Jesse Benton Smacks Down Establishment Opinionist

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  • Kudos to Jesse for holding the jackals at bay.

  • Paul hasn’t failed. He’s got followers who will grow into leaders themselves, if they don’t get imprisoned under NDAA.
    All Americans should explain to the next generation how it feels to have failed them miserably.

  • Only because the mainstream media chooses to ignore him. He had 5200 people out in Wisconsin and the media swept it under the rug while Rick, Newt and Mitt get 400 people to show up and get massive media coverage. Real Americans know the answer to our economic crisis and it’s Ron Paul.


  • 6:04 jesse ”ugh… are you serious? cmon DUDE. lay down.” north dakota, iowa, washington, state, nevada, alaska! and every other state! ron paul 2012!

  • i bet that dude feels like a dumb ass

  • “dude” hahaah awesome

  • How does it feel to fail miserably in the 2012 election Ron Paul?

  • vote RP in the Time 100 Poll. just type into google time 100 and find RP on the list, he’s currently 2nd

  • Jesse just took a massive shit on that guy’s face.

  • Careful, I don’t think you are allowed to say the pledge of allegiance anymore.

  • your grammar doesn’t exist.

  • I enjoyed all the videos you linked here. Thanks.

  • Everyone who is serious about the liberty message already knows that…Ron Paul himself has said hundreds of times that it is about an idea and not a person. Now you are trying to reach out to the great unwashed that will slap back the message in the first place for a multitude of reasons….remember, the American Revolution was waged with only 1/3 or less agreement from the people. The bottom line is that freedom works, personal and economic, and we have our history to prove that

  • Fuck every last single one of those panelists….bunch of elitist Mass Media-types that think THEY control the outcome of events, not the people. Just look at Google Trends and the past election cycles and you will know I speak the truth.

  • So you think the president can just erase laws by executive decree?

    Barack Obama Signs NDAA Bill into Law Dec 31st. 2011 – Ron Paul explains the Bill.
    And you think that makes RP a what, non-dictator?
    Copy paste in youtube:Best of Ron Paul in 15 minutes

    Copy paste In Youtube: 1% Judgement day is coming TO THE ELITES. RON PAUL IS THE NEW PRESIDENT OF USA !

    Youtube this: The Obama Deception HQ Full length version

  • I would do Jesse so hard.

  • and if we want to do this, we should start to spread a message that supercedes Ron Paul, such as “WITH LIBERTY, FREEDOM, AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!” brought to you by our great pledge

  • no need to be patriarchal, sisters too!

  • Surfisher

    Unless Ron Paul wins — the below is a Final Blow to FREEDOM!

    NDAA — how it affects YOU, the US Citizen!

    Prior to this 2012 infamy — BO signing the NDAA — no US military force could be Constitutionally used to WAGE WAR against US Citizens within the USA!
    The reason Clinton used in 1993 in Waco, TX — the FBI, BATF, SWAT to kill men (who may have broken the Law), and also kill and burn to death innocent women and children, that had different religious beliefs — NOT the US Military, which only stood by and did not participate.

    Now, BO, has the POWER to determine that ANY US CITIZEN disagreeing in a “confrontational manner” is a TERRORIST! So, go ahead and start A Peaceful Revolution — your exercise of FREEDOM of Speech may be deemed “Detrimental to National Security”, and thus your actions termed as those of Terrorists, to be crushed by the greatest Military Power on Earth — OUR OWN ARMED FORCES — obeying the dictates of the Commander-In-Chief (our current and FUTURE occupier of the White House)!