Ron Paul: End Corporate Medicine to Fix Healthcare

  • Nice comeback, Piers. But we know who you work for…
    You work for people who are scared of Ron Paul. If there weren’t so many people behind Ron, we know the establishment would have “taken care” of him a long time ago.
    The media has been very clear they don’t like the honorable Dr. Paul, so why put forth the effort (great though it was) to make sure you don’t incite the wrath of Paul supporters?
    >>>You lost the case by asking the question, then insinuating that the polls should force Ron out…

  • I know a number of very sad stories about quality of your “free healthcare” from friends in UK. It sucks, your brilliant service. I stay for now mostly in Thailand and they have REALLY good and cheap healthcare for poor while the rest of people are not obliged to pay tax for insurance as I do in Germany for all the rest who are addicted to prescribed drugs.

  • Piers, your countries’ external debt per gross domestic product is 481%. The welfare state doesn’t work…

  • Hi, I am of your age and in Germany officials are sucking 15% of my salary for medical insurance while I do not go to doctors for years. I cannot stop it or they would kick me out of country and I am an immigrant. I understand clearly that modern healthcare is a bloody business to make people ill and addicted to prescribed drugs. Stay away from it and be healthy. The same things are about a car insurance. They take your money but never cover your losses if you got any. I wish you Ron Paul 2012


  • HA! Free Healthcare. Brits are paying heavily for this “free healthcare”. Ridicoulous taxes on good hard working Brits. While illegal immigrants enjoy all these benefits they get from the government. Plus all these austerity measures going on in Europe. You really are kidding yourself.

  • I’m from the UK and agree with ron paul on 99% of things. But in my country we have socialized health care and it is brilliant and a small price to pay for its benefits. I don’t like state coercion and would prefer a more representative and voluntary collectively owned service but the poor deserve the same medical care as the rich and this is impossible in a privately owned system.

  • Ninja R. Paul slams Piers comment “I come from a country where everyone gets FREE healthcare” Paul hammers him by lecturing, nothing is free & all FREE is is a FORCED TRANSFER from 1 person to another,a mandate, a dictate, & undermines the concept of freedom
    My God, the founders established a Representative Republic to protect freedom, minority rights& property rights,we have thrown that away for a Democracy which kills freedom, rights & property by alowing the 51% to legally rape the other 49%

  • I can hear the emotion in pauls voice in this. SOOO INSPIRING!!!

  • and for people you don’t know! (if you know what I mean)

  • piers is mitts bed buddy and has SUCKED HIS COCK

  • if RP doesnt become president everyone will have a RFID medicare chip implant…then we are fucked.

  • If you don’t support Ron Paul you support Kony and if you support Kony you’re stupid. Therefore you’re stupid. Unless you have a real reason not to. Unlike most people who don’t they just call names and ramble on with false news they read on yahoo or watch on tv. Anyway, Peace and Love Paul supporters, we are a family. Not from DNA but from what we believe in and our common goal.

  • What a disgrace for the journalistic profession, Ron Paul shouldn’t dignify him with his presence. People from USA, and not off course just from USA, we should first get even with this corporate media scums. They selling not just themselves but all the truth and thereby it is an genocide to all the people, or at least it is the act off complicity in a crime.

  • I am 52 years old and only been to the doctors maybe 5 times in 35 years ! And i have beat my body up working and never really ate the right foods ! But I took that responsibility ! Live Free or Die my way not Governments way . Ron Paul 2012

  • Has history taught us nothing? Never trust the government for anything, ever!

  • He comments on every Ron Paul video. It’s sad really.

  • piers is an asshole kiss ass if i saw him in the streets i would kick his ass all over the US

  • “You’d be fighting the British tonight!”
    Shoulda’ followed up with “yeah and kickin’ there asses”


  • Oh yeah, former America’s got talent judge said so, it must be true…

  • Gotta love that guy, he’s the national treasure that explains it crystal clear. He is our last hope.