Ron Paul: End Corporate Medicine to Fix Healthcare

  • we are gonna make you famous!

  • You don’t seem to understand. Yes, people will always have to pay taxes. Are you aware that we no longer have a representational government for and by the people. So who gets our money? Private corporations..therefore the private sectors own our government. In Canada, there is no free health care, they pay a higher tax, but the money doesn’t go to war, it goes to …healthcare! The Canadian government controls and regulates prices for pharma, insurance…you dont know what you are talking about.


  • It’s true, the guy comes from the smutty tabloids who are just envious of famous people so they spread bullshit about them. Whoever thought he would be a good interviewer needs a slap.

  • French Canadian

    Hey KID… stop usurping my pseudo. This is such a stupid childish tactic. The only good thing about it, is that you lose all credibility… lol. Boy you have time to waste and the funny part is that you are not accomplishing anything. Nothing! Nada! Zilt! Zero!

    Poor KID!


      Stop calling people kid. It undermines your statement and makes you look like the troll.

      Just trying to help. Don’t take this as an insult. I’ve just seen this before.


  • French Canadian


    There are tons of places on the web that have truthful info.

    The trick is you have to sift through thousands of tons of jewish bull to find them.


    Lots of jew-wise folks there

  • French Canadian

    Alex Jones in a jew-shill.

    He is a disinfo agent.

    He is employed by jews to do the jews’ bidding.

    That is why he is able to get airtime on main stream Talmud Vision.

    Do some research on Alex Jones. Seek and ye shall find.

  • French Canadian

    Anybody hear from Trayvon? I need to buy some weed….

    Oh…never mind.

  • French Canadian


    Too bad you don’t listen to the daily Alex Jones Show. You are really missing something. You have to listen to today’s interview with Bob Fletcher… incredible!
    I know you are looking to educate yourself, but it would take you 5 life-times to gather the information on the Web, information that you could get in a week on the Alex Jones Show. If you really want to awake peole fast… send them to Alex show.

  • French Canadian

    I know that everyone here knows how “news” is decided upon here in the jewSA.

    There is a group within the Associated Press – which is jewish…that literally “decides” what is “news” on any given day. Once that’s decided they transmit marching orders to every single affiliate.

    Obviously the owners of the jewSA central bank are in control of the AP and consult with them.

    This “Trayvon thug gets kilt” news was intentionally chosen to be broadcast. And broadcast on ALL affiliate networks.

    This was not an “accident’. It didn’t “just happen”.

    This was done as an ATTACK on Whites.

    The jewish money power is doing this to try to throw another wrench at us and our ability to take them down.

    The jews have literally set loose their attack dog negroes on White people. This is not a “news” item. It is an attack.

  • Stupid Piers… over my dead body would I ever pay for your healthcare motherfucker!

  • Piers: Ron Paul, your service to this country and your impeccable voting record in congress mean nothing to the conservative voters in this country. gtfo.

    Ron Paul: Hell no brah, I got the youth vote and the energy in my campaign to beat that tyrant in oval office.

  • Piers Morgan is a giant turd.

  • As a Canadian, no, our healthcare is worse than the Americans in some cases. There are many Canadians who sell or re-mortgage their homes and go to the US to finally get the care they desperately need. For our own sake, we need the American system to be the way its always been.

  • I come from a country with free healthcare well actually you dont have free healthcare it still costs money and where does that money come from well taxation idiot

  • So you think giving your tax dollars to the government will mean that the money WON’T go to drug companies, doctors and insurance companies? It will. But once the government takes your money, you won’t have a say on where it will go, and your healthcare system will break down even more. In Ontario, depending on your salary, you have to pay a health premium because “free” healthcare is not sustainable. That’s pretty much double the taxes. Keep touting for nationwide healthcare, but be forewarned.

  • Piers: “I thank you for including me in your attack ads”
    Dr. Paul: “We are going to make you famous”
    LMAO get OWNED Piers

  • IF Pierce was not a Corporate/Gov controlled shill he would admit to just how shitty the “free” healthcare is in the UK.

  • I cant afford it. No one can afford it. I take really good care of myself. You are just thinking of yourself. If you don’t stop just thinking of yourself maybe you will awaken and find compassion. Until then you are living your own little nightmare. But you’ve gotten used to it. Go check stats on lung cancer and you’ll find only about 2 million people have cancer. All the money is going into the pockets of drug companies, doctors, and insurance companies it has nothing with caring for the sick.

  • French Canadian

    Here in Canada, PRIVATE Health Clinics are blooming everywhere. Our National Health care system is so rotten. Don’t copy us, you will regret it till the day you die… because you will die, waiting on the incredible waiting list… an poor services…lol

  • French Canadian

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