism, Americanism, and Constitutionalism is the ONLY way America will return to it’s former glory.


      What do you mean NOT READY?

      Nobody needs Socialism.

      You don’t even know what Fascism is do you? Don’t ignore it just because YOUR Government told you it was “bad”…

      What Is Fascism?
      Unfortunately, Fascism has an undeserved bad reputation. Regardless of this reputation, Fascism is a very sensible economic and social ideology. There are a few different “flavors” of Fascism, but basically they all come down to the following.

      Fascism is an economic system in which a nation’s government plays a central role in monitoring all banking, trade, production, and labor activity which takes place within the nation. Such monitoring is done for the sole purpose of safeguarding & advancing the nation and its people. Under Fascism, the government will not approve of any business activity unless that business has a positive impact on the nation as a whole and the people of the nation – this is the axiom which determines everything under Fascism.

      In other words, the government asks, “Is XYZ Enterprises good for our nation and our people?” If yes, it’s approved. If no, it’s not approved. When they ask, “Is it good?”, they mean, “Is XYZ Enterprises good for the workers, do they pay a fair wage, do they produce a product or provide a service which advances our nation & our people technologically, morally, spiritually, health-wise, etc???” For example, a pornography company would not be allowed because pornography corrupts people generally and exploits & degrades women particularly. Also, “free” trade agreements (such as what the U.S. has with China) would never be allowed because such trade agreements result in companies sending jobs overseas (where labor is dirt cheap). Such an activity, of course, would undermine a nation’s labor class. This is entirely unacceptable and thus not allowed under a Fascist economic model.

      Fascism is based on free enterprise – but with constraints (the primary constraint being, “Is the particular economic activity in question good for our nation?”). Also, a businessman can become wealthy in a Fascist country, and the government has no objection to this (this is in stark contrast to Communism). Fascism also encourages private ownership of property (again, in stark contrast to Communism where private property is not allowed).

      In a nutshell, Fascism basically tells entrepreneurs, “Go ahead and start a business, earn a lot of money, be successful, but don’t produce any products or services which damage our nation and our nation’s people… and make sure you treat your workers fair and pay them a living wage. If you don’t do these things, we’ll shut you down.”

      The above is the economic aspect of Fascism. There is also a cultural/social aspect to Fascism as well. Under Fascism, government plays a key role in monitoring: film, theatre, art, literature, music, education, etc in order to maintain a high moral standard, keep things clean and respectable, promote a strong sense of patriotism and honor, and prevent the dissemination of depraved filth which corrupts society.

      With regard to political legislation introduced in a Fascist government, the same criteria is applied – “Will this proposed law benefit the nation as a whole and the people of our nation?”

      A few other things to mention. Fascism encourages respect for the environment as Fascists understand that nature is the giver of life and thus must be preserved. Contrast this environmental view with that of Capitalism which too often takes the short term view with regard to resources and foolishly believes that pollution is a necessary byproduct of profit.

      Also, under Fascism, if a person doesn’t like things, he/she can leave the country. Contrast this with Communism where if you don’t like things, you better keep your mouth shut. And, of course, there is no option to leave the country. You will submit or else be sent to a re-education camp where you’ll be brainwashed to accept the Communist system. And if you still resist, you’ll probably be killed. Again, there is no leaving. Submit or suffer the consequences.

      Lastly, Fascism holds women in very high regard. Women are the carriers of new life. They are expected to be educated, worldly, and well read. Women are encouraged to pursue their interests and have a career but only if a career won’t interfere with their family’s needs; family comes first, always. Women are encouraged to be strong yet feminine.

      In short, Fascism is a form of government & social system which authentically serves the interests of the people and nation as a whole.

      In Germany, the former NSDAP (i.e., “Nazis”) essentially followed the above described Fascist system.

  • The American dream simply EDUCATES you where the Fed gets there money. How they loan the banks money, prints money, and sends it to Congress to spend. Which makes interest rates higher, and devalues our dollar. The treasury is supposed to make our money, not the fed. Also, the Federal Reserve is a private bank that makes the interest rates higher, does not like competition and makes Prices higher.

    Ron Paul would repeal the federal reserve act of 1913.

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    I’m not watching no video propaganda. You Ron Paul loyalists are the retarded side of the US. EVERYONE DRAFT BERNIE SANDERS!!!!

  • I also encourage you to watch the documentery, the American dream. /watch?v=tGk5ioEXlIM