Ron Paul: End Corporate Medicine to Fix Healthcare

  • ”why dont you just do the decent thing and pull out” …..i think thats a question that was meant for his DAD since that would have been the DECENT thing to do!! in his case fuck both piers morgan and CNN

  • French Canadian


    To provide a context for other potential readers, please find below a copy of one of my posts and your corresponding responsive post.
    My Post:
    Hope all had a good Christmas – unfortunately, Not for a 24 year old White woman in Baltimore. When waiting at the cash register to make a purchase a black male came up and grabbed her from behind – and then brutally cut her throat with a knife. The assailant cut her throat down to her spinal cord severing her major arteries. 15 Blacks in store left. Didnt try to help or talk to cops. Nice. Google Woman Stabbed to Death at Liquor Store Aysha Ring MSM IGNORES STORY
    Your Post:
    hope you all had a good new year – unfortunately, not for Oscar Grant III, a male who was lying face down on the floor co-operating with a policeman & the policeman took it upon himself to shoot him dead. policemen are supposed to protect not kill.
    i miight start hating & abusing every White policeman i see from now on…. or then again i might just think, i cant hate all White policemen for what one officer did, that would be just plain pathetic!
    You had mentioned that you didn’t know anything about Oscar Grant – but that you had “just googled it to make a point”. I think your point is that you can’t judge an entire group from the actions of one.

    You wound up making an entirely different point though – one perhaps unintended. Read on and I will tell you what point you actually made.
    My post was intended to illustrate that the mainstream media is racially selective in its reporting. Often deciding not to report on even particularly heinous racially motivated crimes committed by Blacks against Whites. And to make people aware one specific racially motivated brutal murder of a White woman by a black man that she did not even know.

    My post was also intended to communicate to readers that in media “Perception equals Reality”. Media editors decide content and content influences perception. Using a simple mathematics analogy, the question arises as to whether media editors are intentionally manipulating the “perception” side of the equation to influence your reality.

    Of course they are.

    An interesting paradox concerns the massive reporting that plane crashes receive. Plane crashes are statistically extremely rare, but practically everyone is made aware anytime one happens – national headlines abound. Auto accidents are relatively commonplace and do not receive much national media attention, if any. Perhaps the fact that Blacks commit terrible crimes against Whites is just so commonplace that it just isn’t worthy of a national headline. But Whites committing terrible crimes against Blacks (such as was alleged in the infamous Duke Rape Case) are so rare they are essentially over-reported and easily make national headlines? Google “Duke Rape Case” unless you are already familiar.

    White Guilt Propaganda & The Culture of Blame

    Some say that there is an intentional White Guilt Propaganda campaign raging in our mainstream national media. Guilt has certainly been used as a political weapon of mass destruction before and was used to “de-Nazify” post war Germany.

    Many people have a gut reaction to the “Holocaust”. That word alone evokes guilt, righteous indignation and pity. It was designed to evoke guilt from Germans, righteous indignation from Jews and pity from everyone else.
    Now just replace the word “Holocaust” with “Slavery and “Racism”. This is the primary tactic used by civil rights activists in the US.

    Look, there’s a White person – Let’s Play the Blame Game

    How does this work? Blacks try to convince Whites to feel shame about slavery and that they as White people are responsible. Never mind that most White people did not own slaves. Never mind that African Blacks were complicit in the slave trade and that it was African Blacks that captured and sold other African Blacks into slavery.

    The jews were the Slavers

    Never mind that slavery was a jewish industry. Never mind that the slave ships were owned by jews and the slave auctions were run by jews. Never mind that the major sugar and cotton plantation in the South were owned and run……by jews.

    Read up on what Louis Farrakhan has to say about “Blacks and jews”. It’s not the “kosher” version of history….it’s the truth.

    89 Years

    Never mind that slavery existed in the US for 89 years and White people ended the slave trade. Never mind that 29% of the free black population of New Orleans owned and abused slaves. That’s 3000 black slave owners of black slaves in New Orleans. Never mind that slavery never ended in Africa and that Blacks are still selling other blacks into slavery today. Never mind that it will probably take White intervention to end slavery in Africa. This kind of manipulation does not work between parties with equivalent moral standing and is why Blacks avoid any mention or proof of complicity or shared responsibility. In addition to invoking the guilt response in Whites, many Blacks simultaneously harbor righteous indignation and use that emotion to justify violence, rioting, etc.


