Jesse Benton Smacks Down Establishment Opinionist

  • The fact that they’re talking about a guy like Ron Paul is the proof that the campaign wasn’t a flop.


  • I don’t think he’s putting down the grass roots efforts! I’ve listened to that part of the show, but I disagree with Kokesh on that one.

    The Ron Paul campaign works hard. It’s not easy running a perfect national campaign & there will be mistakes. I don’t think he’s purposefully taking the grass root’s thunder!

    I can understand how you might feel unacknowledged, but this isn’t about the credit! This isn’t about who the media gives the nod to. RP supporters do it for the result & the message.

  • The arrogance and ignorance of these reporters…..pitiful!

  • this actually worked! XP

  • Ron Paul is a vote for the your Civil Liberties and the Constitution…RP 2012

  • the guy with the glasses totally pissed him self! hahahaha

  • The Ron Paul campaign is just one piece in the jigsaw to restore justice to the world itself. Regardless of whether he wins, it’s movement.

  • BRO-MANCE? what?


  • The people conducting the interview r despicable beings, this has got to be the worst interview ever. She shows how Ron talks about there being some election fraud going on but then goes off and says that Ron Paul is the one conducting fraud.

  • Bromance? She used this like it was a real word. I can’t take MSNBC seriously. They are so far in Obama’s pocket it’s ridiculous. Their ratings show it.

  • I am always surprised by the shameless ignorance of those who adhere to the prevailing orthodoxy. How a guy can confuse a straw poll and a caucus on national television is beyond me.

  • establishment media in all it’s glory folks.

  • Wow what an immature interview msnbc. They act like this is a game or some reality tv show. And people actually watch this stuff ?

  • What the eff is the title of this video??? This is despicable!!! Jesse Benton needs to be FIRED!!! He got completely owned by the establishment hack. He’s stuttering and bumbling all over the place. If I wasn’t a Ron Paul supporter, I would think that Ron Paul doesn’t have any delegates. No wonder Adam Kokesh called him out!

  • wow, do people ever laugh when they’re embarrassed…

  • bomb alex wagner next

  • Ron is amazing 🙂

  • Bro-mance?! Hmmm…that’s strange…I just got the sudden urge to decapitate this lady.

  • What is corporate media still doing trying to be a credible news source?