Ron Paul: Romney Listens to Me – But We Disagree on the Issues

  • That’s not his agenda and if you think you can maintain your fraud with lies and monopoly money, you should get checked yourself.

    The truth is going to wash over you people like a flood. The free ride is almost over. Your days of burying these kids under a mountain of fiat debt are done. Vote however you want. Tell any lie you want. It just doesn’t matter anymore.

  • If Ron paul thinks he can win a single primary by wanting to cut social security, and medicare, then he needs to check to see if he has alzheimers disease. The working class want a President who will create free education for those below the poverty line, free law school, free medical school to the severely disadvantaged: I mean if a presidential candidate pledged to work on ensuring trillions of dollars in spending were cut, and unnecessary programs were not funded, he could win.


  • Ron Paul CANNOT WIN: WHY,:77% of americans have said they don’t want cuts in social security, medicare and medicaid, and THE MEDIA has nothing to do with why ron Paul has not won a single primary, RON paul is why he hasnt won a single primary. If you want to win an election, you have to cater to the 99%, the working class.

  • wow those reporters are as dumb as they look. I want names

  • LOL

  • whats the name of the female reporter, she is evil

  • when are we going to start having real journalism, These fucks just frame the issues and try to manipulate the public.

  • look at that fucked up look she gives her partner interviewer at 3:17 to 3:20, who are these goons, they talk so rudely to him

  • She purposely asks an obscure question at 5:20 after editing. No one can even understand what she is saying- she lured Paul into a boring discussion. The also used the video to prop up Romney. Watch out Bloomberg- fascism will come right back to hunt you down. 8:55 The gold standard problem: 20 seconds, as a response?

  • Thank you for this video. I believe in Ron Paul because he wants people to understand no matter what insults and innuendos they throw at him. This man is a hero if only on the basis of his ability to field insults and educate his listeners !

  • Inflation is not a problem”?! When in the fuck is the last time Barbie has set foot in a grocery store or gased up at the gas station?! When is the last time she’s had to buy building materials at a hardware store?! This bitch is either a bold faced liar, out of touch with reality or just plain stupid!

  • thats right delete that comment sheep

  • Ron Paul is too nice. I bet if he asked these two bimbos the most elementary question about how the economy works, they’d pull the plug on him and cut to a commercial. Clueless Hollywood props are all these people are. Just playing their role in our scripted world. Like Obama said, “After my election, I have more flexibility.” It’s already been decided by the Elite. It’s no different than the WWE. Who’s going to win Wrestlemania and who’s going to win the election has been decided without you.

  • see that reporter is going to regret that….doom is coming with or without Ron Paul, better with Ron Paul

  • Even if Ron Paul were to drop out tomorrow who in the hell is really excited about the idea of “President Mitt Romney” or “President Rick Santorum”? Anyone with a brain knows that Romney is just a pure double talking politician with a fancy tie/suit and is about as conservative as Hillary Clinton is! Santorum is just a babbling fool and a G.W. Bush wanna be! If either are my choice I’ll write in Ron Paul as a protest vote. At least Ron Paul has an enthusiastic following unlike those two clown!

  • that’s mean…she’s just saying what her producers want her to say.

  • romneys crowd looks so staged. camera guy tried his best to make it looked backed but i could totally hear the echo in the large room!

  • Don’t worry when Ron Paul becomes president, whores wont be “news” casters anymore and she can go back to sucking cock for 10$ and hour.

  • “the question that we have to ask this morning” its amazing how Ron Paul even reached 2nd or 3rd place with negative feedback from the main stream media. If the mainstream media was for Ron Paul like Romney and those other 2 pieces of trash, he would have 80% of the vote constantly. Every person I talk to they say “Ron Paul is good but he has no chance of winning.” Basicly the main stream media discourages people and we seriously need to start voting for Ron Paul if we want to restore America.

  • That opening statement she made… she didn’t really just say that, did she?! O_O Unbelievable…