Ron Paul: End Corporate Medicine to Fix Healthcare

  • Notice how Piers is a talking head, if you watch his eyes carefully he is reading off a teleprompter when prompting Dr. Paul to drop out.

    As most talking head media puppet hosts, he has a leash and it seems like his got yanked by the ‘powers that be in CNN’ in an arbitrary sense to add to the endless stock pile of “drop out Ron Paul” propagation.

    Well I’m sorry pal we’re in it ’til the end no matter what, I stand besides Ron Paul.

    ★★★☆☆✰ ⓇⓄⓃ ⓟⒶⓊⓁ 2012 ✰☆☆ ★★★ GOT MY VOTE ✔

  • Surfisher

    “Obama’s IQ less than 100…!!!”
    “Nation in a Crisis to force Obama to take another IQ test today….”

    TODAY’s (4-1-2012) BREAKING NEWS:

    Reported from an acquaintance whose cousin’s friends went to Harvard with Obama — and they stated that on a college dare they all took an IQ test. Obama tore up his result upon receiving it in disgust…but they were able to see the number 93 on one of the torn pieces!

    If true — than we have a near Idiot for President.
    If you don’t believe Obama’s IQ is LESS than 100 — than force Obama to take an IQ test IN PUBLIC (so all can see what’s the World “Leader’s” actual mental capacity)!

    Other IQ tests reported today (4-1-2012):

    Romney — 87 (so low only because he gave 2 possible answers on each question — one For, and the other Against…)

    Ron Paul — 155 (actual score)

    Newt — 210, making him the smartest person on the planet (but he cheated on the test, just like he cheated on his wives….)

    Santorum — 0 (may have done better, but answered all: “Jesus saves”….)

    • Surfisher

      Other BREAKING NEWS TODAY (4-1-2012):

      “Hitlery Clinton moves to Unified Germany TODAY declaring: “I think I have a chance of becoming Germany’s next Chancellor (as long as I stop shaving my small mustache)…”.

  • Ron Paul shouldn’t critique Canada’s health care system, because to be honest its much better over here. But I do agree with the arguments against Obamacare, either get the government out of it, or turn it into a public service, not some complicated in-between the two result where its just pharmaceutical and insurance companies that get the spoils.

  • I’m British and I cant stand Piers Morgan, he’s an obnoxious prick… Even as a British citizen I would like Ron Paul to win the next election, the world needs him to. He stands by the American constitution which is a pillar of western society, and looking at these other candidates I’d say America is fucked if Paul doesn’t win next election. Best of luck America.



  • I’d pay good money to be able to slam my fist into piers morgan’s face

  • Piers Morgan= knob end

  • As Ron Paul ages, he stops giving a damn completely about what other people think or “consequences” and as that happens he becomes progressively more bad ass!

  • Did I mention anything about someone forcing me to buy products from companies? My post refers to the development of capital in a “free market”. Now if you’d like to address that, I’m all ears. Otherwise, I’d ask you avoid interjecting to introduce red herrings.

  • no one is holding a gun to your head making you buy products from companies.

  • Let’s say we get “free markets” once again. What will happen to capitalists who already have capital and means of production? How will they be kept from dominating an industry by undermining other competitors who have less capital to begin with? Initially, they’ll compete but, by virtue of having so much capital, they’ll undersell their competitors and end up dominating an industry once again. This time the domination of a particular industry being more dystopian than before. You’re dreaming.

  • Study monopolies and you will understand why healthcare in the U.S. is so expensive. It’s called corporatism or even Fascism. Competitive capitalism lowers prices, it doesn’t raise them. When one or a couple large corporations call the shots in an industry, they can set the prices. But when there is alot of competition companies cannot set the prices.

  • The arguments against it are that it’s pretty inefficient and there’s a huge amount the bureaucracy as a result of the fact that it’s state-run. People also argue that it’s forcing the bills for other people’s treatment on everyone (everyone pays tax which pays for the NHS) In reality, though, the NHS has allowed millions of people to get healthcare and survive where they otherwise wouldn’t have. It has it’s problems, but it’s not as bad as Republicans try to suggest it is.

  • Problems with NHS? All citizens are covered and private health insurance doesn’t make much of a profit. It sucks to give everyone access to health-care.

  • No way man, he’s your problem now.

  • Can someone in the UK answer me this? What are the problems in the NHS? Another comment said (a user from the UK) said that americans wouldn’t want ‘free’ health care. Why is this so?

  • i can’t see why people are saying that but in america he is starting to win over young and old voters a like its just that the american media won’t report on the success that ron paul is having and Republicans are pushing romney to the republican pick. the problem is that our political system is bought and paid for by the highest bidder, fascism at its finest.

  • I want every American to stop and think about this election in terms of “National Health Care”. Most if not all of the candidates either receive or have received NHC. They claim that it is “bad” for the country, but in truth it would save billions if not trillions of dollars that we already pay. Approximately, 26% would be saved immediately in administration cost to the insurance companies All candidates receive money from the insurance company Ask any of the candidates if they like their NHC?