Jesse Benton Smacks Down Establishment Opinionist

  • Surfisher

    Unless Ron Paul wins, here is a likely scenario:

    1) Mitt Romney steals the nomination.
    2) Obama crushes This Flippy-Floppidy GOP Marionette and gets reelected.
    3) More Laws get quickly passed, where citizens can’t even sneeze without permission.
    4) BO uses the US Military (per Law he passed) to shoot all US Citizens who dared sneeze in the wrong direction.
    5) Money gets printed on one side of the note only — to save ink (ala 1919 Germany).
    6) The People are forced to parade monthly in front of the White House, chanting: “We can do without the Sun, but not without Obama”; “We can do without Air, but not without Obama” (ala 1950′s Stalin parades).

    Hey, is it time for us to start practicing these chants…if we want to be fed.


    • TimmyTruth

      You’re right. Unless they are exposed and arrested for their war crimes and covering up 911, then we’re all done for.

      The Truth is:

      Everyone, and I mean “Everyone” I speak to now is voting for Ron Paul. The other candidates are “ALL” very creepy with deep deep closets. It makes no difference if you are a republi-can’t or a demma-don’t, this election is going to be a real embarrassment to the vote thieves, and media whores, and the little men behind the curtain. This is going to be shaping up to become a real revolution with a lot of time left to go for more exposure of the psychopathic zionist criminals.

      It’s a hoot!! I mean NO ONE is voting for anyone but Dr. Ron Paul, the only man running for President.

  • The Paul campaign is a flop? How fucking stupid will this guy look when we go to the convention! RON PAUL 2012.

  • The Paul campaign is a flop? How fucking stupid will this guy look when we go to the convention! RON PAUL 2012.

  • Glad jessie can handle all the “convention politics” as he says coz this Alex chick is throwing all these subtle jabs and her smiles trying to swoon the public to look at it the way she wants. pure fucking filth.


  • dont worry about the internet jesse, most of us have common sense to vote for ron paul, enlighten the morons…

  • This media always ask stupid questions that have nothing to do with the real issues. I am sick of this crap!!! This is why I don’t have cable!!! If I did I would be frustrated all day!

  • But I will at least be voting ethically, rather than kow towing to the two party system that is destroying the country.

    YOU will vote straight republican ticket when you get to the voting booth and THAT is the truth. That makes you part of the problem.

  • P.S. your embracing the two party system IS the problem. You will not take either of the major parties over to “use for your own means (you mean “ends”)”.

    This country is, literally, ruled over by a very small handful of elites and you ain’t gonna push them aside by having them co-opt you into their game.

    Ever read a tale about a man who made a deal with the devil, thinking he could get what he wanted from him?

  • H. Ross Perot. Goddamn, doesn’t anyone remember how close H. Ross Perot came to running a third party into the White House?

  • H. Ross Perot. Is any Paul supporter old enough to remember the H. Ross Perot Third Party run? Most of you were in diapers then or were just a gleam in daddy’s eye.

  • Finally someone shows up here who actually gets it.

  • I disagree, we should take over the republican party. It’s the only way, because third party in USA has no future, the system just forces only two parties to exist. We can take it over and use it for our means. Just like neomarxist did to many social/liberal parties in the world. They succeded, so can we.

  • What’s the name of that moron who was embarrassed by Jesse?

  • The third party is largely shunned and ignored by the media and often looked at as a joke. It would do no good to run as a third party candidate.

  • The caucus results show that the voting in primaries is being rigged. Paul supporters outnumber the old guard 9 to 1 at some of these caucuses and due to the nature of counting publicly; their votes can’t be thrown in the trash like with electronic machines. Some of these caucuses have seen an increase of ten-fold over the number of voters in 2008– it’s no secret who has mobilized these new voters.

  • Ron Paul is getting 2nd place finishes in proportional primaries and he is pulling strong numbers of raw delegates from caucuses due to his supporters. Paul will have plenty of delegates at the convention due to caucuses; and what frightens some in the GOP is he can be king maker, he could take VP. They don’t like that he will have a huge influence on who the nominee is– they just want him out of the way.

  • robin

    EVERYONE= tune into Ben Swann’s Reality check tonight on the Maine, Missouri and Washington State fiasco. The only journalist who is unbiased and objective and taking on the stories that no one else will. Give him your support, and tell everyone to do the same. You can watch his other programs from the comfort of your computer. On Thursday, he said he was going to do one on the latest executive order that gives the president the right to declare martial law anytime. His program is Tuesday-Thursday 10EST.

    • robin

      It’s Thursday instead of Tuesday…Tune in……

  • When I see news “panels” all I can think about is a particular Sascha Barren Cohen homosexual character that he has. He does a skit where he takes actual fashion critics and tells them they are on some sort of fashion show. He puts up actresses on-screen on the red carpet and asks their opinion of their outfit. They run through about 5 of them. Then he asks them to go back through and re-record the opposite of the opinions that they just gave. And they did it without a hitch. Entertainment…

  • Uh how dumb do you gotta be to not understand Paul was saying, hell no to Romnney’s VP? lol
    Wow, no bias there. Very fair interview……NOT!
    Just to let people know, this contest is what they are trying to convince people is the most important. Because somehow Paul hasn’t gotten first (well he did actually get first in the virgin islands) and has gotten second 9 times! The delegates are what matters and he’s getting more than anyone once they add them all up. MSM is bought out, duh.