Ron Paul: End Corporate Medicine to Fix Healthcare

  • Piers needs a one-way ticket back to the other side of the pond. What does he know about Americanism and freedom? Obviously nothing.

  • agreed.

  • I don’t think Paul likes Piers XD

  • My problem with Obama care is that the healthcare providers and politicians have both said they arn’t sure what the bill does.Some say it will cover illegal immigrants,some say it is part of FEMA,some say it is another way to control what we put in our bodies that the government decides for us once again.I think I don’t want the government control,the big brother,people who think they know whats best for me aside from me and MY chosen healthcare provider.

  • I believe certain institutions should exist for the benefit of the entire community such as the courts, the police, the army and hospitals. These institutions should be funded from the collective purse rather then each person paying for it depending on use. I put healthcare in the list because it is the humanist, christian and moral thing to include as a collective service to be provided to all by virtue of being a member of the community.


  • When i hear him, suddenly it makes sense.

  • American healthcare is NOT good, ok. But neither is corporativist/socialist healthcare (unless you’re an indefinately very wealthy state not at war), because when you create a monopoly like that, there is no choice when it fails because the cost rises too high.

  • ohh PLEASE stop muddying the water.

  • how dumb must the majority of americans be to not understand what Ron Paul is saying and waste their vote of a futureless world?

  • That’s bizarre.

  • paul nailed this interview

  • We want real freedom, not what you called free medical care. have you ever been free? I know you have not , but just imagine it for a second. Take a look at England , cameras on every corner, you can wait hours and hours just to see a doctor. Ridiculous!!! Switzerland is a lot smarter than we have been. They did not send their armies all over the globe they stay of other people’s business, their non-intervention in the affairs of others has served them well.

  • this guy laughs when he knows he’s painted himself into a corner, go back to England .

  • Ok, Canada doesn’t start wars, but the US does. Do you really think the American government will put the taxes they take from you back in healthcare? They’re in so much debt for policing the world! Where’s the money going to come from? If Canada put taxes back into healthcare, why is our healthcare so outdated? Well, because the government mismanages the money! I’d gladly pay taxes for universal healthcare if it meant that the quality would not suffer, but it does suffer, and that’s a fact.

  • My US friends, trust me when I say, you DO NOT want the UK-style NHS.


    It’s funny that these supposed “anti-racists” call Ron Paul a racist… Ron Paul’s a good guy, I have to admit, if he were a racist I’d say he’s still an alright guy, at least he doesn’t let his personal opinion get in the way of his political work. Must be hard to do, maybe it’s these supposed “anti-racists” that are the real racists, I see all kinds of hateful and unfair things they say and do. You can’t ignore one side and attack the other, you can’t call someone racist for exposing someone elses racism.

    You know what? I’ve browsed through the website Yeah, there’s a lot of so-called “nazis” there but the funniest thing is I get the most reliable and legit news from them. I can look up their sources and references and you know what? It’s all legit ! No wonder Fox and CNN, the Establishment and others want an Internet censorship ! The supposed “skinhead, neo-nazis report more truthful than they do ! LoL, How does that make them look?!

    Really? You can’t report more truthfully than the people you vilifi? Actually. then again that makes perfect sense…

    I’ll bet you couldn’t guess how many of these supposed “racist boneheads” on Stormfront actually have Doctorates and Phd’s… Why don’t you learn something instead of succumbing to popular logic and indoctrinated reactions. You can learn a lot. none of it can be refuted. It’s up to you.

  • Piers Morgan should be sent back to the UK to be a footstool for Prince William.

  • While this was a good interview, I would have liked if Pierce and RP had addressed the central issue of the latest health care argument: having the uninsured becoming a burden on the taxpayers when they need treatment. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s right to force anyone to buy something they don’t want to, but it would have been nice to hear a more detailed, immediate solution from RP on what to do about about uninsured having to go to hospitals and such.

  • Piers Morgan! Why dont you just shut ur mouth up!! Dont u realise what an ass you are?!!!

  • hey Piers. do the world and ALL of existence a favor. jump out of an airplane on top of the Eiffel Tower asshole first. Mr ” why do you just quit ron paul” then turns right around around dr paul schools him AGAIN for the milllionth time and says ” well i dont want you to quit. I want you to stay in the race” stupid condescending cuntcycle. You lost my respect Piers