Ron Paul: End Corporate Medicine to Fix Healthcare

  • Well, I was just talking about the economics of it based on the government plan. Corporations can be corrupted, and often will be. Even if it hurts people.

    Honestly, it’s sort of depressing. At the end, I just have to breathe out a huge sigh because the issues are fundamentally human nature. We are what is wrong with the world. Our self interest.

  • A) We had national health care as part of the great society reforms of the 1960’s. B) Health care costs are a problem, especially compared to the health benefits we receive.

  • Ron Paul opens up his interview by completely OWNING Morgan on “free” healthcare.


  • No one forces us to drive, so just by existing you don’t have to buy Car Insurance from a private company. You can also put down a Deposit at the DMV and never actually have to ever by car insurance if you don’t want to.

    By existing on this planet, or at least in America you will have to buy HEALTH insurance from a private company or be fined. Why is it fair that these private insurance company’s get a guaranteed 300,000,000 subscribers?

  • Piers “The Cunt” Morgan

  • LOL— is this “news” guy the same jerk who was on that American Idol show? I only watched that trash once, but its seems like it was him. OMG— no wonder people rely on the Internet nowadays, instead of CNN, LOL. He belongs on trash t.v. spots, not analytical news (not that he can analyze anything)

  • The Spending is the least of the problem, in a way. The creation of FALSE diagnoses, and non-testable diagnoses, especially via psychiatry, has been a century in the making (something most Americans are not sophisticated enough to understand), and this is a Medicalist control in what’s become a largely Fascist (militarist-corporatist-medicalist economy). People will not only keep getting sicker, then will never get well. They are subjects in a MEDICAL SYSTEM. Think harder about this

  • Idiot.

  • Ron Paul touched on the primary issue. A health care system, publicly supported, COULD work, if we are smart and have sound money, don’t wage wars, and have no debt. I would love to see it, eventually, but NOT NOW. We are WAY too far gone financially to bring in this kind of spending.

  • Morgan saying that car insurance is “for your own good” is not why car insurance is mandated. It’s mandated not for YOU but for the person you wreck into. My dad had to deal with this way back when when he got blindsided and the guy didn’t have insurance. What good would a lawsuit do if the person can’t pay for it?

  • Listen Morgan we will be at Tampa and kick some serious ass

  • Nothing is done until the Republican National Convention. Go do some research first buddy before you come off like a dumbass on YouTube.

  • Decent thing? You don’t have an ounce of that in your blood Mr pears

  • awesome answer on switzerland, they dont fight 5 wars at once, and they dont have world policing, ya they can afford to take of they’re sick

  • awesome answer on switzerland, they dont fight 5 wars at once, and they dont have world policing, ya they can afford to take of they’re sick

  • What’s with that background of green blocks moving downhill and to the left all the time? I can double damn guarantee you that it’s intended to distract the viewer so it’s hard to listen to the speaker and you end up thinking there’s something disturbing and unsettling about Ron Paul… maybe he’s indeed “Dangerous” if you feel that way… Lose the green blocks, CNN! Ron Paul 2012!

  • Pierce absolutely needs to stop trying to challenge Dr. Paul intellectually. It is a complete & utter FAIL! For Pierce Morgan that is.

  • Do the decent thing? Seriously Morgan? Jerk.

  • get em Ron!

  • …gotta love that guy… sounds very condescending to me