    Guilt is also often used in personal relationships as a manipulative tool. Some people are really good at using guilt as a weapon to get what they want. And our schools are actually spreading White Guilt Propaganda so that White kids are made to think that they are in some way responsible for slavery, racism, etc. Disturbingly, it is having a damaging effect on the self esteem of White children. They are being brainwashed into a conditioned response in their future dealings with Blacks to willingly allow themselves to be taken advantage of. The problem is that many common themes used in White Guilt Propaganda are exaggerated or outright lies.

    Many White people are actually starting to realize that they have been maliciously taken advantage of by Blacks. More and more White people are seeing White Guilt Propaganda for what it is. Disingenuous propaganda with a purpose. Predictably, the normal reaction for anyone to having been manipulated and taken advantage of is righteous indignation. And righteous indignation has its own consequences.

    15 Black Patrons

    My post also pointed out that there were 15 black patrons in the store at the time of the murder (5200 Baltimore National Pike, Baltimore, MD). There were 15 black patrons in the store at the time of the assault who were in a position to provide some sort of material aid or comfort to the victim.

    None of them did.

    “The woman was waiting in line to pay when a man came up behind her, grabbed her from the rear, reached forward, cut her throat and then turned and walked out,” said Bill Toohey, Baltimore County Police spokesperson.

    So what do you think it was like for Aysha Ring – what do you think it was like for her to be innocently standing there one moment, and then instantly suffer a massive neck wound?

    Do you think she “just fell down and died”? Or do you think it was a little more horrific than that? We’ve all stood in line, maybe a bit impatiently just waiting to pay for something – but what if all of a sudden someone you weren’t even aware of just grabs you from behind and cuts your throat? Just like that. No words. No warning. Knife slashes through your skin, your muscle, your veins and your arteries. Would it hurt? Would the shock of it make it difficult for you to immediately tell how bad it is – as a sea of blood gushes from your gaping wound? I’m hurt….how bad is it? You try to scream. Your hands go to your neck – all you see is blood. Blood everywhere and its getting worse, not better. You feel your own blood flowing down your throat – you gag trying to force it out of your lungs so you can still breathe. You panic and stagger – searching for help, trying to stop the blood as forces its way between your fingertips soaking all your clothes, onto the floor – onto everything. More blood than you’ve ever seen…you can’t stop it. There’s screaming but its not your screams. They are the screams of others. Yours just sound like gurgling. You’re dying… and you know it…. You are aware of people coming toward you. Maybe they’ll help. No – they avoid you and pass you. To the side, some stepping in your life blood and tracking it out the door behind them as they leave. Precious minutes pass. Not just seconds. Minutes. Then what happens? Your blood pressure drops to a point where you pass out. And you’re still bleeding.

    Are you dead yet? No.

    Is anyone helping you?

    No. Has anyone helped you? No.

    Bystander Effect – or Justice Served?

    There may be no legal duty to help someone who is struggling to live as a result of an underserved attack – but there is a moral duty to help. A moral duty that a random group of 15 black people collectively avoided. Was this just a case of “Bystander Effect”? (Google “Bystander Effect” for more info)

    Bystander Effect is a social psychological phenomenon in which any specific individual is less likely to offer help in an emergency situation when other people are present. There are two important components to Bystander Effect. One is a sense of diffusion of responsibility and the other is the need to behave in correct and socially acceptable ways. Certainly, diffusion of responsibility may account for the collective sense of shock and resultant lack of help. But what about behaving in a socially acceptable way? Why was it apparently “socially acceptable” for a group of Blacks to leave a White woman with a terrible neck wound? That group of Blacks did two things. They collectively withheld help to a desperate White victim and they all left the scene. Why did they all apparently feel that is was “socially acceptable” to leave the scene before help arrived?

    As this White woman undoubtedly clutched her neck in agony as torrents of blood spilled to the floor, was there a collective sense that justice for Blacks was somehow being served? If so, the scope of the problem evidenced here is almost unimaginable. A problem so vast and so deep that it may well be irreparable.
    None of the black patrons tried to help the White woman. Some even stepped over the woman as she bled from her neck arteries as she was dying. The woman was likely conscious for a while as it takes some time to die that way. Conscious, as black people from the very community where she worked, and whose people she worked to help through her job at a school devoted to inner-city Catholic education…stepped over and around her and just let her die.
    Maybe she would have died anyway due to the severity of her wounds. But someone could have at least tried to pinch off her arteries with their fingers to try to stop the bleeding as much as they could. Failing that, someone could have at least tried to apply external pressure to the wound. Failing that, someone could have at least stuck around to provide moral support to the victim. Failing that, someone could have at least waited around for the police and ambulance to arrive.

