Jesse Benton Smacks Down Establishment Opinionist

  • 6:17

    something smells strongly of owned.

  • Ryan has that smug, elite banker type smirk, so Jesse felt the need to smack him ! I am sure instead of “dude”, Jesse would have liked to use some other choice words like douche, or Dickhead, or Geek squad.

  • You are simply clueless. If you think that all people fit into that simple equation based on having no moral character than it merely shows just how lacking you must be in the character department.

  • Because supporting Paul requires us to believe we have found the ONE honest politician in the history of the world. which is just silly, obviously. Also, he keeps the millions raised during the campaign when he quits. Just like he did in the past two election cycles. “Why is Ron Paul still in the race?” Same as Gingrich. It’s called “gettin’ paid, boooooyyyyy!” Ron Paul is no different than anyone else. He is selling a brand and making himself millions doing it.

  • Lol totally just calls the one guy out who has no idea what he’s talking about. How is he employed at the station?

  • give up easily? I bought into the farce of American Democracy almost 50 years now. I am over it, people. The government can arrest you and disappear your ass to a torture prison anytime, day or night. Once you realize that, you understand it’s over in America. Over.

  • Its called the flip flopper ad, it was like one of the first ads they made i believe.

  • Not sure what your comment means. Seems my B.A. Political Science from a Conservative college and almost 50 years of watching every politician in the country build fortunes through campaign finance bribery (they keep the war chest when the campaign ends, people!) seems like I might actually be somewhat qualified to comment on American politics.

    After all, I am not the naive simpleton on here crying “We’ve found the ONE honest politician in the history of the world.”

    Lot of simpletons on here.

  • Everybody knows the “etch-a-sketch” candidate is Mitt Romney! It’s pretty clear that this ad was directed at every one of Ron Paul’s adversairies. Mitt Romney being the main subject of the ad but then Santorum and Gingrich want to play with toys while speaking on the podium on the campaign trail, lol, why not bunch them in there as well.


  • love it. They don’t really try to hide it do they.

  • And let me cut off your inevitable response (if no one is exactly like everyone else, how can you say “all politicians are liars”?)

    Because Politicians, in this argument, are a subset sharing particular characteristics.

    You seem to believe you have found the ONE honest politician in the world.

    Pretty naive.

  • davincij15 – No one is “just like everyone else.” You have made a non-argument here.

    Also, why should I have to Google this issue? I can explain this simply enough with logic:

    All politicians are liars.
    Ron Paul is a politician.
    Therefore…ok, i’ll fill in the blank rather than assuming you understand such simple concepts – Therefore, Ron Paul is a liar.

    Sorry, but politicians, by definition, bullshit for a living. Ron Paul is raking in millions which will remain HIS dollars when he quits.

  • He is a registered Republican who has stated many times out loud so even you can hear him “I am not thinking of leaving the Republican Party.” Period. Ron Paul is a Republican.

  • When are we going to see those ads criticizing Romney?

  • Thank you for your considered opinion, Mr. Dillhole. LOL

  • lol… He’s a great man.. It’s too easy.

  • 5:30
    dude gets owned

  • Lay the smack down on that DUDE. Dumbass.

  • LOL!!!!

  • Sorry ,I meant ,very well said and so true!