Jesse Benton Smacks Down Establishment Opinionist

  • Surfisher

    “Obama’s IQ less than 100…!!!”
    “Nation in a Crisis to force Obama to take another IQ test today….”

    TODAY’s (4-1-2012) BREAKING NEWS:

    Reported from an acquaintance whose cousin’s friends went to Harvard with Obama — and they stated that on a college dare they all took an IQ test. Obama tore up his result upon receiving it in disgust…but they were able to see the number 93 on one of the torn pieces!

    If true — than we have a near Idiot for President.
    If you don’t believe Obama’s IQ is LESS than 100 — than force Obama to take an IQ test IN PUBLIC (so all can see what’s the World “Leader’s” actual mental capacity)!

    Other IQ tests reported today (4-1-2012):

    Romney — 87 (so low only because he gave 2 possible answers on each question — one For, and the other Against…)

    Ron Paul — 155 (actual score)

    Newt — 210, making him the smartest person on the planet (but he cheated on the test, just like he cheated on his wives….)

    Santorum — 0 (may have done better, but answered all: “Jesus saves”….)

  • That lady should take up porn, because she sucks at what shes doing now.

  • It really is disgusting how the MSM tries to alienate Ron Paul and his supporters.First the cut-away to the other “breaking” story, then the put-downs, then the jabbering pundits claiming Ron Paul has no chance of winning. Do you think they rehearse this blatant manipulation? I wonder if there’s a script…

  • Establishment stooges, does anybody even watch you? Seriously the only viewership you’re getting is via youtube courtesy of Ron Paul supporters who want to see Jesse Benton put you in your places.



  • fuck jesse benton

  • Anyone who wants to know what is really going on in the world needs to read The Protocols of the Elders of Zion for themselves, they have followed them to the letter.

  • that lady is such an idiot, she listens to Benton explain their whole delegate and fundraising process and the only thing she regurgitates is when Benton jokes about “hoarding money”

  • That douche with the glasses was brought in solely to discredit the momentum Ron Paul’s campaign is having. Fuck the establishment! Fuk Barrack! Fuck the Fed! ?Restore NOW!

  • I’m running out of wine. Does anyone want to bring me some? RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!! Or die bitches!!!!!!

  • That bitch is a puppet! and I bet she feels stupid! I love Ron Paul! and no one is going to brainwash me! I know the truth and I know that the way thing are now is wrong and MR.Paul knows the right way for me and my nation!

  • 6:25 owned bitch

  • I turned off the television over a year ago. Now, when I look at broadcast news, I think I’m listening to people who lecture 5th graders.

  • I want every American to stop and think about this election in terms of “National Health Care”. Most if not all of the candidates either receive or have received NHC. They claim that it is “bad” for the country, but in truth it would save billions if not trillions of dollars that we already pay. Approximately, 26% would be saved immediately in administration cost to the insurance companies. All candidates receive money from the insurance company. Ask any of the candidates if they like their NHC?

  • I had seen this cunt’s face.

  • I hope none these people call themselves a “journalist,” because they sure as hell don’t know what it takes to be one.

  • Man the media are such animals, jumping back and forth, disrupting Jesse’s flow… Then this reporter jumps in with 5 other people to debate him… It’s so obvious!!! At least we get to slander it on youtube. This man should be commended. These people are filth. Why don’t they bring up the money donated from the military. msnbc what a fucking JOKE!

  • How is Ron Paul not winning? this is complete bullshit.

  • I really love the smirk on that bitches face as she comes off acting as dumb as a box of hammers. What is Ron Paul still doing in the race she asks. What is she doing on TV I would like to ask. She is an idiot. She is a disgrace. She is one of those people who should remain silent and let people think she is an idiot rather than opening her mouth and removing all doubt.

  • I love listening to Ron Paul but it is so difficult to listen to someone bent on defaming him. Maybe someday the Anti Defamation League will actually do their job for good people !