    Nobody did.

    I suspect that if there were at least a few White patrons present…someone would have tried at least ONE of those things – no matter the race of the victim.
    I was not judging an entire group from the actions of one individual. I was making an observation of the actions of an entire group. It just so happens that one defining characteristic of that group was their race.

    Perhaps you can explain the reasons for this group behavior. I believe that out of a group of 15 random White patrons similarly situated – it is extremely unlikely that ALL of them would shirk their moral duty to help and step over a White woman or a black woman as she bled from her neck arteries. Leaving her to die there alone.

    Oscar Grant

    By now you may have actually googled “Oscar Grant Criminal Record” and discovered that what I discovered. Since you are the one who picked Oscar Grant as a representative case of injury done to Blacks by Whites, lets investigate the Oscar Grant situation a bit further.

    Oscar Grant had a juvenile criminal record – details of which are not available due to the fact that juvenile criminal records are sealed. Once Oscar Grant reached majority, he was involved in at least 12 different criminal cases according to Alameda County Courthouse records. He had also just been released from State Prison in November of 2008.

    To better understand Oscar Grants reality, consider that Oscar Grant died when he was 22 years old. He had been an “adult” for 5 years or about 60 months (I don’t know Oscar Grants birthdate). During that 5 year period, he had been arrested 12 times at a minimum. 60 months divided by 12 is 5 months. Construing facts most favorably to Oscar Grant, he managed to get arrested and charged for one criminal case about every 5 months. But wait, its worse than it seems. Oscar Grant was unavailable to be arrested for at least a portion of that 60 month period. Oscar grant resided in State Prison during 2007 and 2008. One of the pre-requisites for admission to State Prison (vs. County Jail) is a sentencing period of at least one year. No less.

    Oscar Grant was riding on the specific train, and in the specific car in which there was a violent event. Someone on that car was alarmed enough about the violent event that they felt the need to call 911 and report it as an emergency. Police detained several people from the train. During the detention event, bystanders were yelling at the police and some were physically approaching the officers in a threatening way (see the videos). There appeared to be some sort of difficulty getting Oscar Grant cuffed – no problem with the others who were seated along the wall next to Oscar Grant.

    The police officer who had just cuffed Oscar Grant drew his weapon. His weapon discharged into Oscar Grants back. The shooting appeared to be accidental. The BART police are issued Sig Sauer .40 caliber pistols. Sigs and Glocks do NOT have separate external safety devices as do certain other types of pistols such as the Colt 1911. Sig pistols are equipped with a de-cocking device (search google for details). Mis-use of the de-cocking device can result in an accidental discharge. Sig pistols (as all pistols) can be accidentally discharged depending on how they are handled.

    Oscar Grant was not just waiting in line at a store when a White police officer came up from behind to shoot him in the back. There is no moral equivalency or comparison to be made between these two cases. But clearly, neither of these victims deserved to die.

    Now lets turn to Aysha Rings reality. As mentioned earlier, she worked at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Baltimore, MD. Cristo Rey provides a rigorous college preparatory education to students from primarily black families from Baltimore and is specifically devoted to helping “low-income”, “inner-city” youth only. A clearer picture of the environment appears when considering the actual ethnic breakdown at Cristo Rey: African American: 71%, Multi-racial: 14%, Latino: 7%, Caucasian: 6%, Other: 1% and Asian: less than 1%.

    So why was Aysha Ring there? Why did she want to help Blacks? Was it because she recognized where so many of our social problems are coming from and was still idealistic enough to think that she could make a difference? Was it because she felt pity for Blacks who are destroying their own environment and ours? Was it because she felt some vague sense of guilt because of the practice of slavery so long ago? Did she buy into the black Culture of Blame along with its component of Black righteous indignation? What role did the effects of White Guilt Propaganda play in her decision to place herself in mortal danger by circulating among a high concentration of Blacks? I can’t answer that question. Aysha Ring could have told us – but she is dead now. I suppose there if there is a silver lining to this story, maybe it’s that at least she wasn’t raped first and then murdered.

    Black people are promoters of what can only be called the Culture of Blame. They, along with sympathetic kool-aid drinking Whites blame Black failures on Whites, on Hispanics, on Koreans…on anyone and everyone but themselves. My message to Blacks is that they need to embrace the concept of personal responsibility. They need to realize that their reality and fate has everything to do with their own choices and their own actions.

