Jesse Benton Smacks Down Establishment Opinionist

  • He’s a self serving jerk who has tried to put down a lot of grass roots efforts to get the message of Liberty out to people.

    Watch this video starting at the 46 min mark.


  • NICE! Way to slap that jackasses mouth closed! Save us, Obi Ron Kenobi….you’re our only hope.

  • Wondered the same thing!

  • who is the prick with the glasses?

  • I hate the smug on that show.

  • “yellow journalism” 100% true, these are commie whores

  • He was counting on his buddies to help him with a collective nervous laughter there.
    But Jesse gave him a smack smack smack.

  • Their lies and insults are like advertisement for the truth.

    NBC is filled with the kind of people who call us all stupid animals behind closed doors, and it comes out through their yellow “journalism”.

  • Ron Paul needs ads that tug on America’s emotions.


  • that woman is just another one of Ron Paul’s TOOLs, just another stepping stone to His ultimate Presidency. Don’t worry Alex Wagner, you’ll be out of a job, when Ron Paul 2012’s in FULL-SWING…for now, you’ll be useless tool, used by men.

  • Go Jesse Benton!

  • Lack of intelligence to make a coherent opinion I see. You’re fired.

  • We need Texans to come through for Ron Paul and the rest of the country.

  • god damn fucking presstitutes!!!

  • he shut up that queer with the glasses pretty fast, all msm people are just trying to get a jab in wherever they can on ron paul too bad they are based on lies… ALL LIES!!!!!!

  • lol, establishment twerp.

  • Ron Paul is right the #’s are not adding up!
    All the people that show up for him, to vote and listen out number the others by a good margin. The votes need to be on video as they are turned in that is the Real #. Doesn’t matter what the votes are, It’s who counts them. And America has had the biggest voter fraud exposed this year. Look at Iowa got turned over from voter fraud…but did it really go to the true winner?

  • revolutions are rarely nice. But we are YOUNG we are STRONG and the ARMY is with us! THEY are scared now

  • these guys are trolls. lets get a paul support to look at those electronic machines. most of those tech guys are young.

  • Pause at 2:10! What the Hell is up with the reporter’s right eye? I’m a professional makeup artist and I’d say it looks like her makeup artist only partially finished her makeup. :/