Jesse Benton Smacks Down Establishment Opinionist

  • I think this year’s presidential elections proved that the majority of the American people are still ignorant slaves. It proved that the corrupted mainstream media is the source of the ignorance in the U.S.. But it also proved that there are a lot of educated smart people who are trying to make a change out there, which is a good thing.

  • My republican friends and Democrats like me need to join together in mass in every city. every state and join with this man. We may not agree on everything but to honestly have change. Were not getting it from obama or the other reps. We really need to wake up. Hes anti war. anti corruption. anti fed. pro life and pro individual liberties. This is our MLK, JFK of our time. Ron Paul 2012


  • WOW – Great comment!!!

  • Guy got worked….

  • jesse benton did such a terrible job of defending ron paul in this interview. he almost let what was said about this ‘bromance’ seem to be true….. wtf

  • WOW you have no idea who Ron Paul is! 🙂 It makes me happy because if you spend some time googling and bring me back one article proving he his just like everyone else I will give $100. Instead you will be like me… A converted liberal. (BTW I was converted in 2007 and thought he was another scum bag, boy was I pleasantly shocked)

    FYI you can check my YouTube videos on give-aways I keep my word.

  • I’ve never watched this show before but it reminded me of a high school media broadcast. Nothing but immature wannabe journalists with zero credibility.

  • why did you have to say you’re gay just to call her a dyke

  • You must be new.

  • He has to pick his battles . Think man. Think

  • He is the third party. DUH!!! Thats the whole thing about Ron Paul. Its an idea , ideas are bullet proof!!
    He started the tea party , once it got co-opted he left !! Think how close we are to a third party. Paulites!!! Thats the name .

  • ThatAboy Jessie -Slap the tast right out of that fools mouth!!

  • the only way anyone can know about ron paul in canada is to use the internet, i ask many random fellow canadians if they know ron paul and 9 out of 10 say no.

  • I have PROOF !!! ELECTION FRAUD!! Look at my play list “ELECTION FRAUD” Its home video of at least two states caucuses RIGGED by the GOP!!! THEY WONT COUNT THE ROOM FULL OF RON PAUL DELIGATES!!! Tell me what you guys think. HOME VIDEO!!!

  • Wow, Jesse fucked his shit up.

  • Yes, Im in complete agreance w/ you

  • unbelieveable how they act like bunch of rich and spoiled college students trying to discuss at the table where the grown ups talk. Niice how jesse puts them in their place. Anybody who still fails to see that mainstream media is a full blown propaganda organ for the international moneychangers maybe just does not deserve to live as a free man. I have the highest respect for all the Ron Paul people. Working hard and stay the course even when confronted with such unbelieveable media bias.

  • hey, why dont you inform yourself and then come back and try to post again and maybe not embarrass yourself in public anymore with such uneducated post’s. Just trying to help.

  • What an arrogant prick!! “A Flop”? Compared to 2008 the Paul Campaign has more than doubled the amount of votes and far surpassed their past high water mark in delegates. What a schill. Good job Jesse!! It just goes to show that the MSM tries to play kingmaker. Let’s prove them wrong.

  • How can anyone with a brain cell not support Ron Paul? America must be masochistic.