    The bitter irony is that the only reason why the White woman Aysha Ring was in that black community in the first place was because she worked at a school whose sole reason for being – was to help the people of that community.
    In my opinion, the moral of the story to White people is – don’t bother even trying to help Blacks. Don’t buy into the whole White Guilt Propaganda campaign. It exists only to separate you from your valuables, and may even cost you your life. Realize that Blacks have been playing Whites for fools. And that the black Culture of Blame has created a massive and unearned income stream for Blacks, at the expense of Whites. If you try to help Blacks, you only place yourself at risk. Blacks don’t deserve your help, they need to help themselves. Many of them actually they hate you even though they don’t know you and you never did anything to them. Some will intentionally physically harm just because you a White, and don’t count on black bystanders to lift a finger to help you if you are in need.

    The message to White police officers (and all police officers) is to do everything possible to avoid accidentally discharging your weapon. Google “Accidental discharge Sig Pistol” and see what you find. The message to all young people who encounter the police is to simply comply with police instructions and avoid at all costs escalating a confrontation.

    The unintentional point you made was that perhaps Aysha Ring and Oscar Grant are indeed good examples of the nature of violence between White people and black people in America.

    In one case we have a White woman who was working to help black people who was intentionally killed by one of the very people she was trying to help. And in the other case, we have a black person who was (probably) accidentally killed by a White police officer who was responding to a 911 emergency.

  • French Canadian


    Of course the previous post wasn’t written by me… it was the kids again playing games…lol

    It is well known that there are 13 Families controlling the World.

    All articles are written by Fritz Springmeier, author of Bloodlines of The Illuminati:

    Here are the 13 Families:

    1- The Astor Bloodline
    2- The Bundy Bloodline
    3- The Collins Bloodline
    4- The DuPont Bloodline
    5- The Freeman Bloodline
    6-The Kennedy Bloodline
    7- The Li Bloodline
    8- The Onassis Bloodline
    9. The Reynolds bloodline
    10-The Rockefeller Bloodline
    11-The Rothschild Bloodline
    12-The Russell Bloodline
    13-The Van Duyn Bloodline

    Interconnected families:

    Merovingian (European royalty)

    The Disney Bloodline

    The Krupp Bloodline

    The McDonald Bloodline

    I have many videos of this guy on the Alex Jones Show… but they are much too long.

    • robin

      Hi…Don’t worry, I know which posts you write. Which families are on the top of the hierarchy that I keep hearing about=Rothchild’s? Thanks..

  • “But, imagine paying ridiculous amounts in taxes, and then see the healthcare system fail you.”

    kublakhan1984 you just described the situation in Canada to a T. “If a man is not a socialist at 20, he has no heart. If he is still a socialist at 30, he has no brain.”


  • French Canadian


    What exactly is a “black” person?

    Is a “black” person defined as anyone having any negro genetics at all?
    To be considered a “black” person do you have to be 10% “black”, 20% “black”….40%


    What amount of negro genetic admixture defines a “black” person?
    What’s the actual definition?

    In South Africa – most American “blacks” are considered to be “colored”. Not “black”.


    “Colored” people are racially mixed negroes…for example, a “mullato’ is half negro and half caucasian.

    A “quadroon” who is 1/4 negro and 3/4 caucasian.

    No – Obama is not a “mullato” – he’s a “jewlato” because he’s half jewish – not “White” at all.

    Why do I ask about the negro admixture issue? Because genetics play a very significant role in intelligence and behavior.


    In the US, being “black” is really being a member of a political group enabling the acquisition of unearned income.


    Yes, the “black” political party in the US is enjoying what can only be described as “Negro Privilege”.

    What’s “Negro Privilege”?

    Negro privilege is a Jewish-devised scheme that seeks to artificially elevate undeserving negroes into societal positions that they objectively do not merit. This practice operates as an unseen, invisible, and unquestioned pervasive norm in society today. It is the proverbial “fart in church”.

    I call on negroes to interrogate their own ineptitude and how their chronic under-performance has falsely enabled them. I call attention to how the mechanisms of Jewish racist false enabling policies that operating to artificially elevate negroes are damaging our nation.

    I call on white people who support Jewish-instigated negro privilege to interrogate their own pathological value system and how they erroneously justify false enabling practices based on race and not merit.

    I call upon those same white people to realize that they strain to treat negroes differently based upon their race – and that by definition they are the true racists.

    By looking closely at the subtleties of Jewish-devised negro privilege, I issue a call for all negroes to own up to their unearned and undeserved privilege and replace their Negro Culture of Blame with the White Culture of Personal Responsibility.

