Ron Paul: End Corporate Medicine to Fix Healthcare

  • Scott R

    Looks like Obamacare is going to be stuck down! Make sure you guys listen to the court case… this is a big one! Finally, it seems like the socialistic anti-contitution view is hitting a wall. That is THE BEST news I’ve heard in a long time and gives me hope for the US.

    • robin

      Scott R,
      I have information to give to you about 9/11 and the New World Order agenda. What’s the best way so you get it? Any ideas??…I’m doing the same for other people we know who haven’t done this research or are aware of things we are. Make sure to go to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth. As an engineer, I think you will appreciate that these credible professionals and scientists have many questions about the official story. They have risked their careers, teaching positions to join a group of over 1,000 that say we need to reexamine the official story.

      • robin

        Also, wanted to tell you we got all our family on board voting for Ron Paul, so all these years of talking about 9/11 and the globalist agenda has paid off and they are finally waking up. One person at a time..We are also working with a retired economics professor to explain Ron Paul’s economic plans. I hope to have a better understanding after we are done. We are all writing letters in our area to the editor to try and educate people who are most likely voting for Santorum and Romney=conservative Christian base here.

  • piers morgan is such a twat

  • Pearce Morgun always gets Owned 7 Shut down Intellectually by Dr. Paul but the stubborn bullock in him keeps trying to save his Pathetic face! lol…

  • Haha, you’re an idiot. Do you have a clue about how the delegate system works? Do you have any idea what a brokered convention is? The fact of the matter is that Ron is doing great in caucus state delegates (that’s not the popular vote you numnut). That will give him a shot (along with Gingrich and Santorum) to make the convention brokered. Then when no one has a majority after the first, second, and third rounds of voting, delegates will be released to vote their heart. You know nothing.

  • “We’re gonna make you famous”- Ron Paul the Libertarian Samurai.


  • How much were you paid to say that Piers at 7:36. That was a disgraceful thing to say when you know fine well Ron Paul is doing well in spite of the MSM conspiracy against him. But you know, the more you kick him the more you look stupid and its helping him all the way.

  • Of course it’s safe. Lots of people type things that turn out wrong without any danger.

  • do your research again lol

  • do your research again lol

  • I read the title of this video as “Ron Paul: End Corporate Media”

  • Lol I think your the one who needs to do some research. I can safely guarantee Ron Paul will NOT win.

  • “Why don’t you do the decent thing and drop out of the race?”
    Why don’t you do the decent thing and not be a FUCKING FAGGOT ON YOUR FAGGY TV PROGRAM, Piers piece of shit Morgan.
    Then he ends the interview I wish you the best, I love that guy. Go fuck yourself “Piers”

  • Irie

  • That’s the essense of a monopoly. There is a man here in southern New Jersey who has bought out all the hospitals in our region. The service and attention to detail has went down because there’s no competition. Government run bureauocracies are the worst types of monopolies. No one on the staff has an incentive to provide good service. In a proper consumer run capitaist economy, the consumer prospers at the expense of the business, which has to work extra hard to satisfy the comsumer.

  • Ron Paul, even his laughter is genuine. He is so intelligent and Gov savvy. He must have some kind of strategy towards defending us and the constitution against all the voter fraud?
    Ron Paul must win..he is the only leader we can trust. point me in the direction of the opposition so i can talk to there supporters. and own them with the truth! please

  • Where??

  • oh my God a journalist with humanity and common sense..

  • Ron Paul is right. My uncle died of blood disease waiting on the health care here in Canada and his liver failed because of the disease (accompanied by side effects of the drugs they gave him for pain). To top it off, the health care staff was not on hand when he was in a coma and being assisted to breathe, when the breathing machine malfunctioned and fried his brain from lack of oxygen. Americans, stay away from our kind of ‘free’ health care.

  • We should shorten the Indy 500 by 499 laps. Whichever driver leading after the first lap is declared “winner.” SO much more efficient! Besides, what about the MASSIVE voter fraud by the GOP??? It is treasonous what have done, and continue to do.

  • oh I love that guy too. Keep spreading the Ron Paul doctrine