Jesse Benton Smacks Down Establishment Opinionist

  • No. That is the only principled stance that YOU can take. … and pretty much “no” to the rest of that other stuff, as well.

  • Specific triggers. The more they realize they aren’t that free

  • In my opinion there are 3 ways to manipulate the informed. 2 to manipulate the gullible. Informed is pretty much a breakthrough of those who no longer believe their 2 manipulators. Repetition and trust. Both go hand in hand but are separate tools to create a following. As for the informed, fear, doubt, and force. Each in their own right are the driving stances on decision making in the human mind. The more people understand how our government, msm, and even industry have cornered those sp

  • Not a Dictator, however, he could instantly slash most of the spending on wars, and bring troops back day one also slash most of unconstitutional laws like Patriot Act and NDAA. He will also allow competing currencies which will fck the Feds. And it will be easier to inform people about all the bad things your country did to you and others(enemies of Israel). Libyia Iraq Iran Syria, and few more in the list


  • If he could he would go Independent, he is kinda doing it verbaly now he doesn’t support any other candidate, nor his party. MSM focuses on the battles of two parties. So being in one is automaticaly grants much more publicity to Ron Paul, thats what his main goal is. He knows if he informs most of the americans that they are ROBBED, secretly TAXED, Debts are dumped on their heads that reaches 40k+ on each American. They will start fighting back themselves. Thats why he never looses supporters.

  • I for one am not loyal to any party. But i very much believe in humanity and the freedom of choice. Neither party represents their base anymore. It’s been molded to accommodate the goldfish-like memory spans that public seems to possess. I’ve been in psychology for years. The more you learn about what drives human decision. The more you doubt seeing our current future become any better.

  • As an american who understands the system is broken and that both parties are corrupt, I will vote for anyone BUT a republican or democrat.

    THAT is the only principled stance you can take. You guys are playing “wink wink, back room delegates turning, good old boys politics” while saying you are only doing so because Paul isn’t about all that.

    Self refuting. Totally self refuting.

    I like the man, but he is being used to give republicans credibility for free thinking that they do not have.

    • MadPepperJack

      What, do you honestly think people are thinking, “Well, Ron Paul is my candidate, and therefore I will always vote republican!” How stupid do you think we are? Obviously not as stupid as other people brainwashed by the media or your lamebrain idea.

  • And if the republicans really do hate ron paul, what makes you think he’ll have any accomplishments in office? Do you think the pres is a dictator who rules by decree or something?

    Truth is, Repubs are using RP to gain support among people like you. Period. That is why they let him speak, but then rig his votes. They want his voice, but don’t want to legitimize his ideas or act on them.

    RP is therefore a totally wasted vote. Sorry, but that’s the truth.

  • You clearly have no logic. You claim that voting for any republican is a bad idea, except for YOURS, of course.

    And then you call other people brain damaged?

    Honestly, are any RP supporters old enough to remember Ross Perot?

    When the electorate is THIS pissed off, THAT is when you can build a third party.

    Ross Perot was ahead on all score cards as an independent, but got personally flaky and blew his chances.

    Paul could go third party and probably win, but he’d rather “turn delegates”.

  • You are addicted to a failed brand, obviously. “I found the one REAL Republican in the world and I’m voting for him, but not his corrupt party, blah blah blah.”

    In a two party system, completely corrupt, voting for a candidate from either party perpetuates the phony credibility of both parties.

    I’m voting Libertarian. At least I can say I honestly didn’t support either of the two parties that are destroying the country.

    YOU? fucktard yourself, man. YOU are supporting the republicans, clearly.

  • VOTING for any Republican is bad idea, Voting for Dems is a bad idea, voting for RON PAUL IS NOT.

  • Every time a RP supporter posts a link to videos showing obvious Republican Party election fraud against Ron Paul, I wonder again why you people think voting for ANY Republican is a good idea.

    You seem to undermine your own arguments all the time without even realizing it.

    Imagine I came on here and wrote “Jimmy Jones was cheated by his own political party, so I’m voting for Jimmy Jones so he can reform that corrupt party.”

    You would all be screaming “idiot!”

    But when you do it…? Naive.

  • TimmyTruth

    The Truth is:

    “Everyone” and I mean “Everyone” I speak to now is voting for Ron Paul. The other candidates are “ALL” very creepy with deep deep closets. It make no difference if you are a republi-can’t or a demma-don’t, this election is going to be a real embarrassment to the vote thieves, and media whores, and the little men behind the curtain. This is going to be shaping up to become a real revolution with all the time left to go.
    It’s a hoot!! I mean NO ONE is voting for anyone but Dr. Ron Paul, the only man running for President.

  • OK.. $200 to prove your statements. I put my money on the line Troll, so take my cash.

    I can quickly prove that Romney is a liar same with Gingridge so it should be easy for you to prove Ron Paul is a liar since they are all the same.

    If you come back with no proof I will block you and end our conversation.

  • I could believe this line of reasoning if you could support it with some evidence of Ron Paul using the millions to his personal advantage. He recently had his house up for sale. Take a look at it. Does it look like the home of someone who’s been siphoning off money to ‘get paid’?

  • So you don’t think there is any type of fraud going on?

  • The only problem with your theory is that there is no bridge from Ron Paul to mainstream Republicanism. Any Ron Paul Republican supporter has been long disgusted by the blatant mistreatment of Ron Paul. It is more likely that they will leave the Republican party feed up with it.

  • Well said. I’ve come to the same conclusion.

  • Lol that fucking faggot with the glasses doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. What a complete moron. I guess he doesn’t know what a non-binding straw poll is. MSNBC is a fucking joke owned by zionist pigs who are going to receive an anal raping from lucifer in hell.

  • I’ll go one further and say straight out that Ron Paul is a gateway candidate, who is allowed to speak ONLY to convince people to register and vote Republican. Paul gives the Republican Party street cred as a group with independent thinkers in their midst. They are not. Republicans support corporate power, always, and Ron Paul is part of the divide and conquer strategy Republicans are employing to try to win the next election. Paul will not be the candidate and we all know it. Gateway drug=Paul.