    We must confront environments that condone or perpetuate Jewish negro privilege.

    Only an honest airing of this destructive practice will enable a clear and honest confrontation with this trenchant and vexing concern.

  • Man Paul stepped his interview game up this time!!! Schooled him!!!

  • French Canadian


    Approximately 34 million criminal acts were committed in the U.S. in 1992–about 94,000 crimes daily.

    This is a Justice Department estimate.

    We don’t know the exact number, because many, if not most, crimes are not reported.


    We do know, however, that the national crime rate-crimes per capita-has tripled over the past 30 years, and at least 71 percent of all violent crimes involve some kind of economic loss.

    Prior to 1986, Hispanics were classified as a distinct and separate racial group. Not anymore.


    The FBI and U.S. Census Bureau no longer distinguish between Hispanics
    (who are actually Spanish speaking Indians for the most part) and Whites;
    their crimes are lumped together in one ethnic pot.


    The 22,354,059 Hispanics living in the U.S. do not exist, at least not in the ethnic sense when it comes to the FBI compiling criminal statistics for mainstream and news organizations.


    Included by the FBI as “WHITES” is not only Hispanics, but also West Asians, Jews, Middle Easterners, North Africans, Iranians, Iraqis, Libyans, Palestinians, and refugees from the former Soviet Union. The question that immediately comes to mind is: “Why would the FBI and the U.S. Census Bureau classify persons of Hispanic origin as being white?”

    The answer might surprise you. The FBI and the U.S. Census Bureau, along with jewish media purposely distort criminal statistics and conveniently classify Mexican-Americans as white because they do not want the American public to know the truth–that Blacks are responsible for committing the vast majority of crimes here in the United States.

  • Buy good health insurance before you get sick, and you’ll be golden. Or, just brush your teeth…then you won’t have to go into debt to get your tooth pulled out! People would take better care of their health if they knew they had to pay for insurance. We are keeping lung cancer patients alive who don’t even have the decency to stop smoking! That’s where your taxes will be going, and that’s how your country will continue to go into debt if they push nationwide healthcare.

  • Damn ron paul was in the zone in this interview.

  • I don’t need to live in America, I know healthcare isn’t the greatest there either. But, imagine paying ridiculous amounts in taxes, and then see the healthcare system fail you. Now, also imagine paying high taxes for healthcare, and then watch your elderly grandfather wait for hours (in pain) in order to be seen at the emergency room. Let me keep my taxes, and I would prefer to pay for services, rather than wait for him to die for “free” services.

  • Nah he is perfect the way he is. Fuck these fools if they don’t vote for him because they get what they deserve. He can’t dumb it down more than he already has.

  • In Japan I learned a saying, “Tada wa ichiban takai.” = Free is the most expensive!

  • In Japan I learned a saying, “Tada wa ichiban takai.” = Free is the most expensive!

  • I feel so sorry for Ron Paul. He’s trying really hard, yet going nowhere. He really does care about the Country, in regards to the Country’s own welfare. Just a little too on the liberal side, and he seems to present ideas of anti-federalism. I’m not too sure if I’m all up for the states regulating everything. That’s was the problem in the beginning before the constitution…

  • loved the British bit from Paul against this robot

  • Ok try living in America. The only place you can get medical care is in the emergency room of a hospital. ANY kind. If you don’t have insurance private physician practices will not even let you in their office or see you—not even for a small injury. of course they claim a Hippocratic Oath–harm no one. Come down to mighty America–home of the free and filthy rich-and see how fun it is compared to your system. We have the best trained, best equipped, and the most EVIL doctors you’ve ever seen.

  • The government has nothing to do with heath care. the private insurance companies and the HMOs lobby corrupt political officials and they have made it fully privatized. havent you been following the legislation? Right now, government provides ZERO healthcare. You people baffle me.

  • statist and corporate? no wonder this county is fucked. how can a private corporation be a tool of statism in the socialist model? In socialism, you dont use money. Do you know what are you talking about? lol I’d rather pay higher taxes and get healthcare out of it than go into thousands of dollars of debt to get my damned tooth pulled.

  • So which is it Ron Paul? Private sector or government health care? Does anyone feel we need anymore deregulation? lolol Can we trust men to be honest traders in which supply and demand create a competitive system in which one person makes greater wealth than another? Take a look at the all monopolies. They were once small companies, then they get bigger, and bigger, and then they take over. the answer is no. men are greedy animals and we are one of the few species that exploit their own kind.

  • A smart man.