New Ron Paul Ad: Etch A Sketch

  • “I never said he’s racist”.

    Yes you did. In this comment 51 minutes ago you said, “Yeah he’s a racist…”. Careful you don’t hurt yourself backpedaling so fast.

  • Boy, HE’S NOT EVEN A RACIST! If the man is a racist, MAY GOD DAMN THAT ASPECT OF HIS LIFE. Now I do hope he has changed his heart, but tell me this, in 1972 when there was discrimination between Blacks, Latinos, a black man was shot and no one would give him medical care.

    As a doctor, Ron Paul took him in, helped him, paid everything for him. WOW, HE’S SUCH A RACIST (Scarcasm)


  • He isn’t racist. I never said he’s racist, I said IF he’s racist. And if he is, once again I don’t give a damn. I don’t think he even hates BLACKS, latinos, or African Americans. So he isn’t racist, I could go back to many things LIberals have done in the past and you’d probably defend it.

    Here’s the question: Ron Paul’s racist writings, or Obama’s blowjob. Yes, Obama sucks up too much.

  • So, MrKingjohnrocks, how will someone who is a racist, as you’ve said, represent people of color as the president of the United States? If he thinks they should be discriminated against (that’s the meaning of racism) how will he represent African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, etc? Seems like you fucked up in admitting he is racist, as that immediately eliminates him from consideration.

  • AND THATS OKAY as long as he has a few good ideas about America?

    “oh hey yea my president is a racist and he hates my guys and hangs out with KKK members but thats okay cause he supposedly gonna help me out soon!”

    and you call “us” sheep? smh

  • Ah, so far you’ve called me a punk and a sheep. How about you respond with arguments instead of insults?

  • I sent a reply you sheep. Also, Ron Paul my savior? HELL NO! Jesus Christ is my SAVIOR bub. Yes, you may be Liberal and don’t have my own faith, but guess what I DON’T GIVE A DAMN WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN OR DON’T BELIEVE IN! If you don’t like it, stop responding to me or replying to me because I don’t give a damn, sheesh.

  • I am black, and I am telling you this again, he wants to end the War on Drugs because Minorities are being punished. Yeah he’s a racist, also if he is one may God DAMN that aspect of his life. The ONLY attack the media has against him is he is a RACIST.

    • Daemon

      He’s not a racist.

  • robin

    I think that this video by Alan Salbuchi helps to explain what Zionism really means and that someone can be a Zionist and not be Jewish and vice versa. I think this is very important to understand when you use the term Zionist and their agenda. Many people don’t recognize that Joe Biden has said he considers himself a Zionist, and many people who are Jewish do not. Many Jews have been against the state of Israel from the onset and do not condone apartheid or how non=Jews are treated in Israel. Many Jews are peace activists. So, it’s important to understand this. Most Americans who only get information from the mainstream are misled and they do not know what is really going on there and that Israel has been the aggressor from the beginning and how the Palestinians have been treated. Our media has white washed the coverage so we continue to support Israel unconditionally and continue to fulfill this agenda that these elite Zionists are pushing. Americans have to stop letting them use the Holocaust so we look the other way. They are participating in the same racial purity that they condemned the Germans for. These elite Zionists are using people as tools to fulfill their one world government. This is the message I am trying to share with my conservative and liberal friends/family and strangers alike. Educate yourself if you don’t know about the New World Order and the influence of these elite Zionists. Find out what has been and still is going on in Israel and in the Middle East. We live in an age where we have information at our fingertips, but at the same time, just remember one has to scrutinize one’s sources. There’s just as much misinformation out there as there is information that can be backed up by evidence and facts.

    Watch this video that talks about who are these Zionists….It’s also only part one of 3 videos…

  • Lol, don’t flatter yourself. I frequent RonPaul2008’s videos. That said, you haven’t responded to my message. So, whenever you want to address your saviors hypocrisy feel free to reply. Or you can keep pretending he’s “anti-war”.

  • so if he hates people for their color you dont care just becuz he can give you want he wants? what about the people he hates? you dickwad

  • Mortal Kombat III

    Zionist False Flag Operations:1946 Bombing of King David Hotel,Israelis dressed as Arabs 1954 Levone Affair, Israelis blew up American Instillations in Cairo to blame Egypt 1967 USS Liberty attacked by Israelis,34 Americans killed 170 wounded, to blame Egypt 1968 US Embassy attacked by Israeli commandos in Amman, to blame Jordan 1986 Berlin Disco bombing by Israel, to blame Lybia 2001 Israel attacks on 9/11.1st blamed on Palestinians by Mossad Agents Caught on scene. 911 ✡ ✈ ▌▌

    • robin

      I would encourage everyone to look into these false flag operations this person has posted, so you can learn more and share with others. There are so many false flag operations that of course we don’t know about, but right now, Israelis are in Syria stirring up trouble/killing civilians and blaming it on Assad. Our CIA does the same thing, but they justify it by saying it is done to protect our NATIONAL SECURITY..Unfortunately, too many in this country buy into this lie so they feel safer. I recently came across a story that was immediately buried in the MSN and you will understand why.

      On the day of 9/11, a van was stopped by the NY City police on the Washington Bridge. The men fled but were quickly apprehended. They told the arresting officers they were not the problem and they were their friends. They were posing as Arabs and were MOSSAD AGENTS. Inside their van were many explosives, so venture a guess what they were going to be used for. Here’s the problem. After they were interrogated, they were quickly released and our former president said to bury it=classified. The most damning evidence was a picture of the WTC towers with a plane engulfed in flames right on the outside of their van. Remember they were stopped during the attack. How many people even know about this? My husband ran across it from an alternative news site site 5 years later, and I just stumbled across it 12 years later. Look it up……..

  • It seems you spend all day looking at my channel, hmm? Tsk tsk.

  • yea at UMD college park

  • Ron Paul is comin to maryland?

  • Ron Paul is comin to maryland?

  • cant wait till this guy comes to Maryland on Wednesday

  • I live in Louisiana and no he didn’t win here because half the people in this state get all of their info from sitting in front of the damn TV… Care to explain how exactly hes racist with a valid point by the way?

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    • They wern’t going to let him win anyway. (AIPAC) – (CFR) – (Bankers) – (Media) Ect.

      I’m not going to waste my money. It’s over, they never were going to let him win.

      Now for phase 2, wake people up to whose behind the curtain.

  • Seriously though a star destroyer was going to appear on screen as Ron Paul’s name slowly faded away…